New World: Hands-on Preview of the Amazon MMO’s Reekwater Region


Once your line is solid, you’ll see an icon that’ll bobble when a fish approaches. Click on the proper time and also you’ll snag the fish and provoke the timing-based reeling, by which you maintain left-click and launch in measured intervals in order to not break the road. All of this feels intuitive and easy out of the gate, and I’d be mendacity if I stated I didn’t need to spend the remainder of my demo time casting my line in several our bodies of water.

Depending on what kind of water you’re fishing in (contemporary or salt), you’ll discover totally different varieties of fish. These range in rarity, and the rarest fish are hand-placed by the builders in particular “hot spots” throughout Aeternum, so that you’ll must do some exploring to catch all of them. Once caught, fish might be damaged down into numerous objects that mirror the rarity of the fish and can be utilized to craft gear. You additionally achieve XP from fishing.

After a number of rounds of fishing, I ventured off into the jungle to see what else Reekwater needed to provide. Above all else, I’ll say this—Reekwater is for higher-skilled gamers. We had been instructed as a lot previous to our demo time, and the devs weren’t kidding. I died A LOT regardless of having a buffed-out degree 60 character, and the enemies had been fearsome to say the least. You’ll must journey in teams with equally high-leveled companions to outlive, which will likely be nice for gamers in search of a problem.

While getting killed mercilessly by Reekwater’s menagerie of enemies was a drag, I did recognize simply how cool the creature designs had been. At one level, I found a moldy temple dominated by amphibious warrior creatures known as makogai, who swiftly descended on me and tore me to shreds. They had been led by a spell-casting elder-frog-thing and it was cool that the enemies had been introduced not simply as a random group of grunts, however as an organized clan defending their residence from me, a spear-wielding invader. Little touches like this go a great distance in MMOs.

The most distinctive factor about Reekwater visually is the sheer selection and quantity of foliage on show. When I spawned into the world all I noticed was inexperienced in each route, and the designers did an excellent job of making the zone really feel simply barely touched by humanity, with nature clearly the dominant pressure. There are wrecked ships scattered about, a growing central settlement with quest givers, and many of explorers sloshing in regards to the swamps, however the space feels wild and plush nonetheless. The environments look spectacular when in comparison with different video games with comparable areas, which frequently really feel too sparse, open, and flat. Reekwater feels overgrown and full of life, and it invitations exploration.

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