Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian On His Hygiene Routine: ‘My Wife Definitely Taught Me What A Washcloth Was’


To quote Katt Williams’ character Ricky in the movie “First Sunday,” “I don’t think I would have told that.” Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian was on Twitter today telling his business. He shared a funny tweet about the hygiene habits of white people while adding his two cents on the topic.

The tweet Alexis shared said: “When showering are you a ‘full body washer,’ or an ‘armpits and genitals only’ person?”

Alexis Ohanian found the humor in the initial tweet but revealed his own questionable hygiene habits.

“I wasn’t this bad, but my wife definitely taught me what a washcloth was,” Alexis shared about his lovely Serena.

Well, we’re glad it took a sista to bless him with that knowledge, ‘cause whew, not everyone is that fortunate.

But like everyone else on Twitter, we kind of wonder what Alexis was using to wash his body before.

It seems he realized he was getting roasted about his revelation and like a good sport, Alexis decided to join in on the fun.

One person on Twitter went ahead and asked Alexis what we were all thinking, “So question? Did every family member have their own bar of soap or did y’all scrub the same one against y’all bodies?”

Alexis replied and said, “LOL no siblings. Just me and that intrepid magical self-cleaning bar of soap.”

Another person tweeted, “Marrying Serena Williams has changed your life for the better,” to which Alexis bluntly replied, “Obviously.”

Well, he wasn’t before, but it looks like Alexis Ohanian is team washcloth now!

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