New Nutty Professor reboot is in development


A new Nutty Professor reboot is under development, by the hand of Zodiac writer and Fantastic Spider-Man, James Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt will write the script with William Sherak and Paul Neinstein from Project X Entertainment, as the Deadline tells us. Project X Entertainment will have acquired the rights to The Nutty Professor, a film that appeared in the 1960s with Jerry Lewis as the protagonist.

However, many of you may be more familiar with the ’90s version, reboot played by Eddie Murphy.

At the moment, little or nothing is known about this reboot, since everything indicates that it will be in a very embryonic stage of its production. Regarding Project X Entertainment, the company has been around the world, mainly thanks to the announcement of the Scream franchise reboot with the directors of Ready or Not.

Pedro Ferreira is a content producer at IGN Portugal. You can follow him on Twitter

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