Sean Connery Cursed Out Disney Executives to Save The Rock, Says Michael Bay


Director Michael Bay’s The Rock remains a quintessential summer movie season offering. Having been released in 1996—one of the best years for action blockbusters—Bay’s classic squared off the Top 4 box office earners, just behind classics like Independence Day, Twister and Mission: Impossible. Interestingly, while the onscreen grizzled gravitas of the recently passed Sean Connery complemented its interminable onslaught of pulse-pounding action, it appears that the late, great star also contributed to the film in an existential way.

It turns out that Connery, who, of course, co-starred in The Rock alongside Nicolas Cage, played an instrumental role behind the scenes during a particularly difficult time in the film’s production, as Bay reveals in his tribute to the late legend on THR. While Bay describes his own initial nervousness as a young upstart tasked with directing the no-nonsense Scottish icon, he reveals that Connery became a key ally during his well-publicized tensions with executives of Walt Disney Studios (which distributed via its Buena Vista Pictures banner), as the film’s production was running late and the coffers were dwindling. Pertinently, a curse-laden Connery tirade ended up securing much of the film’s $75 million budget.

“This boy is doing a good job, and you’re living in your Disney Fucking Ivory Tower and we need more fucking money!!” is what Bay recalls Connery shouted—in signature Scottish brogue—when defending him in front of a group of visibly shocked Disney executives. In fact, rather than wasting time being offended, the group immediately acquiesced to Connery’s coarse request, responding, “OK. How much?”

However, there’s some context to cover here regarding what led to this monumental behind-the-scenes moment. Bay—who was only 31 at the time of the film’s release, and just broke big with 1995 feature debut Bad Boys—calls himself “young-dumb” during The Rock’s production, and reveals that Connery—who was 65 by the film’s release—simply referred to the then-fresh-faced helmer as “Boy.” He explains of nervously giving Connery his first direction saying, “Uh, Sean can you please do that less charming.” He said, “Sure, boy!” While that nickname would have rubbed someone else the wrong way, it turned out to be a term of endearment; one that Connery would back up with his actions during the film’s car chase scene, which made quite a mess of some San Francisco streets.

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