Review: Onewheel’s Pint Is Pocket-Sized Fun

A specific individual selects a Onewheel over, state, a wonderful, secure electrical mobility scooter. I picture he or she to be a great deal like my partner that, within hrs of the Onewheel Pint coming to our residence, was Onewheeling my children in a baby stroller down the road.

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Founder Kyle Doerkson designed the Onewheel in 2014 to resemble the experience of snowboarding on powder. The Onewheel+ XR, which appeared in 2014, was a larger as well as extra effective variation of the initial board. The Pint is this year’s fun-sized variation.

It’s much shorter, smaller sized, as well as lighter than the XR, as well as has an incorporated take care of in the wheel; you can virtually sling it over your shoulder, like a Continental soldier. It likewise has even more security functions, like Simplestop modern technology. On the XR, you needed to raise your heel off the side of the front panel to quit. On the Pint, you can make it possible for Simplestop on the application to make the board quit if you just lean in reverse.

I have 20 years of experience aboard—skate, browse, as well as snow. The sensation of sculpting in deep powder is habit forming, yet I likewise recognize what it seems like to tip the nose of your board down a high incline, as well as, simply for an instant, believe “Oh, man … I hope this works out.”

Even with the enhancement of brand-new security functions, I obtain this sensation each time I tip on a Onewheel. I comprehend why many individuals enjoy them—I actually do! I’m wed to somebody that does!—yet I’ll adhere to skateboards in the meantime.

Ramble On

At 23 extra pounds, the Pint is just 3 extra pounds lighter than the XR. Overall, however, it really feels a lot more convenient to bring. It’s a couple of inches much shorter, with a smaller sized, thinner wheel. Instead of holding it by the end, you can bring it on your side with the take care of incorporated in the wheel. I never ever seemed like I was mosting likely to drop it on my foot.

Perhaps the most significant distinction is that with a complete cost, the Pint has a variety of 6 to 8 miles, compared to the XR’s 12 to 18. Over a week of pointless, hour-long drives with my area, as well as with crushed rock courses as well as verdant parks, the Pint went out of battery every various other day. If I utilized it to commute, I would certainly maintain a battery charger at the office.


As with the XR, you can likewise select various trip accounts with Future Motion’s electronic shaping—from novice to progressed. The the very least hostile as well as the very least receptive account is Redwood, which has a full throttle of 12 miles per hour; Skyline has a full throttle of 16 miles per hour as well as is much better matched for hillsides as well as tracks. I suched as the smooth setup, Pacific, as well as my partner favored Elevated, both of which had full throttle of 16 miles per hour.

To begin the board, you need to involve the sensing unit pad on both fifty percents of the front panel. Sometimes, the front panel really did not notice my heels as well as the board really did not begin, yet my partner, that is much heavier than I am, never ever had a trouble. Overall, the Pint’s much shorter dimension, smaller sized wheel, as well as slimmer size made it a lot more receptive once you do obtain relocating. On my initial trip, I tottered dramatically greater than I had with the XR. Letting a little air out of the tire appeared to make it a little much less squiggly, yet very little.

If you have actually crowded commutes or browse city roads, you’ll most likely value the boosted ability to move. It’s little as well as quick sufficient that you can also go after little kids while riding it around your kitchen area table, although I do not suggest doing this if you would certainly be sorry for harmful your kitchen area table.

It likewise has a brand-new light on the front panel which demonstrates how much battery power you have actually left, as well as a red back light to make the board a lot easier to see in the evening.

Safety First

Admirably, Future Motion has actually made a great deal of actions to make certain that their boards are as secure as feasible. Both the web site as well as the application are filled with cautions, suggestions, as well as please notes. One of the adjustments that Future Motion has actually made was presenting Simplestop modern technology.

Getting off a Onewheel has actually constantly been one of the hardest components. Before, you needed to raise your heel off one side of the front pad. If you didn’t clear one of the pads, pffft—you flew off, as well as the board maintained going. (This is just how I sprained my knee the last time I examined one.) Riding the Pint, I took a breath a quiet sigh of alleviation each time the board quit when I leaned in reverse.

Another brand-new security attribute is pushback. If you go also quick, on also high an incline, or attempt to ride with insufficient battery, the nose of the board lifts as well as pressures you to reduce or quit. When I asked Jack Mudd, Onewheel’s primary evangelist, if it was feasible to disable pushback the method you can disable Simplestop, he advised me that it is very important to maintain motorcyclists from pressing the board past its abilities.

In concept, I value this attribute. The Pint did carefully advise me to charge prior to I got also much from my residence. And the last time I examined a Onewheel, I catapulted off a hillside that I was most likely not intended to be on. This time, it was tough not to photo Future Motion’s designers babbling whenever the board nosed up on a mild incline as well as I needed to leave as well as stroll.

But boards, electrical or otherwise, are not intended to quit quickly for no instantly evident factor. I hired my partner to evaluate the Pint’s full throttle as well as when he did, the board raised back. This is scary to both experience as well as witness at 16 miles per hour.

He embarked on as well as had the ability to arrive at his feet, skid down the road, as well as leave with simply a shed on his ankle joint. But I suggest purchasing the package with the wheel fender as well as using skate footwear when you ride it.

Carry On

Even with its minimal array, the Pint is a far more valuable as well as functional Onewheel than the XR. It’s a lot easier to bring as well as store. Holding it while strolling right into a restaurant for lunch with a buddy is similar to lugging a small traveling bag.

And if you’ve been waiting to be able to manage a Onewheel—that am I kidding, there’s no other way you’re still reviewing this. You got the board as quickly as you saw the photo. At $950, this is without a doubt one of the most obtainable cost that Onewheel has actually had the ability to supply for a board that may be a lot more enjoyable, as well as is certainly easier, than the XR.

But the Onewheel isn’t for any person that isn’t fast on their feet or scared of dropping. It has a finding out contour, which to my mind, makes it extra of a plaything—an addicting, cult-favorite plaything!—than a traveler automobile. Future Motion might have duplicated the experience of snowboarding, yet when they can likewise recreate the experience of face-planting on cool, cosy powder rather of warm asphalt, I may be extra likely to select one up.

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