Mercy, mercy, mercy – Essay on Sansa, Arya and Sandor

Three of the most prominent characters of a Song of ice and fire, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane are connected through one theme: the gift of piety. In this brilliant essay, the work of Chloe and originally posted on Reddit, we explore how your future in the following novels may be linked also to the mercy – or the lack of it.

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The gift of piety. What we have heard in the books, mainly in the frames of Sandor Clegane, Arya Stark and Sansa Stark. The two girls Stark will embark on his real travels as characters at the end of the first novel. Without a father and empty of the teachings that they desperately need: check the other side of reality.

Ned Stark left his daughters without being able to exercise as a father to Sansa, politically soft, I could see through the lies; and Arya was able to distinguish that things are not always black and white, good and bad. Sandor appears in their frames as a figure of pseudo-fatherly, teaching them hard lessons and protecting them in their own way grumpy. Sansa VI, Game of Thrones:

—What… what do you want? Decídmelo, please.

—Want sonriáis, that oláis well, and that you be her lady —growled the Dog. Want to hear you recite all of the nice words that I taught the septa. He wants to love… and fear.

The topic of jerk with the heart of gold with the head of the Unknown, often breaks the fantasies of the “true knight” from Sansa in Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings, preparing you for the real world in which he lives in which white knights hit to girls of twelve, with cuffs, metal. Offering him a handkerchief and a sad pat on the back, Sandor sees in Sansa the once I wanted to know, before his face were offered to the fire for the ego and lust for power of Gregor.

Sansa IV, a Clash of Kings:

—The true knights protect the weak.

—There are No true knights —let go the Dog with a hiss, like that there are no gods. If you can’t protect yourself, die, and out of the way of those who can. This world governed by the steel sharp and arms strong; do not believe those who tell you otherwise.

Explore the innocence of Arya as we go through the series is just as interesting to see. While Sandor tells Arya that he thought his sister was the one who had romantic songs in the head, Arya tends to be on the other side of the scale of the innocence.

Of Cat of the Canals in Feast of Crows:

“Is the Guard of the Night”, he thought while he heard singing about a lady idiot that was pulled from a tower idiot because the idiot of his prince had died. “You would have to do the lady was to kill those who murdered their prince. And the bard would have to be in the Wall.”

While Sansa is a dreamer in a Game of Thrones in the romantic sense, Arya refuses to believe that anything can be more complicated than black-and-white, discarding the idea that perhaps the things in life may be more complicated than constantly “doing it right”. Sandor does advance the plot of Arya in Storm of Swords and introduces the idea that being a good person is not always easy and, sometimes, the best thing you can do is survive.

Arya XII, a Storm of Swords:

In addition, she stank. “It smells like a corpse.” The man begged them for a drink of wine.

—If I have wine, I drink I —you, ” replied the Dog. I can give water and the gift of piety.

The archer looked at him for quite a while before responding.—You are the dog of Joffrey.

—I am now my own dog. Do you want the water?

—Yes. —The man gulped—. And piety. Please.

When he returned, the archer lifted his face and she poured the water in the mouth. The man swallowed as fast as he could, and he did not swallow he ran down the cheeks and into the dry blood from the whiskers, so that soon had the beard covering of tears pink. When the water was finished, he grabbed the helm and licked the steel.

—What good, ” he said. But I wish there had been wine. I wanted wine.—Me too.

The Dog nailed the dagger in the heart of the man almost tenderly, the weight of his body plunged the tip through the doublet, the chainmail, the protective collar. To remove the blade and clean it in the clothes of the dead man, he looked to Arya.

—There is where the heart is, girl. So it kills a man.

Sandor teaches to Arya how to kill, and teaches that there are different types of deaths, and the life, as the stories that we are reading, is written in shades of grey, not always black and white.

Sweet Mother, be pious

The second chapter of Sansa from Game of Thrones:

The hoarse voice was losing strength. Stood before her, in silence, crouched. It was more of a way great; the night surrounded him and prevented seeing anything else. Sansa heard his breathing labored. He realized that he no longer felt fear. I felt compassion.

The silence lasted for a long time, so much so that he began to be afraid once more, but she feared for him, not for her. He put a hand on the shoulder huge.

—There was a gentleman in truth —whispered.

The Dog threw his head back and released a roar. Sansa backed away so sharply that he was on the point of falling, but he seized her by the arm.

—No —said—. No, little bird, there was a knight of truth.

Maintaining the relationship between Sansa and Sandor as something almost platonic, let’s look at the idea that Sansa, a small young she-wolf, has been knocked down emotionally to a huge adult leaving him kneeling by singing a song. And not just any song. A song of mercy. Of the seventh chapter of Sansa in a Clash of Kings:

—I’d take care of you so you don’t spend anything, ” he said with harsh voice—. All I have fear. No one would hurt you, or kill him. —Pulled her to him, and for a moment, Sansa thought he was going to kiss her. It was too strong; I could not resist. He closed his eyes yearning that all be over soon, but nothing happened—. You still can’t look at me, huh? —she heard him say. He twisted the arm to force her to turn, and pushed her against the bed. I want my song. The of Florian and Jonquil, you said. —Had unsheathed the dagger, and put it in the neck—. Sing, little bird. Sing if you want to continue with life.

The fear he had made a knot in the throat, and suddenly I couldn’t remember any of the songs that he had known all his life. “Please, I do not kill —he would have wanted to scream— please, no.”

Noticed how you moved the point, how is the sinking, and was on the point of closing the eyes again, but at that time it was agreed. It was not the song of Florian and Jonquil, but at least it was a song. His voice sounded sharp, thin, tremulous.

Sweet Mother, be pious, children watch you; cease arrows, and swords, and they can see the sun.

Sweet Mother, our daughters in yourself, nurture your value. Sofocad anger and hatred, and encourage compassion.

When Sandor appears to teach Sansa and Arya are some of the hardest lessons of life, the two Starks surprisingly teach you to Sandor for some lessons. Sansa shows empathy, and that even if there is anger, war, and death, there are beautiful things and ways of being kind. He sings the song of piety, to find another way. You can always go back.

Of the thirteenth chapter of Arya in Storm of Swords:

—Do you remember where is the heart? —asked the Dog.

Arya nodded. The squire rolled his eyes blank.


Needle slipped between his ribs, and he granted it.

While the piety that Sandor teaches Arya was the physical death, teaching him that sometimes death is better than life for those in agony (it will not be the last time that appears in the arcs of the characters), is the first mercy that opens the eyes to Arya to see the world around you. The war goes on, the earth is full of corpses: Jon introduced “By the side of the tip”, but Sandro answered the “why”. In the same chapter as before:

And the little bird, your sister, your lovely sister… I stood there, with my white coat, and I left it to the beat. I arrebaté that song shit, not gave it to me. And I would have taken to it. I would have taken it. I’d have to be fucked up to kill her, he would have ripped out the heart before leaving her for that dwarf. —A spasm of pain twisted the face—. What do you want, wolf? Do you so plead? Come on! The gift of mercy… come to your friend Michael…

—Mycah. —Arya walked away from him. you don’t deserve the gift of mercy.

The Dog watched with eyes bright from fever, while ensillaba to Hen. At any time tried to get up to stop it.

—A wolf of truth remataría to a wounded animal —he said when he saw her riding.

The moral code of Arya changes from this point. You happen to enter in a literal House of Black and White to begin the journey of getting to a morality that is not of simple ayes and noes. Although he has not mastered the lesson (as we see with Dareon and more future), she is making progress in the topic, as Sansa is moving forward on their political intelligence.

Of Brienne VI, on Feast of Crows:

But there is one thing I do know: the man who perseguís has died.

—You speak as if what compadecierais —said Brienne.

—So it is. You will also habríais stooped down to him if what have seen in his last moments. I found it next to the Trident; his cries of pain led me to him. I begged the gift of mercy, but I have sworn never to kill. I washed the face of the high temperature water from the river, gave him to drink wine and I put a poultice on the wound, but all was in vain; it came too late. The Dog died there, in my arms. Perhaps you have seen the steed black that we have in the stables. It was his warhorse, Stranger. A blasphemous name. We prefer to call it Wreck, because we found it abandoned next to the river. I’m very much afraid that he shared the nature of his late master.

The arc of Sandor represents major themes of the story: piety, identity, and resurrection. To get Sandro of the page and put you on a Quiet Island, George wins time to develop the characterization of Sandor in a credible way without spending many pages in it. The exhibition offers progression in the plot of Brienne, and tells us where Sandor has gone and what he is doing there.

Of the fifth chapter of Sansa in a Clash of Kings:

Sang imploring mercy, both for the living as for the dead, for Bran, for Rickon, for Robb, for her sister Arya and his brother’s bastard Jon Snow, that was so far away, on the Wall. Sang by his mother and by the father of his mother, his grandfather, lord Hoster, for his uncle Edmure Tully, for her friend Jeyne Poole, for old king Robert, always drunk, for septa Mordane, ser Dontos, Jory Cassel and the master Luwin, for all the brave knights and soldiers who were going to die that day and for the wives and children that the you, you would cry, and finally, almost at the end, he sang even by Tyrion the Gnome and the Dog. “It is not a real gentleman —he said the Mother—, but he was the one who saved me. Salvadlo if you can, and aplacad the rage that corrodes on the inside..

When Sansa prayed for Sandor, his prayer was answered – Sandor gave him literally a place where to die, reclaim his identity, resurrect, a place where you heal.

Seventh chapter of Arya Storm of Swords:

—My lord speaks with wisdom —said Thoros to others. A trial by combat is the sacred, brothers and sisters. All I have heard ask R hllor your intervention; you saw as his hand broke the sword of lord Beric just as he was about to kill him. It seems that the Lord of Light still has plans for the Dog Joffrey.

We are told quite literally by Thoros: the Lord of Light still has plans for Sandor. Sandor is on the Quiet Island, in preparation for his role in the future wars, the I want them to be.

The monster of Frankenstein: putting the dog to sleep

Gregor Clegane by ohsono on deviantART

I wanted to pass the life in that rock, naked, tired, true, but uninterrupted by any stroke of misery. If I returned, is to be sacrificed or to see those whom we most loved die under the claws of the demon that I myself had created. (20.18, Frankenstein)

He planned to explore to Frankenstein and his Monster to the purpose of Sandor killing the creator who made him so, but the parallels between Qyburn creating to Be Robert Strong are just as certain. While Sandor Clegane is given an option of resurrection, a second life, to change their way, Gregor Clegane shows us that sometimes such is the villainy that there is no turning back. While Gregor has done terrible things and terrible, is reduced to a disgracefully, a monster that has no options physical return and embrace humanity.

Its members were provided, and I had selected his features as beautiful.¡Beautiful! Oh, God! His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath him, his hair was a black, lustrous and flowing, his teeth of pure pearl-like, but these luxuries only formed a contrast horrible with his watery eyes, that seemed almost of the same color as the consequences were, his shriveled complexion and her lips black. (5.2, Frankenstein)

Who can have mercy on the monster that Gregor Clegane has become? Even before the necromancy, the countless rapes, murders, torture, all because I could. No one stopped him. Woke up one day, being large enough to push the face of his brother against a brazier, and no one stopped him. His father protected him. What I wanted, took it. The mysterious sister Clegane, dead, his father, died. And no one stopped him.

Sandor, a young man, left his home to find a place to belong and survive, before being the following. The rise of Gregor’s power is perfectly described by Sandor: no one could stop him. So, once more, who can have pity for the monster that it has become?

While fans of the Cleganebowl in all parts animated and they sing their “let’s go dogs!”, we bring an important point. The Dog may not kill the Mountain, because the Dog and the Mountain are dead.

Sandor can’t defeat his brother, because it makes no sense to defeat a sad, pathetic and empty zombie. There is No Dog and Mountain. No one is as cursed as the matasangre, and should never be easy to kill someone in your family. While that killing Gregor was the dream of the Dog a year ago, But has died. Sandor will give her brother the gift of piety, something that we were taught by two girls who got under his skin.

“Mercy, mercy, mercy,” she sang sadly.

The twelfth chapter of Arya Storm of Swords:

When I got dragged into the mud, one of his younger brothers came up with the tongue out. Had to shoo him of a growl to not eat. After he paused to shake the water from their fur. The white thing lay flat on the mud, with the dead flesh wrinkled and pale, and a trickle of cold blood, went for the throat.

“Rise up —thought—. Get up and come here, to eat and run with us.”.

“Mercy, mercy, mercy.” Both girls Stark sing your songs of mercy. Arya has dedicated so much time to literally House of Black-and-White, preparing and washing dead bodies, being a cambiapieles and dreaming with wolves, that its plot will sure bring you back to the West. And in his dreams, we know that it has been in the Land of the Rivers. Of the thirteenth chapter of Arya in Storm of Swords:

“The best thing I found wolves of truth —he thought of Arya—. To best reach them with your smell when the sun sets.” So I would learn what made them the wolves to dogs.—I should have stuck with the axe, ” he said. You should have saved them to my mother.

Made to give back to the mare and walked away from him without looking back.

The problem of morality-black and white-Arya is still in your head. It will be gone. Because, as the audience knows, save the mother of Arya couldn’t have happened – it was not so easy, girl wolf. And the own Arya what will you discover when you return to the West, when you come to the Land of the Rivers, and when you come face to face with one’s own Mother inmisericordiosa.


While it was she who took him out of the running to return to life, will put the fish back in the water. Mercy, mercy, mercy – a wolf of truth remataría to a wounded animal.

The plot of Sansa is directly related to the Ned: between your run-on Landing of the King to petition for her fiancé, ending up in the clutches of the man who secured his death, and, of course, ending at the place where their father grew up: the Valley. But the storyline of Arya has been built on the Lands of the Rivers, and she has unresolved issues with his mother.

Of the seventh chapter of Arya Storm of Swords:

—What happens if my brother doesn’t want to pay the ransom?

—Why do you say that? —asked lord Beric.

—Well… —hesitated Arya—, I have disheveled hair, dirty fingernails and feet full of corns.

It was more likely that Robb doesn’t care, but his mother, yes. Lady Catelyn had always wanted to be like Sansa, to sing, to dance, cosiera and out polite. Just with thinking about it, Arya felt the irrepressible impulse of the hair with your fingers, but it was all tangled and matted, and the only thing they got was picking a lock.

The mockingbird


Sixth chapter of Sansa in Game of Thrones:

—Thank you, highness — ” he murmured.

“The Dog had a reason —he thought—. I am a little bird who repeats the words he has been taught.” The sun had set behind the western wall, and the stones of the Red Fortress had a dark glow as the blood.

Fifth chapter of Sansa in Storm of Swords:

—You have very good heart, my lady —said-to-Sansa—. Few maidens to you, you would cry as well for the man who rejected them and married a dwarf.

“Very good heart. I have a very good heart.” A belly-laugh hysterical upped her by the throat, but Sansa got suppress

Arya has spent time learning to give and to show mercy, and we have gone on the books with Sansa in which has had too much. While Arya wielding a sword, Sansa wield his courtesy, his arsenal of apparent sharpness soft.

But these weapons equipped will change also. While Sansa gains power in the Valley, learning to be a lady of a house, begins to wake up to what a treacherous one of those who would manipulate for political gain, especially Petyr Baelish. The first chapter of Sansa in a Feast for Crows:

What will happen if you want the truth, if you want justice for your lady murdered? —Smiled—. I know very well, lord Nestor, sweetheart. Do you think that I’m going to let you hurt my daughter?

“I’m not your daughter —she thought—. I am Sansa Stark, daughter of lord Eddard and lady Catelyn, of the blood of Invernalia.”.

The sixth chapter of Sansa in Storm of Swords:

—Girl list. —Smiled with thin lips stained red from the pomegranate seeds—. When the Gnome said goodbye to the guards of the queen, she did that to be Lancel hire mercenaries. Lancel gave with the Kettleblack, a thing that your little husband it seemed to him excellent, as were to pay him through Bronn. —He let out a chuckle—. But I was the one who told oswell to send their children to Disembarkation of the King when I found out that Bronn was looking for swords. Here, Alayne, three daggers hidden in the perfect place..”

While Pinkie has her daggers, Sansa will discover half of Storm of Swords that she has her own daggers hidden, perfectly placed.

Planting a seed

Jeyne Poole, Sandor Clegane, and Royce, for a start. Jeyne, sold as a sex slave for the throne, who suffered abuse at the orders of Pinky. Sandor Clegane, present in the throne the day that Petyr betrayed Ned. And the Royce, that you remember.

These daggers will have to Pinky of his knees, crying, in front of the lords of the vale of Arryn, the northerners, and of course Sansa, not show nothing of mercy.

In summary, Sandor, Sansa and Arya will find all dealing with the theme of the pietà in the last books of a Song of ice and fire. Sandor will end up with the monster that his brother has become, Arya will end up with his mother and Sansa finally it will withdraw the pity which so easily before gave. Mercy, mercy, mercy.

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