New poster for Terminator: the Dark Fate in the ante-room of the trailer

It was exposed a brand-new poster for Terminator: the Dark Fate that highlights the lead character on her return Sarah Connor, that looks well planned for the Day of the Final Judgment.

The poster was exposed as component of the game ARG of the official account Twitter of Terminator, in which individuals needed to ‘quest’ the picture, that was concealed in a Twitter List that the account was prepared, being composed of 100 individuals with the name Sarah Connor. This is a recommendation to the initial movie from 1984, in which the T-800, Arnold Schwarzenegger seeks to Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton, in a phonebook. You can see the poster listed below:

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Terminator Dark Fate Poster

Of training course, just one of the names in the listing was the account ‘police officer’ of Sarah Connor, that had actually packed the picture of the poster, which was uncovered by The Terminator Fans.

The poster by itself does not disclose anything that we understood currently, however specified that James Cameron, the initial maker of the collection, is one of the manufacturers as well as the male behind the tale, which Tim Miller is the supervisor.

Tomorrow you will be shown the first trailer for the film, which has actually launching set up for November of this year.

Abílio Rodrigues [of Rivia] is the editor of the modern technology of IGN Portugal, admitted fan of songs as well as a lover of video gaming on the COMPUTER. You can follow him at @KaikaneTR

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