Robbie Williams Thought His Daughter Would Destroy Princess Eugenie’s Happiest Day


Princess Eugenie got married on October 12, 2018, and Robbie Williams shared his worries about his daughter. He thought that she would destroy the marriage.

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The British singer lately shared with Lisa Wilkinson how he’s very near Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack. When they requested the singer if he would really like his daughter Teddy to be their flower lady on the marriage ceremony, the British singer revealed, “All you’re worried about is her f**king up.” the singer additional joked, “I’m sat here, and the Queen is sat there. To be honest with you, Teddy doing the thing, all you are worried about is her f**king up. Don’t f**k this up, so she didn’t f**k this up.”


Teddy was a decrease lady, and he or she participated alongside Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Williams continued, “There is one moment when the kids go out [on the steps], and they are waving, and Teddy goes [shoots her arm into the air like a rock star and bites her bottom lip] like Freddy Mercury … It’s in the DNA.”


In addition to Teddy, Robbie Williams and his accomplice Ayda Field have two extra youngsters, Collette and Charlton. The singer additionally talked about his parenting model, and he described himself as a “softie” when it got here to parenting his three youngsters. He additionally mentioned the way in which he’s making an attempt to stop any vanity of their youngsters’s personalities. “I only pretend to be arrogant, I’m not really. But like pomposity, arrogance and ill manners just make my skin crawl. And any sign of that in my kids, I do come down like a ton of bricks. That being said, I’m full of praise when they get things right, and 95 percent of the time, they’re getting things right.”

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