New promotional photos of the 8×04 Game of Thrones: conferences and farewells

All the scenes that we noticed within the official trailer of the eighth season of Game of Thrones have taken place within the first three chapters of the season. So the new promotional photos of the 8×04 who disclosed formally at present HBO are our solely clues of what we have to see within the collection – in addition to the trailer from the episode that discussed previously. We are going with them.

We have within the first place a number of images that we already saw in the trailer: Dany with Drogon, a picture of funerals and the boats Targaryen.

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But sure they’re new these snapshots of the funerals after The lengthy evening:



We have a picture of what seems to the council of warfare, pre-assault Landing of the King.


And final this of Cersei Lannister subsequent to Euron Greyjoy.


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