Ready Player One: Complete Easter Egg and Reference Guide

This article comprises extra Ready Player One spoilers than a Nintendo Player’s Guide walkthrough.

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Ready Player One is now out on Blu-ray and HBO, and followers are basking in all of its easter egg glory. While Steven Spielberg was capable of infuse a inventive spark into the movie that allowed it to face on greater than solely pure nostalgia, there isn’t any denying that the quick hook of Ernest Cline’s novel and the next Spielberg blockbuster is its cornucopia of film references, online game easter eggs, and popular culture homages to all issues ‘80s (and within the movie’s case, ‘90s too). The movie could be set in 2045, nevertheless it’s good to know that the long run is simply as obsessive about Gen-X and Millennial tradition as we’re as we speak!

In that vein, we right here at Den of Geek will try the idiot’s errand of compiling each single nod, shoutout, and joyful wink to nerd tradition that has been stuffed into the very seams of this unapologetically geeky film (*NOTE: Movie and never the guide). Granted will probably be nearly unattainable to get all of them within the first move, so if you happen to discover that we missed something, tell us within the feedback part beneath, or yell at me on Twitter, and we’ll course right.

 Without additional ado, onto the reference information! Also, only a head’s up, given the sprawling nature of the movie, we’re compiling the easter eggs by mediums, characters, and different arbitrary separations that can result in some overlap, however will hopefully make this simpler so that you can digest (particularly if you happen to’re on the lookout for one thing specifically). Now get out your chocolate bunnies, as a result of we’re about to have an easter egg hunt!

Ready Player One Movie References

– In the opening montage of what you are able to do within the OASIS, the very first homage seems to be Batman climbing Mount Everest. But not simply any Batman… it’s Michael Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton basic of 1989! (For extra superhero film references after this level, please scroll all the way down to the superhero film reference’s subsection. Your eyes will thank us later.)

– During the opening montage, among the many avatars filling up the OASIS portal terminals Z traverses is the unique RoboCop from 1987. You know again earlier than the franchise’s diminished returns.

– Also throughout this sequence, commenter David Thiel noticed the Cyclops from Ray Harryhausen’s The seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958).

– When we meet Aech on Planet Doom, he* is seen blasting Freedy Krueger into house buck cash. To be particular the Freddy Krueger first performed by Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), though followers’ favourite variation on the large unhealthy got here in Part III: Dream Warriors.

*(We shall henceforth discuss with Aech within the OASIS as “he,” and in the actual world as “she,” because the character appears to wish to be approached in each realities.)

– Also seen getting gutted on Planet Doom is a cameoing avatar as Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th films.

– When James Halliday and Ogden Morrow are launched by way of flashback in a press convention, the movie’s soundtrack performs Tears for Fear’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” which was memorably used within the TV film Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999), which for Apple cultists and laptop lore junkies is the popular biopic on Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates. This is unlikely to be a coincidence as a newspaper clipping in Wade’s van asks if Halliday is “Bigger Than Jobs?”

– More appropriately for the period this film evokes, it was used prominently in 1985’s Real Genius starring Val Kilmer.

– Not solely is Halliday’s digital imaginative and prescient of his funeral in a Star Trek themed church, however his coffin is definitely the very same one (full with torpedo markings) that Spock is jettisoned into oblivion in from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). Although personally, we have been unhappy the movie didn’t recreate the novel’s model of this scene, by which Halliday presides over his personal funeral (each as corpse and parishioner) from a digital recreation of the set of Heathers (1988). A younger Winona Ryder and Christian Slater have been additionally in attendance.

– Halliday’s OASIS alter-ego Anorak seems vaguely wizard-y, like Merlin or Gandalf. However, the way in which the movie animates his flowing black robes within the movie appears deliberately evocative of how Don Bluth drew such robes on Nicodemus in The Secret of NIMH (1982). It must be famous Bluth and Spielberg later partnered for An American Tail (1986) and The Land Before Time (1988).

– Parzival’s car of alternative is clearly Marty McFly’s DeLorean from Back to the Future, albeit it has been retrofitted to incorporate the red-light grill scanner from Knight Rider (1982). In the guide, it additionally has the Ghostbusters (1984) image spray-painted on the door, however alas Sony should not have wished to contribute. This can also be the only real BTTF reference on this part (simply so you already know we aren’t loopy!). For the remaining, please scroll all the way down to the Back to the Future subsection.

– Also noticed throughout this part is a jack-knifing truck, which eagle eyed Twitter consumer @Azrael2073 acknowledged because the one Kurt Russell drove in Big Trouble in Little China (1986). 

– As if you happen to wanted to be informed, that’s the queen Tyrannosaurus Rex from Spielberg’s very personal Jurassic Park tearing up the observe.

– King Kong can also be doing large injury to the observe, however whereas we recognize this Spielbergian addition to considered one of his heroes, Merian C. Cooper (the half-crazed adventurer who produced the 1933 masterpiece), the Kong design walks on his knuckles and most resembles Peter Jackson’s Kong from the 2005 remake. Spielberg teamed with Jackson for 2011’s The Adventures of Tintin.

– Also on the race observe is a neon, digitized silver cup, which is a reproduction of the silvercup used on the finish of the unique Highlander movie from 1986. This was delivered to our consideration by commenter Chris Procter. Also enjoyable truth, within the guide, Art3mis’ favourite movie is Highlander.

– Also through the race, we glean that the OASIS’ New York movie show is screening Jack Slater III, which is the motion film franchise-within-an-action-movie discovered inside Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Action Hero (1993). Think of it like a misunderstood The Purple Rose of Cairo for teen boys and meatheads alike.

– When we’re launched to Aech’s workshop, we’re given a geeky overload of references. And the film stuff, alone, contains the Iron Giant (clearly); the usS. Sulaco drop ship from James Cameron’s Aliens; the Eagle 5 house RV from Spaceballs (1987); an ED-209 from RoboCop; the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986); the Extravehicular Activity Pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968); and the Valley Forge from Silent Running (1972).*

– Thanks to @Ritaseer for recognizing this one.

– The XI go well with commercials haunting Wade Watts within the Stacks seems like a subtler echo of the oppressive commercialization of Coke and Eastern advertising and marketing in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982).

– As Twitter consumer @@Aaaaarrrrrgggh helpfully reminded us, Wade dwelling in a trailer park is probably going impressed by the principle character of The Last Starfighter additionally dwelling in a trailer park originally of that 1984 basic. This is unlikely to be a coincidence contemplating that Ernest Cline is a large fan of the movie, which served as a extra direct inspiration to the premise of his second guide, Armada.

– Not actually a reference, however Ralph Ineson is his very personal easter egg for anybody who noticed 2016’s masterful The Witch. Seriously, Hollywood rent this man extra, and if you happen to’ve seen The Witch, see it once more!

– In Halliday’s digital recreation of a reminiscence about himself and Og, he leaves a large trace about going “backward as quick as you’ll be able to, actually put the pedal to the medal like Bill and Ted.” This is clearly a most gnarly reference to the timey-wimey Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989).

– Upon discovering the Copper Key, Anorak/Halliday refers to Z as “padawan.” This is a nod to how Jedi discuss with apprentices within the Star Wars prequel trilogy. See George, at the least Steven isn’t ignoring them!

– Shoto’s automobile, which he totals on his option to getting the Copper Key, is Burt Reynolds’ candy trip from Smokey and the Bandit (1977). Thanks once more to @Number_6 for recognizing this one for us!

– The Holy Hand Grenade is first seeded for its superb third act return when Z and Aech buy groceries. This is clearly the weapon of alternative for essentially the most pious (and rabbit-infested) of knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975).

– The first avatar to fawn over “rock star” Parzival is somebody dressed as Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice circa 1988. Check out the online game part to find a few of the others.

– Art3mis* turned the geek crush of everybody (of each gender) when she terrifies Z by having a chestburster from Alien (1979) destroy her Goro go well with. She additionally should be a fan of that franchise, given her weapon of alternative that’s revealed later…

*(From this level on we’ll largely discuss with “Art3mis” as “Artemis,” as a result of that quantity is ridiculous. And to be truthful, Arty agrees within the Ready Player One novel.)

– The love of Halliday and Og’s lives, Karen Underwood, goes by Kira when she meets Halliday. This is her homage to a personality in The Dark Crystal (1982).

– Z refers to Kira as Halliday’s “rosebud.” This is a reference a little bit outdoors the wheelhouse of Ernest Cline’s bowling alley arcade novel, however proper in line with Spielberg who is asking again to Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane (1941).

– When Nolan Sorrento first approaches I-R0k, he steps out of a crashed martian ship from the basic War of the Worlds circa 1953. Thanks be to commenter Jon Sleeper for being eagle-eyed, there.

– I-R0k’s field by which he retains the orb is identical field that Mogwai got here to suburbia in throughout Gremlins (1984).

– Aech additionally has a poster from the unique Mel Gibson-starring Mad Max (1979) in his storage as Z will get prepared for his huge date.

– Aech additionally has an indication that claims “Cocktail & Dreams” in neon, similar to the one within the horrible Tom Cruise film, Cocktail (1988).

– Parzival’s outfit of alternative is that of Peter Weller’s title character from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, a completely bonkers 1984 movie that additionally starred Jeff Goldblum, Ellen Barkin, John Lithgow, and Christopher Lloyd. If you have not seen it, accomplish that. Depending on who you ask, it is a part of a shared universe with John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China.

*Also a enjoyable truth our contributor Delia Harrington identified is that Ernest Cline’s first spec script (earlier than he went on to write down Fanboys) was an supposed sequel to Buckaroo Banzai. It was learn by Harry Knowles who helped champion Cline as a author. (Knowles is also credited as somebody who helped learn early drafts of the novel Ready Player One within the guide.)

– During Z and Arty’s candy (and visually beautiful) dance, Wade goes the total film geek and selects the track “Stayin’ Alive” from Saturday Night Fever (1977). And he completes the gorgeous lameness of it with the rainbow disco dance flooring that John Travolta as soon as huffed throughout.

– Once IOI crashes the celebration, Arty reveals her weapon of alternative that she makes use of all through the movie, an M41A Pulse Rifle that Sigourney Weaver made so badass in James Cameron’s Aliens (1986).

– Nolan Sorrento’s first pot-sweetener to convey Wade Watts to IOI is the promise he’d get to fly Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon.

– Nolan subsequent pledges to show all the colleges on Ludus (the OASIS’ academic planet that performs a serious function within the guide) into replicas of the excessive faculties from John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club (1985) and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. However, Z tries to slide Nolan up by naming the highschool from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) and the faculty in Animal House (1978).

– When wanting on the movies James Halliday would possibly’ve placed on to “seduce” Kira, mistaken decisions embrace The Fly (1986) and Say Anything (1989). So presumably these have been VHS tapes within the ‘90s given the differing years?

– The proper alternative is in fact, amazingly, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980). See Ready Player One and The Shining subsection beneath for an entire deconstruction of this sequence within the movie.

– Also among the many film posters of different movies Halliday watched that week is Firestarter (1984), which starred Spielberg darling Drew Barrymore. It additionally should’ve meant Halliday was on a Stephen King kick that week. Thanks to @thegeekflux for recognizing this one!

– The Overlook Theater contained in the OASIS additionally has a Return of the Jedi (1983) poster, so it’s not all Kubrickian down there…

– The magic spell solid on the orb managed by Sorrento and I-R0k is definitely the very same spell Merlin used to rework Uther into the visage of his enemy in John Boorman’s Excalibur (1981). It was known as “Charm of Making” in that film, and it allowed Uther to take his foe’s spouse and within the course of father the kid who would turn into King Arthur. Given that Z’s identify is a big love letter to that movie (chech out the Parzival part for extra), that makes this additional cool. Also, due to commenters Wil Dalphin and Tom Stephens for bringing this to our consideration.

– During the ultimate third of the movie, we uncover the destiny of the OASIS depends upon your dexterity with an Atari 2600. If you decide the mistaken recreation, into the ice you go, which feels prefer it could possibly be a nod to the “banishment” seen in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), as Spielberg is a vocal admirer of Christopher Nolan and people Batman films. In that vein…

– While IOI fools are taking repeated chilly splashes, Parzival and Daito maintain Nolan hostage in a simulation-within-a-simulation. And Daito’s all-black go well with and silencer-adorned gun appears deliberately paying homage to the dream-within-a-dream iconography of Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010).

– Similarly, when Wade leaves Sorrento’s faux-office, he rips off his face to disclose he’s actually Parzival in a visible deliberately evocative of Mission: Impossible (1996) and its many sequels.

– Faux-Daito additionally appears to offer a clue he isn’t actually, nicely actual, given a glowing amber sheen in his eyes, which looks as if a sly nod to the telltale signal of replicants within the authentic Blade Runner.

– Upon your complete OASIS turning on Sorrento, the scene-stealing I-R0k quotes It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) on the actual mistaken time to somebody who’s clearly a Mr. Potter sort: “No man is a failure who has pals.”

– When Z leads his avatars into precise battle, he goes the total John Cusack and holds a boombox above his head, though with a way more metallic track than the sweetly annoying “In Your Eyes” that Cusack performs to win his ex again on the finish of Say Anything. (The film that Halliday possibly additionally ought to have placed on for Kira, as an alternative of The Shining.)

– During the third act uber-video recreation battle the total film is stolen by “IT’S FUCKING CHUCKY!” And if you happen to want me to elucidate that evil, ginger-haired bastard doll is from Child’s Play (1988), like what are you even doing right here?

– Movie shoutouts throughout that battle embrace the return of Arty’s pulse rifle; Aech going the total Iron Giant (who has a a lot greater function within the film than the guide); the Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader from Aliens; some ED-209s; and the film designs from the latest Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Alas 1990’s TMNT live-action designs would have been manner cooler and extra becoming). We’ve additionally heard Spielberg lament a Gremlin acquired right into a body courtesy of ILM, so we think about they’re in right here someplace. Check out the Games and Misc. part for extra cameos.

– Someone additionally on the finish right here is rocking a Glaive from Krull (1983), a five-sided star that additionally acts like a boomarang upon event.

– Nolan Sorrento pulls the final word dick transfer and turns into Mechagodzilla from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974). Even cooler, it options Akira Ifukube’s “Godzilla March” theme from Godzilla (1954).

– Daito solutions by going Gundam in return (see Misc. for extra), however his arrival is heralded by the superb cameo of Mal Reynolds’ Serenity, a Firefly-class vessel from Joss Whedon’s all-too temporary Firefly (2002) TV sequence and later 2005 movie, Serenity.

– When Iron Giant goes down, he dies like a champ, a la Arnie’s T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991).

– Monty Python’s Holy Hand Grenade does its God-given responsibility!

– Halliday’s contractual fake-out with Parzival feels, unintentionally or not, like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), Spielberg’s third Indy journey the place you had to decide on properly between actual grails and faux ones.

– The treasure and faux-egg atop its pedestal on this fakeout room can also be paying homage to the treasure trove within the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin (1992), full with a ruby-shaped egg that beckons the monkey Abu to his almost-doom. But as Disney didn’t appear to play ball with WB on this, it’s obscure.

additional studying: How the Ready Player One Ending Improves on the Book

– Among child Halliday’s decorations are statues of Godzilla and Robby the Robot, the latter being from the influential Forbidden Planet (1956), which is a movie that had a profound impact on Spielberg.

– Speaking of Spielberg, he slyly allowed his manufacturing workforce to place a Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) poster on younger Halliday’s wall.

– Robby the Robot reveals up once more as a life-sized statue in Wade and Samantha’s flat on the finish of the film.

– I consider younger Halliday’s laptop is an IMSAI 8080, which is the pc Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy use to nearly begin a thermonuclear battle within the underrated WarGames (1983), a film which performed a a lot bigger function within the guide.

Ready Player One and The Shining References

Yes, this will get its personal subsection. And if you’d like extra element concerning the significance of The Shining and Kubrick to Spielberg (in addition to why King hates the film), you’ll be able to click on over right here to learn it for your self.

-Before they even enter the Overlook Hotel, our pricey High Five is made to dread the horrors to come back due to Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind’s unforgettably eerie rating.

– Spielberg meticulously recreates the set of the Overlook Hotel’s grand foyer, full with a typewriter that repeats verbatim, “All Work and no play makes Jack a uninteresting boy.” However, it takes on the form of a key, a Jade Key to be particular, versus the odd shapes within the movie.

– Aech is lured to his seeming doom by a bouncing ball, which belongs to the Grady twins, ghostly ladies that beckon silly youngsters to come back play with them.

– This additionally leads Aech to nearly be enveloped within the river of blood that pours from the elevator, as Shelly Duvall additionally found the onerous manner in The Shining’s climax.

– The portrait that Aech tears of the Overlook Hotel with Halliday and Kira on the heart is the ghostly picture that’s the closing shot of The Shining, which regardless of its inexplicable then-modern setting of 1980, it nonetheless options Jack Nicholson’s protagonist partying with the lifeless in 1921 (the place Halliday and Kira are standing).

– Room 237 encompasses a ghost that attacked younger Danny Torrance, and like with Aech, it additionally seduces his father as a comely younger girl earlier than turning right into a haggard previous girl (though she doesn’t attempt to kill him with an axe). Also credit score for the movie noting that Aech likes ladies, as most mass-marketed blockbusters shrink back from LGBTQ characters.

– Aech is attacked by an axe to the door, however earlier than he will get a “Here’s Johnny” (or Jack Nicholson), he’s then dropped contained in the snowy maze that Jack Torrance dies chasing Danny in. He escapes by way of the freezer that can also be the place Danny and Wendy tie up a deranged Jack earlier within the movie.

– When Aech comes out of the freezer, you may as well see Danny’s iconic tricycle within the background.

Ready Player One - Back to the Future References

Ready Player One and Back to the Future References

As beforehand talked about, there may be a lot love for this Robert Zemeckis movie, which was govt produced by Steven Spielberg, that we felt it worthy of its personal subsection.

– Again Parzival’s car of alternative is the DeLorean from Back to the Future with a KITT improve. It additionally comes full with a non-functioning flux capacitor.

– As Parzival and Aech are discussing Halliday, I consider I noticed an avatar dressed as futuristic Doc Brown from the ultimate scene of Back to the Future (1985).

– Before Wade Watts first enters the OASIS onscreen, we witness some questionable product placement of a drone delivering Pizza Hut to a Stacks neighbor. As shameless as that is, we additionally suspect it could possibly be a sly nod to related sci-fi commercialism in Back to the Future Part II (1989), by which Marty McFly’s household within the far-flung way forward for 2015 dines on small packets of grow-able Pizza Hut pies.

– Before Artemis indicators out of Aech’s storage throughout her first assembly with Z, she calls our hero “McFly” in reference to his candy, timey-wimey trip. It’s an cute signal of affection and deserved condescension suddenly.

– In the identical buying scene, the “Zemeckis Cube” captures Parzival’s eye, which is a nod to Spielberg’s buddy, Robert Zemeckis, the director of Back to the Future (Spielberg produced it). Combined with the Rubik’s Cube this artifact has an superior characteristic Doc Brown would approve of.

– When Parzival makes use of the Zemeckis Cube to reverse OASIS time by 60 seconds, composer Alan Silvestri is ready to escape a few of his timeless Back to the Future theme.

– When Z places down the pen, Halliday takes him to his previous in a recreation of his childhood bed room, which is given a musical stinger by Silvestri, who makes use of his synthesizer echo from Back to the Future.

– When Samantha interupts her near-kiss with Wade to shout, “Oh shit!,” in addition to when F-Nara punches Nolan within the face, Silvesteri makes use of the identical musical stinger to indicate a second of shock or bewilderment that he makes use of in all of the Back to the Future movies.

– As Parzival is preparing for his date with Artemis, he’s chilling in Aech’s digital den, which comes with an superior poster of “Re-elect Mayor ‘Goldie’ Wilson” from Back to the Future. Hell yeah, we smiled at this one!

Ready Player One Easter Egg - Video Game References

Ready Player One Video Game References

Still with us? Good. Because we’re simply attending to the meat and potatoes of a film a couple of large interactive online game world…

– The first branded IP we see within the movie, past Pizza Hut, we consider is a whole OASIS world devoted to recreating Minecraft the sport that has taken Generation Z by storm.

– Among the characters on Planet Doom seen throughout Aech’s introduction is somebody in a pores and skin of James Raynor, a personality from the Starcraft video games. Thank you to @JoelStrout for pointing this out to us.

– On the racetrack for the primary key, the Street Fighter character Ryu makes the primary of a number of cameos.

– When Artemis quizzes Z about what Halliday’s favourite shooter was, he’s fast to name-check GoldenEye, the 1997 Nintendo 64 online game that’s the staple of many a Millennial’s childhood. Also particular factors to each avatars for realizing his favourite multiplayer character was Oddjob whereas taking part in in “Slaps Only” mode (no weapons).

– Parzival additionally reveals that Halliday’s favourite racing recreation was Turbo, a 1981 arcade entry by Sega.

– Also in Aech’s storage, by way of @thegeekflux, is the cocktail cupboard model of Pac-Man.

– Rick (douchey boyfriend of the aunt performed by Ralph Ineson) has modeled his avatar after Jim Raynor from StarCraft (1998), as per Twitter consumer @FeanorToro.

– In the primary digital flashback to Halliday and Og, Halliday is carrying his patented Space Invaders t-shirt, a nod to the legendary 1978 arcade recreation.

– Halliday additionally tells Og on this scene that one factor that’s good is Asteroids, a 1981 arcade recreation.

– There is a poster of arcade recreation Galaga (1979) in Halliday and Og’s breakroom.

– Among the “equipment” on the OASIS store that Z and Aech peruse is a Street Fighter retailer the place Ryu turns up once more.

– There can also be a Halo add-on that permits you to turn into Master Chief from the basic 2001 online game.

– After the “Beetlejuice” avatar spots Parzival in his rock star second, Jill Valentine in her ridiculous tube high outfit from 1999’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (good for preventing virus-carrying zombies) reveals as much as additionally gawk.

– As Arty and Z are assembly on the archives, the unique online game Lara Croft of Tomb Raider glory walks by, as per Paulo Bastos.

– Luckily, Z is saved by Arty, albeit in that actual second she seems to be Goro, the four-armed warrior from Mortal Kombat (1992). And Goro appears to be having a case of indigestion.

– Among Z’s costume modifications earlier than his huge date with Artemis, there’s a sbutle nod to Donkey Kong because the punk outfit he tries on has a “DK” emblem on the again.

– When Nolan is making an attempt to seduce Wade, amongst different issues he claims he likes to play Robotron, a multidirectional-shooter for Atari 2600 from 1982.

– Among the Atari 2600 video games name-dropped by IOI as incompatible with Halliday’s closing problem are Centipede, Pitfall, and “all three” Swordquests. Other key ones embrace Berzerk, notable for its progressive maze design and the house of gaming’s most infamous sentient smiley face, Evil Otto, and Defender, which had one of many coolest spaceship designs in early gaming.

– In real-life, Daito’s OASIS rig comes with a Mortal Kombat pin.

– Among the cameoing avatars within the closing battle, we additionally noticed iconic recreation characters like Big Daddy from BioShock (2007), Chun-Li from Street Fighter II (1991), characters from the brand new standard next-gen first-person shooter, Overwatch (2016), and a squadron of Halo ass-kickers.

– Also commenter Niko Sama picked up Chocobo from Final Fantasy II (1991) and StarCraft marines from StarCraft (1998).

– At one level it seems like not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, however the Battletoads are main a cost. Battletoads certain might look like a TMNT ripoff, however they have been primarily often known as the protagonists of a very troublesome 1991 NES recreation. We wrote extra about them right here.

– Also amongst all this craziness, Twitter consumer @therealmcKay22 seen that Artemis makes use of a lancer from Gears of War (2006).

– Similarly, @HikariDesTIny noticed Battleborn from 2K video games on this battle royale.

– Similarly, @misterredpants noticed that Parzival used the rail gun from Quake (1996) on this scene. 

– During Parzival and Nolan Sorrento’s epic throwdown, Z completely drops a “hadouken” on him. Ryu could be proud.

– Before Sorrento blasts I-R0k’s ten years of upgrades to hell, he calls utilizing the cataclyst “a camper transfer.” Which in gamer terminology is akin to saying, “unhealthy sport,” because it refers to newbies who play on-line shooters and simply camp out in a hard-to-reach spot close to respawning ammo or weapons.

– During the ultimate chase, Aech jokes she is “practising my Mario Kart” when IOI scum start making an attempt to run her van off the highway. This is a reference, to nicely, the true biggest racer franchise of all-time, no?

– As the film highlights to a sentimental diploma, the primary online game easter egg was in Adventure (1979), an Atari 2600 entry designed by Warren Robinett, who included a literal egg distant from the sport’s central quest. If you found it although, you’d be greeted by Warren Robinett’s precise identify, (which the Atari writer refused to credit score within the recreation on the time).

– Young James Halliday seems to be taking part in a Colecovision system in his room. Anyone know what recreation he is taking part in, although? Well based on commenter Paul Imboden, we now know it’s a recreation known as Gorf (1981).

– Inside Halliday’s bed room can also be an old-fashioned poster for the unique Pac-Man recreation.

– Halliday’s closing phrases to Wade of “thanks for taking part in my recreation” are a valued custom amongst game-makers. It was most popularized by Super Mario 64 (1996) when Mario himself says, “Thank you a-so a lot for taking part in my recreation” on the finish of the closing credit. Too unhealthy Halliday didn’t provide Z some cake!

– In the ultimate scene with a wealthy and glad Wade and Samantha, you’ll be able to see a Revenge from Mars (1999) pinball recreation behind them. Why they would come with Revenge from Mars and never its infinitely superior 1995 predecessor, Attack From Mars, must stay a thriller.

Ready Player One Superhero and Comic Book References

– As aforementioned the primary avatar we see as a pre-existing IP is Batman… Michael Keaton’s Batman from 1989 to be particular.

– That can also be Adam West’s basic Lincoln Futura (1955) because the Batmobile convertible through the movie’s opening race. He drove it within the late 1960s camp basic TV sequence and 1966’s Batman: The Movie.

– Twitter consumer @Number_6 has identified that Artemis’ bike has the emblem for The Greatest American Hero, a short-lived superhero tv sequence, which ran on ABC from 1981 to 1983.

– When Artemis and Parzival are testing one another on geeky Halliday trivia data, Z drops that the late Halliday’s favourite quote was from Superman: The Movie (1978). And to be truthful, it’s an incredible nugget of comedian knowledge, compliments of Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor: “Some individuals can learn War and Peace and are available away pondering it’s a easy journey story; others can learn the components on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets and techniques of the universe.”

– Wade Watts reveals his father gave him an alliterative identify to imitate superheroes like Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Bruce Banner (the Hulk). Fun truth: actor Tye Sheridan additionally performs Scott Summers, aka the mutant superhero Cyclops, within the present X-Men films.

– When Arty provides Z Clark Kent glasses, they’re not simply any generic Superman reference, however one particularly taken from Christopher Reeve’s frames in Superman: The Movie. As are the questionable plaid, ‘70s go well with garments choices she presents for him to peruse, and that specific slicked down coiffure.

– At the Distracted Globe dance celebration, a pair’s avatars are cloyingly modeled after the Joker and Harley Quinn.

– In the actual world, 11-year-old Shoto is sporting a varsity jacket that appears so much like those present in Smallville in Superman III (1983).

– Somewhere within the Stacks, there’s a tagger who’s a giant fan of Teen Titans since one of many city artworks is of the DC character Raven.

– During Parzial’s name to motion, we completely see the again profiles of avatars dressed as Catwoman and a capeless Batman. However, @dickson_edwards suggests the capeless Batman is the truth is the Arkham Knight from the PS4/Xbox One online game, Batman: Arkham Knight. We aren’t certain, nevertheless it appears very believable.

– During the epic closing act throwdown, Spawn is unquestionably current for the fireworks.

– Someone got here prepared for the battle by dressing as Batgirl too, albeit we solely see her briefly earlier than the flash of the cataclyst incinerates everybody in sight.

-The IOI researcher workplaces embrace again problems with DC Comics Presents.

Ready Player One Misc. References

– The movie defiantly begins to the sounds of Van Halen’s “Jump” earlier than the chilly open even fades onto a picture.

– At the start of the movie, close to the time we see RoboCop, one other avatar runs by dressed as Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes.

– Also on this sequence is an avatar dressed as Hello Kitty! (Thanks to commenter Erin Grady Brown for pointing this one out!)

– Aech is launched getting factors by being a badass on Planet Doom, which is a reference to a lifeless rock within the Drule Empire on the Voltron cartoon sequence (1984-1985).

– It seems like a lot of James Halliday can also be considerably based mostly on Dana Carvey’s Garth from iconic early ’90s SNL sketch and unlikely blockbuster, Wayne’s World. You know, by the use of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (with a sprinkling of Willy Wonka).

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– Halliday is commonly seen carrying a Simon pin. Simon was a Milton Bradley digital reminiscence recreation, a multi-colored, lights-and-sounds “Simon says” that was a shocking quantity of enjoyable, and as a lot an icon of the 1980s because the Rubik’s Cube.

– The blue Bigfoot truck that Aech drives is the unique monster truck, and one which was replicated on numerous items of 1980s merchandise on the peak of that weird craze.

– Among the race vehicles is once more the Mach Five from the Japanese anime Speed Racer (1966-1968).

– Parzival’s DeLorean has KITT’s red-eyed grill scanner from the David Hasselhoff cheese-classic, Knight Rider (1982-1986).

– Commenters Erin Grady Brown additionally caught Stephen King’s Christine on this scene. Also Erin and Twitter consumer @Number_6 caught the van from The A-Team can also be on this scene. 

– And in fact Artemis’ bike is the one from Akira (1988), a reference we should always have remembered however forgot about till commenter Liam Crewe helpfully reminded us.

– In the lead-up to the race Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You” rocks on.

– While itemizing a couple of of James Halliday’s favourite issues, Z reveals his favourite snack meals is Hot Pockets, and his favourite restaurant is Chuck E. Cheese. Which contemplating he was a grown man is… attention-grabbing.

– Also here’s a bonus about Chuck E. Cheese, compliments of @HBEaker. The restaurant franchise was based by Nolan Bushnell in 1977 after he co-founded Atari in 1972.

– When Z and Arty are testing one another on geeky Halliday data, Parzival says Halliday’s favourite track was the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” (there isn’t any accounting for style, eh?) and his favourite music video was aha’s “Take On Me.” And within the latter’s case, he has some extent…

– Aech’s storage contains laser weapons and spaceships from Battlestar: Galactica (1978-1979). There is extra of that in Aech’s personal subsection.

– It seems that all the Doritos luggage within the film use the classic 1980s emblem and bag design.

– Also a very nice contact is the casting of Hannah John-Kamen as F’Nale within the movie. Introduced early because the IOI govt answerable for the “loyalty facilities,” F’Nale’s job is to spherical up poor souls and welcome them into glorified slavery as firms’ new tackle indentured servitude, which truthfully does not really feel that far off from our world. While that’s grim, John-Kamen’s casting seems like a refined nod to Black Mirror, by which she appeared within the second episode ever in “Fifteen Million Merits.” That is the episode the place a future dystopia retains individuals trapped as glorified slaves in little glass and plastic cubes whereas they watch actuality tv. Sound acquainted?

– I-R0k makes an attempt to “praise” Nolan Sorrento by saying “you by no means lick;” he simply bites all the way down to the middle of a Tootsie Pop. Like that industrial. You know THAT industrial…

– As Aech taunts Z for daydreaming about Arty, the Temptation’s “Just My Imagination” softly performs within the background. 

– I-R0k is launched doing a “Poor Yorick” routine with a Steam Punk Pirate’s cranium, which is a barely extra high-brow reference to Act V of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

– Speaking of Hamlet, the nightclub that Arty invitations Z to is named “the Distracted Globe,” a subtler nod to the primary act of the Bard’s masterwork. This is the time period the eponymous Danish prince makes use of to sneer at his courtroom and environment, implying they’re distracted with crass leisure whereas issues of significance, like justice for his father’s murdered ghost, go ignored.

– While on the brink of celebration on the Distracted Globe, Parzival tries on a sequence of costumes that he and Aech rightly reject, like Michael Jackson’s pink “Thriller” outfit, Prince’s “Purple Rain” get-up*, a generic-looking punk Mohawk, and a white Duran Duran get-up that another person must exactly establish.

* Thanks to commenter Janne Nyyssonen for stating this one!

– As Z enters the Distracted Globe New Order’s “Blue Monday” provides some disaffected type. Later, after we meet Arty in the actual world, she’s carrying a Joy Division shirt. Joy Division is the band that finally morphed into New Order.

– At the Distracted Globe, all of the robotic bartenders are carrying the ridiculous hats from Devo’s terrible “Whip It” music video.

– Nolan’s cope with the Devil provide contains the declare he enjoys consuming Tab. Just proper there, Z ought to’ve identified Nolan wasn’t on the extent, as a result of Tab is disgusting.

– When Aech has his/her fancy tickled by a ghostly woman, she asks “am I being punked?” This reference the terrible Ashton Kutcher/MTV sequence, Punk’d (2003-2007).

– Among IOI’s analysis supplies is a replica of the guide Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1978).

– Nolan Sorrento’s personal rig contains the whole Nancy Drew thriller guide sequence. Don’t decide.

– Inside Sorrento and I-R0k’s orb of energy is a D-20 cube. Dungeons & Dragons followers know what’s up with that, together with our pricey commenter Tom Stephens who introduced it to our consideration.

– During Parzival’s huge speech throughout the OASIS, his drone-camera is what seems to be a actually magical Magic 8-Ball. You know these foolish toys that “may inform the long run” and youngsters used to like earlier than smartphones?

– Z’s closing name to arms is Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Hell yeah!

– During the ultimate battle, commenter Erin Grady Brown helpfully noticed He-Man! Now the battle on Planet Doom can really be legendary!

– To battle Mechagodzilla, Daito assumes the cellular suited physique of an RX-78-2 Gundam from the long-lasting Japanese anime Mobile Suit Gundam (1979). However, I personally would have beneficial he’d chosen Heero Yuy’s Wing Zero from Gundam Wing (1996) if he wished to actually wreck Mechagodzilla.

– When Artemis places down Nolan Sorrento (for a minute) and Mechagodzilla (for the rely), she does so with a Madball. These have been briefly standard grossout toys for younger boys within the mid-’80s, which like all fads of that decade spawned a online game and shortly lived Saturday morning cartoon sequence. I consider the Madball used was “Dust Brain,” however please right me if I’m mistaken.

– Both Aech in real-life and a poster in Halliday’s digital childhood bed room contains Rush’s 2112 album cowl. 2112 facet one is a weird, futuristic/dystopian sci-fi rock epic. You can see why these characters are followers.

– Clearly seen in younger James’ room is a classic Dungeons & Dragons poster. That, together with the Rush 2112 poster, have been normal situation for edgy ’80s nerds.

– Also seen on the again wall of Halliday’s bed room is the album cowl of Devo’s Freedom of Choice. Thanks be to Peter J. Daley Jr. for bringing that to our consideration!

– We hear of “the gold mines of Gygax.” Gary Gygax was the inventor of Dungeons & Dragons.

– At one level, Ghost Halliday additionally briefly holds a toy (do not ask us the yr or mannequin) of the Robot from Lost in Space (1965-1968). He was type of like Robby’s knockoff, however rather more cuddily, cousin. (Thanks to commenter Eric Sharpe for reminding us of this!)

– There’s a killer Masters of the Universe tin lunchbox in Wade’s hideout, too.

– Also Twitter consumer @Yeedi_Dinsuar makes an attention-grabbing level that Halliday’s egg is a nod to the golden seed (or egg) within the anime Sword Art Online. While I’m undecided myself, decide for your self by wanting on the egg right here.

– Also through the very finish, commenter Erin Grady Brown noticed the Star Trek weapon Bat’leth close to the aforementioned Robby the Robot in Wade and Samantha’s nerd nirvana dwelling.

– While we’re with regards to toys, Aech retains numerous them in his lair. There are fashions of the unique Battlestar Galactica, the Nostromo from Alien, Cygnus (from Disney’s The Black Hole) and so they point out (however we don’t see) the Harkonnen Drop Ship a toy that was marketed by LJN as a part of their weird Dune line, however which by no means really got here out.

Ready Player One Easter Egg - Art3mis References

Art3mis References

We additionally thought it could be worthy deconstructing every character and what they create to the desk, in case the above references can appear dizzying or daunting.

– Again, “Art3mis” must be known as “Artemis” as a result of, at the least per the guide the place Samantha solely conceded placing the numeral “3” in her avatar’s identify, as a result of “Artemis” was already taken when she created her avatar.

– Artemis as a reputation is in reference to Greek mythology the place Artemis is Goddess of the Hunt. Further, followers of Wonder Woman would possibly prefer to know that Artemis was conflated with “Diana” as one goddess in Roman mythology.

– Arty’s weapon of alternative all through the movie is an M41A Pulse Rifle from James Cameron’s Aliens (1986).

– In the actual world, Samantha’s visor has a Batman sticker on it.

– There’s some graffiti in Samantha’s HQ that appears like a nod to seminal 1980s graffiti artist, Keith Haring.

Ready Player One Easter Egg - Parzival References

Parzival References

– A superbly good place is to begin with Parzival himself. As we’ll element extra later, his identify is clearly a play on Percival, the member of King Arthur’s spherical tabled knights who, based on some variations of the parable, is the one who discovered the Holy Grail. However, this model is most popularized in nerd tradition by John Boorman’s 1981, heavy metallic cult basic, Excalibur. Which for the file has a design for its titular sword that appears an identical to the blade embroidered into the again of Z’s garments within the OASIS.

-His empty gun holster additionally seems suspiciously like what Han Solo wore within the authentic Star Wars trilogy.

– Z’s total aesthetic is typical mid-‘80s, heavy metallic fan.

– There is a Thundercats image on Z’s belt buckle, whereas his gun holster/belt combo are paying homage to Han Solo.

– Parzival’s closing visor on the finish has a sticker for The Greatest American Hero TV present. But we’re undecided if that is actually Z’s type or Aech, since it’s her van… (Thanks to Twitter consumer @Number_6 for locating this!)

Ready Player One Easter Egg - Aech References

Aech References

– In the actual world, she’s Helen, however she prefers to be only a “he” and Aech whereas logged into the OASIS.

– In the real-world, Aech has a variety of completely different classic pins on her jacket. We couldn’t catch all of them, however among the many ones we noticed have been a basic Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) pin and a classic ’70s Wonder Woman badge of honor. Also due to commenter Peter J. Daley Jr., we additionally now know that yet another of the pins for the band Dead Kennedys.

– Aech completely additionally has a Batman poster behind her truck.

– Also due to commenter Erin Grady Brown, we additionally know the graffiti on the again of Aech’s truck is definitely from the Dungeons & Dragons module, “Tomb of Horrors,” which was a pivotal plot level within the guide.

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– And now, multi functional place, all the things we noticed in Aech’s storage and den:

The Iron Giant; laser blaster from the unique Battlestar: Galactica; the usS. Sulaco drop ship from Aliens*; the Eagle 5 house RV from Spaceballs; the Colonial Viper spaceship from Battlestar: Galactica; an ED-209 from RoboCop; the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; the Extravehicular Activity Pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey; the Valley Forge from Silent Running; an exo-skeleton robotic from the animated sequence Exosquad; a Thunderfighter from the TV sequence Buck Rogers within the 25th Century; and a Swordfish II spaceship from the anime Cowboy Beebop (1998-1999); the Cocktails & Dreams signal from Cocktail; a Mad Max poster; and an superior “Re-Elect Mayor ‘Goldie’ Wilson” poster from Back to the Future.

– Also some extra we missed, however commenter Erin Grady Brown picked up: Pee-wee Herman’s bike from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985); the TARDIS from Doctor Who; a stuffed Kermit the Frog; and a political poster for Wil Wheaton.

*Thank you to commenter Raul Martinez-Orozco for pointing this out.

Numb out of your sugar overload but? Yeah, we didn’t suppose so. Let us know what we missed or chew me out on Twitter here.

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