New headphones stimulate brain to release pleasure hormone


In addition to reproducing the music we like to hear, these new phones stimulate the brain to release dopamine, a hormone usually associated with pleasure and happiness.

If you already enjoy pleasure simply when listening to good music, know that you will be able to feel even better with the new headphones created by an American company.

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Nervana startup is responsible for this new device that, in addition to reproducing the music we like to hear, stimulates the brain to release the so-called “pleasure hormone.”

This invention stimulates the brain to release dopamine , the neurotransmitter responsible for making us feel pleasure and which is normally associated with activities such as sex, exercise or even drug use.

The headphones can be connected to any smartphone or to a device created by the American company itself.

The idea is to trigger low-power electrical stimulation while the user hears music, causing the electric pulse, timed with the beat, to trigger brain reactions that allow the release of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

These new phones can also be used when the user is not listening to music, and an ambient sound mode is activated that can produce the same effect only with sounds detected in the surroundings.

The product was tested during this year’s CES edition held in Las Vegas, and reactions were extremely positive.

“I could not stop smiling or laughing. For about five minutes my happiness level was 10 out of 10 . After the experience, I was still strangely happy for over an hour, “one of the volunteers confirmed.

One of the makers of the product, Daniel Cartledge , believes that this can be a good alternative to stave off the simultaneous consumption of drugs and music.

“Nervana can increase the pleasure of music without the use of drugs. I think this can add a lot of entertainment value to music festivals. “

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