Seth Dickinson Guest Post: Mods I’ve Made!

This is a visitor publish from Seth Dickinson, writer of The Traitor Baru Cormorant and its sequel The Monster Baru Cormorant, a geopolitical fantasy a couple of lady attempting to take an empire down from the within.

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Hi! Like lots of you, I grew up within the 90s, the golden age of PC gaming. Now that I write full time, one in every of my favourite low-stress artistic shops (and one which eats up an embarrassing quantity of my time) is modding and tweaking PC video games, previous and new. I don’t know the right way to code, the right way to construct 3D fashions, or, actually, the right way to do something helpful — however to my shock I’ve managed!

I assumed I’d share a couple of of my favourite tasks right here, as a means of exhibiting what I care about, each in video games and in tales. (This mod expertise did lead me to the lore writing work I’ve performed on Bungie’s Destiny, in case you’re a fan.)

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I’m most excited by making video games really feel extra like themselves — bringing out the tales that the gameplay is attempting to inform. A extremely easy instance is perhaps the Combine Soldiers in Half-Life 2, with their unimaginable, sinister audio design, chattering in a clipped brevity code which displays the best way the Combine has lobotomized them and diminished them to pure utility. They look and sound like a significant menace to the participant.

(Check out the best way the general public picture of the American soldier has developed, from the corn-fed citizen-soldier of World War II to right now’s faceless, NVG-masked elite particular operator. The Combine troopers type of look like an extension of that trendline, don’t they?)

Unfortunately, these guys are idiots. Their weapons are ineffective and their AI is fundamental; they like to face within the open and unload in your obscure route whilst you clobber them to demise with a bathroom. The means the Combine troopers behave doesn’t match the story their visible and audio design is telling. If I have been modding Half-Life 2 (and now I type of wish to) I’d concentrate on making the Combine troopers extra threatening to the participant, in order that preventing them isn’t an influence fantasy (you’re not presupposed to be a superhero in Half-Life, only a dude) and they also reinforce the sport’s narrative of resistance and survival in a dystopian future.

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When I performed Crytek’s 2011 shooter Crysis 2, I hit an identical downside. In this recreation you’re a lone soldier sporting ‘Nanosuit 2’, a super-advanced fight exoskeleton based mostly on alien expertise. You struggle an alien invasion of New York even whereas the brokers of the sinister Crynet Corporation attempt to hunt you down and get the go well with again. The downside was that the sport was an excessive amount of of an influence fantasy: in case you maintain completely nonetheless in entrance of a single alien grunt and let it shoot you, it spends a lot time making threatening noises, pointing you out to its pals, and dodging round that your well being can regenerate to full between its assaults. How are you presupposed to be afraid of alien invaders in the event that they’re this incompetent?

(Contrast with the enemy AI in Monolith’s FEAR, a recreation the place you may play infinite cat-and-mouse with strikingly lifelike opposition. Or with Halo, the place the high-ranking Elite enemies are clearly greater than a match to your character.)

Just making the aliens do extra harm felt boring, so I ended up drawing on the alien origins of the participant’s supersuit. By giving the aliens the identical talents because the participant — velocity mode, armor mode, and cloak mode — they may really feel extra like friends and rivals to the participant, somewhat than hapless victims. Through mannequin swapping I used to be additionally in a position to give a few of the human forces looking you an earlier model of the nanosuit, including a bit selection to the legions of ‘soldier man in hazmat go well with who shoot at you from cowl.’

I’m two for 2 on ‘making the fundamental grunt enemies a bit smarter’ right here, which leads us to the most important mod venture I’ve ever labored on: the open-source house opera Blue Planet. I grew up with this mod, and with the opposite folks engaged on it; they’ve been part of my life since school. Blue Planet is a fan-made sequel to the basic online game FreeSpace 2, an area opera story about people battling for survival in opposition to a mysterious, omnicidal race of aliens. Players act as nameless, low-ranking fighter pilots caught up in titanic occasions.

Read an unique excerpt from The Monster Baru Cormorant.

In Blue Planet, as in plenty of fanfiction, we wished to dig into the psychological actuality of residing on this world: how do you exist, daily, in a universe of looming existential terror? How does our relation to the cosmos, and to one another, change? Part of our reply was a civil struggle — a brutal, bitterly fought battle between two democratic societies, each with a declare to the ethical excessive floor. We wished the participant to really feel like they have been killing folks, not simply spaceships: we wanted them to listen to misery, determined camaraderie, and even true bravery not simply from their pals however from the folks they have been preventing.

This was simple sufficient to attain by writing, however what about placing that into the precise gameplay? For a very long time our missions have been tormented by a major problem: in an effort to create a problem, we had so as to add numerous enemy ships. But that meant the participant needed to kill numerous enemy ships, and how will you inform a sensible story about the price of struggle in case you’re mowing down total squadrons by your self? How are you able to give the enemy a way of self-preservation and tactical consciousness in the event that they fly at you want Stormtroopers?

The reply was an overhaul of the ‘the right way to fly a spaceship’ AI, giving them extra methods to keep away from assaults and a stronger tendency to interrupt off their targets in an effort to defend themselves. Even big enemy capital ships would now warp out of the battle when badly broken, as an alternative of ready round to die. Enemies might launch missiles from a distance to attract you out, then flee and leap away. This price us a few of the participant’s company, their potential to change the result of the mission; however in alternate we gained a way that you simply have been preventing folks, not simply fundamental recreation AI. Most importantly, by making the AI extra lethal, we might use fewer AI ships in every mission — as an alternative of throwing swarms on the participant, we might arrange one-on-one engagements or tangles between forces of equal measurement.

This allow us to give the participant character a voice and a character; now that she wasn’t a assassin of hundreds with clearly distinctive abilities, we might solid her as simply one other pilot amongst many, coping with the traumas and pressures of a soldier.

There’s a theme operating by all this: the vital of giving characters a way of objective, the phantasm of internality, as absolutely difficult and self-directed as us, the ‘protagonist.’ And that is an curiosity of mine in writing too: the concept the protagonist performs by the identical guidelines as everybody else, and that different characters within the story, even peripheral characters, have their very own agendas to pursue, their very own wealthy interior lives, their very own pasts to hang-out them. This is a theme in The Monster Baru Cormorant, the place we start to get the attitude of characters aside from Baru, and to study not simply how they see Baru however the place they arrive from and what they’re conspiring to attain.

What makes us human? I believe an enormous a part of it have to be concept of thoughts, the flexibility to consider what different persons are considering. (I ponder if this may increasingly even be the basis of consciousness itself: in case you can take into consideration what different persons are considering, doesn’t that indicate the flexibility to consider what you’re considering?) Great fiction faucets this functionality, makes it work for the story. The characters we love don’t go away once we shut the e book. They reside on in our heads as a result of we now have made little fashions of how they act and react, simply as we do for our family members and pals.

When we will coax folks into creating these fashions, we’re telling a superb story — or, possibly, taking part in a superb recreation.

PS. Just a few different mods I’ve labored on!

A co-op mod for Ground Control 2, so it might be difficult sufficient to play with my brother;

The spectacular Mechwarrior Living Legends, a multiplayer large mech simulator (though I contributed solely a little or no);

The Homeworld 2: Point Defense Systems mod, which caught a billion tiny weapons on the sport’s spaceships so they may defend themselves higher, within the course of making the sport look ridiculously fairly;

And a Kerbal Space Program mod so as to add ladies’s names to the record of attainable astronauts, again within the day when the sport solely had males’s names; on the speculation that the Kerbals, being little inexperienced hamster-frog folks, won’t be sexually dimorphic.

The Monster Baru Cormorant is out on October 30th. You can pre-order proper now through Macmillan, Amazon, or your native unbiased bookstore. 

SETH DICKINSON’s brief fiction has appeared in Analog, Asimov’s, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, amongst others. He is an teacher on the Alpha Workshop for Young Writers, winner of the 2011 Dell Magazines Award, and a lapsed pupil of social neuroscience. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. The Traitor Baru Cormorant was his debut novel.

You can follow Seth on Twitter here.

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