New photos of the Calendar of fire as well as ice 2020

At completion of in 2015 we understood the author and the cover of the Calendar of fire and ice 2020 (yes, 2018). It was the well known dream illustrator John Howe. Today we have actually recognized brand-new photos as well as found his style: great Creatures of the West as well as Are.

As we stated in December, John Howe barely requires discussion. Is a tale on the planet of dream picture many thanks to his job, both for the unique the lord of The rings as the adjustment of Peter Jackson. And the West has actually preceded: he was responsible for the illustrated edition, precisely, a Clash of Kings, a publication that in 2018 is 20 years and we devote a special.

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In an entrance on the blog of George R. R. Martin, the minions of George commented that on the planet of Westeros as well as Are there are “sphinxes as well as sea serpents, giant squid as well as crawlers of ice”, actual animals, as well as fabulous. In in this manner, he provided the style of the schedule 2020: great Creatures of the West as well as Are.

The initially of the brand-new photos stands out: the crow of Three Eyes, in this situation of enormous measurements:


The 2nd is not brief, as it presents to the north wolves huargos:


The publication appears on July 30 yet you can buy pre-sale on Amazon.

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