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Tips for running safely when it’s cold

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Use a ‘pen’ on iPhone? There are new clues

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These may be the first images of the Galaxy S9

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Eating too fast hurts the heart

Drink 3 coffees per day (risk outweighs)

Laser surgery turns brown eyes into blues in 20 seconds

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Cold or heat? MIT Bracelet regulates our body temperature

Physical activity reduces risk of 13 types of cancer

Your home can have more than 9,000 types of microbes

Flies are much more dangerous than you ever imagined

New headphones stimulate brain to release pleasure hormone

Scientists discover hormone in the brain that activates fat loss

Cinnamon burns fat cells and helps weight loss

Assassin’s Creed Origins celebrates a month without being cracked

What if the next generation Samsung battery fully charge in 12 minutes?

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Bungie announces big list of improvements for Destiny 2

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