Red Dead Online Update Offers Big Bonuses for Two Different Roles


Red Dead Online’s latest update dropped this week, and like the week before it, Rockstar Games has moved further away from the Naturalist Role by offering big bonuses for two other jobs. This week’s update focuses on the Collector and Bounty Hunter Roles which are two of the first couple of Roles added to the game, so if you’ve been working on those jobs since the beginning, you’ve got some new rewards waiting for you. As is the case with every update, all players are also eligible to get some extra loot just for logging into the game and playing this week before the next update drops.

Regardless of what Roles you’ve been pursuing most, you can get some easy items in Red Dead Online this week. By just logging in, you can get two Bird’s Eggs, two Arrowheads, and two Family Heirlooms. Like the login rewards from past weeks, these won’t be changing your game up in any major way, but if you’re planning on playing anyway, it’s an easy way to bolster your inventory.

As for the specifics on the actual roles featured in this week’s update, the Collectors and Bounty Hunters will benefit more from this week than any other Roles. If you’re a Collector, all you have to do is go out and dig up five collectibles which is pretty easy since that’s probably something you were going to do this week anyway. After that, you’ll get an offer for 40% off an Established or Higher Collector Item, and if you’re at least Collectors Rank 5, you’ll get four Megafauna Fossils and a free coat.

For Bounty Hunters, you too can just keep doing what you’re doing to earn more rewards. All bounties have a 50% bonus on them this week, and if you complete a Legendary Bounty, you’ll get an offer for 40% off an Established or Higher Bounty Hunter Item. For Bounty Hunters Rank 5 or above, you’ll get a free outfit, accessory, or emote.

A couple of limited-time items have also been added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue in this update. You can see those listed below.

New Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue Items

  • Irwin Coat
  • Prieto Poncho
  • Owanjila Hat
  • Fanned Stovepipe Hat
  • Cossack Hat
  • Pelt Half Chaps
  • Vaquero Baroque Spurs
  • Furred Gloves
  • Darned Stockings
  • Bowyer Boots
  • Morales Vest

Red Dead Online’s latest update is now available across all platforms.

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