Pokemon Go Updates Make the Game Easier to Play Indoors

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced a new series of updates designed to help people still play the game despite likely being stuck inside due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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This all started a couple of weeks ago when Niantic revealed the first of a series of changes to Pokemon Go designed to reduce the time users will need to spend outside in order to play the game. Considering that the entire hook of Pokemon Go‘s gameplay involves wandering the streets and interacting with others…well, you can see how that might be a problem given the social distancing and quarantine protocols that have been implemented to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Many of those early alterations involved rather simple policies such as cancelling major outdoor events and ensuring that certain items lasted longer. An additional series of updates made it easier to challenge friends remotely over long distances. All of those changes helped, but fans noted that certain gameplay mechanics which essentially required them to be outside for longer periods of time still made the game incredibly challenging to play while indoors.

That’s where these latest updates come in to play. The most significant of these recent changes allows players to remotely buy 100 Pokéballs for one PokéCoin. This means that players won’t have to go to outdoor PokéStops just to purchase this essential item. This new bundle, and a previously announced Incense bundle, will be available until March 30th when they will be replaced with new bundle options.

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