Sasha Gray like you’ve never seen her on VENN


DJ, actress and streamer, but “maybe you know her from other wanderings”, Sasha Gray embarks on yet another adventure on VENN – Video Games and Entertainment News Network – a new channel focused on entertainment, pop culture and video games, where she will host Gray Area, a program that guarantees that there are no limits.

Together with Dumbfoundead (stage name), the actress will address difficult and intimate themes, accompanied by friends and professionals in the field, responding to public doubts regarding relationships, social networks, modern love and much more. The program will be aired twice a week.

VENN wants to assert itself as a new network, focused on gaming, pop culture and esports. Behind Venn are Ariel Horn, a former NBC executive who was involved in the production of BlizzCon and the worldwide broadcast of League of Legends competitions and Ben Kusin, an industry veteran who specializes in brand marketing.

VENN will have several programs, with hosts from the world of video games and popular culture. One of them is Arcade Live, presented by James ‘Dash’ Patterson, Emily Mei, Tehya Johns, and Daniel “dGon” Gonzales, dedicated to video games and pop culture.

The channel’s premiere is scheduled for August 5 and will be shown through YouTube and Twitch.

Pedro Pestana is addicted to gaming, coffee and volleyball, roughly in that order. You can find some of his daydreams in @pmnpestana

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