New images of the Calendar of ice and fire, 2021, now on sale


If in February we discovered the author and the cover of the Calendar of ice and fire , 2021, from this week, this precious material is already on sale in the united States, And to celebrate it, both the publisher Penguin Random House as the illustrator have decided to to share new images of the same.

Responsible for the calendar on this occasion is the English artist Sam Hogg, @Zephyri on Twitter and The Whale Girl on Instagram. He has worked for different projects of fantasy, with Playground Games, Blizzard, Dark Horse Comics, Critical Role, and you can see his works on his website.

The first picture shows the wedding of Ramsay Snow, already legitimized as a Bolton, with “Sansa Stark”, which in reality as we know it is Jeyne Poole. We see the moment in which Theon accompanies the young way to the arciano where the ceremony will take place.

Wedding of Sansa and Ramsay, by Sam Hogg

The second image shows the brothel that owns Chataya in the Landing of the King. Is always welcome to see illustrated characters of color, just because we find them in a Song of ice and fire.

In Spain at least there seems to wait until September to buy it, but if you can not hold can be ordered from the united States, arriving in mid-August.

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