New Guilty Gear Sequel Announced

Arc System Works had a quite active go for this year’s Evolution Championship Series. Dragon Ball FighterZ had an additional huge event as well as exposed upcoming personalities Janemba as well as Gogeta. The cult hit Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] got an instead huge limelight as well as resulted in the news of an additional weirdly-named modification, Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [cl-r]. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle got to be on the huge Sunday phase as well as resulted in the news of much more DLC personalities, consisting of an under-animated container with a head on it.

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Anime boxers are odd, guy.

Even with all this taking place, there was still a vacant gap in the Evo lineup. There was no Guilty Gear game with a properly doubtful follow up title. We haven’t seen the collection given that rate of interest abated with Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 at Evo 2018.

On Sunday, collection maker Daisuke Ishiwatari showed up on the primary phase to describe why he wasn’t around in 2014’s program. He’s been working with something extremely unique. While he couldn’t enter into way too much information, he did have a huge intro trailer to flaunt.

Yes, we’re obtaining a brand-new Guilty Gear game following year! Possibly with phase shifts? Either method, we’ll proceed the frenemy connection of pure-hearted king Ky Kiske as well as grim scientist-turned-bounty-hunter Sol Badguy as they’re signed up with by whoever that person is.

Based on the last game’s entirely bonkers story (there was a girl clown pope as the primary bad guy as well as she isn’t also fightable in-game), it resembles we’ll ultimately reach see That Man at work. Eventually offered the name Asuka R. Kreuz, That Man has actually been the shadowy “higher power behind everything bad” villain given that the extremely initial Guilty Gear back in 1998. In the after-effects of Guilty Gear Xrd, Kreuz as well as Sol Badguy are preparing to ultimately have their long-awaited fight to the fatality. Good God, they have actually been taking their time with him.

Anyway, I’m ecstatic! Let’s rock!

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