Resident Evil Director Triggers Debate Over the Appeal of Classic Resident Evil Games


In an extensive video interview, the legendary Shinji Mikami (whose directing credits include Resident Evil, The Evil Within, Resident Evil 4, and more) spoke about his career, influences, and the horror gaming genre at large. It’s a fascinating session that we highly recommend you check out (which you can do right here) if you’re at all interested in any of those topics.

However, there’s one particular moment in the interview that has caught the attention of many horror gaming fans, including Silent Hill: Homecoming and Her Story writer, Sam Barlow:

If you’re interested in the full context of that quote, you can jump to about 13 minutes into the video interview, but the basic summary is that Mikami feels slightly embarrassed by those who praise the original Resident Evil‘s fixed camera angles and tank controls. Why? Well, Mikami explains that those design decisions were really just workarounds to the technical limitations of that era. He even goes so far as to say that he feels like he got his “revenge” for those concepts in Resident Evil 4, which featured a third-person camera system and looser controls.

That statement is certainly innocent enough, but it touches upon a debate that we’ve weighed in on in the past: the battle between old-school Resident Evil fans, Resident Evil 4 fans, and fans of first-person Resident Evil titles.

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