PUBG Is Getting Dr. DisRespect, Shroud Weapon Skins

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting some new weapon skins made in collaboration with Dr. DisRespect and Shroud, two of the biggest streaming and content creators for the battle royale game.

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News of the official weapon skins that’ll be available later in the week through special crates was announced on the game’s forums and through the official PUBG Twitter account. With four skins in total being released, each streamer has his own skin pattern for weapons that you’ll often see them using during their matches. Players can start purchasing these skins through the new crates on June 4 and have until the end of the month to buy them.

Shroud’s Ghosted Crate comes with two Ghosted skins, one for the KAR98K and another for the AKM. Dr. DisRespect’s is called Speed & Momentum with one skin each for the M416 and the KAR98K. Both of the new Crates are available for $9.99 each, but unlike the rest of the Crates, you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase these.

PUBG’s post about the new skins said that both Dr. DisRespect and Shroud will get a cut of the profits made through the skins, but it didn’t confirm how large of a cut. The Crates can be purchased through Twitch or through Steam until June 30, and the FAQ shared below explains more of the plans for the skins.

How do I unlock the skins?

The two weapon skin bundles will only be available through Twitch or on Steam. (More details to come)

How long will the skins be available for sale?

The skins will only be purchasable during the month of June: June 4 – June 30.

Will these be marketable on the Steam community market?

No, not according to our current plans. We’ll update you if we change this plan.

Are you considering doing partnerships like this with more streamers in the future?

We’re definitely open to it. We love content creators that support PUBG, and we’re actively experimenting with more ways to partner up.

Can I purchase more than one set of each crate?

Nope. Each account is limited to one purchase of each of the crates (to be super clear: you can buy both, just not more than one of each).

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