Ryan Reynolds launches streaming service that only broadcasts Foolproof from 2003


Ryan Reynolds launched his own streaming service with just one movie in his library, as part of a marketing campaign for Mint Mobile.

Reynolds, who bought shares at Mint Mobile last year, announced the launch of its streaming service on Twitter a few days ago when you posted an ad for Mint Mobile +, a brand new platform that offers “80 minutes” of “everything broadcast in full quality from a 2003 DVD.”

The platform is free for everyone to access at mintmobileplus.com, however, the streaming options are extremely limited, as the site only has one movie worthy in its catalog: Foolproof, 2003 Reynolds film, featuring Kristin Booth .

The most funny thing is that the film appears in all categories present on the site as “Original originals”, “Type of originals” and “Non-original originals”. Unsurprisingly, the film also appears in all the “Top 10” slots on the site

“Two minutes after launch, our data team determined that Mint Mobile + should be closed over the weekend,” reported Reynolds right after launch. “We will return to focus on premium wireless.”

This is not the first time that Reynolds makes a joke with one of the films in which he participated. Earlier this month, the actor reissued Green Lantern in a version he called Reynolds Cut, 27 seconds from the film with very few actual images from the original release.

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