Sex Robot Inventor Says the Dolls Save Marriages

A man who invents sex robots says they saved his marriage and that he believes they can do the same for other couples.

Dr. Sergi Santos is a robotics expert who is happily married to his wife Maritsa Kissamitaki for 16 years, according to The Sun.

Santos says that the couple’s relationship was in trouble until they created a robotic sex doll to meet his needs when she is not in the mood for sex.

“A man wants to feel in general that the woman is desperate to have sex with him. And if a man feels like the woman will not enjoy it fully, most men do not like the sex. And this is the cause of many sexual problems,” Santos explained in a recent interview.

“Because for me and my wife for example, I need sex some times of the day that my wife doesn’t want to, and I said, ‘look, sex is breaking already many relationships because of lack of synchronism,’ and I would not put that pressure to my marriage,” he continued.

“I’ve had couples coming in and just by the way they look I think, ‘this couple is in trouble,’ because one of the two is not having enough sex at the right time. Any of us can have this problem and eventually could divorce,” Santos added. “So if I have the doll I’ll not divorce because of sex. In my case I think that’s good enough.”

Santos, who is a professional electrical engineer, that it was actually Kissamitaki who gave him the idea. They started up their robotic sex doll business, Synthea Amatus, after she suggested he implant and integrate his A.I. network with a regular sex doll. This allows the dolls to have synthesised personalities and responses.

“It didn’t start as making a sex robot – it started as creating a brain. As he was working on that, it became obvious we needed some sort of body or object to house this brain,” Kissamitaki said. “Then I discovered that sex dolls exist, and thought, ‘this is absolutely perfect.'”

“We started researching it and found out – before anyone was making the robots – that wives were buying them for their husbands because they understand the kind of need that their husbands have, and how this could benefit their relationship,” she continued.

“People tend to ask me questions; ‘Ohh, what did you think when he said he would do this?’ As if they think that I came home from work one day and I found the doll sitting on my sofa,” she added. “It wasn’t like that at all.”

Finally, Santos announced that they plan to branch out in to male robotic sex dolls as well, but takes a surprising personal stance on them, saying, “I think I would feel jealous if she used the male sex robot. If I found that she likes the male doll better than me, in the sense that she doesn’t want to be with me, I’d get divorced.”

“I don’t see a problem with that. We are not objects, and nobody belongs to anybody,” he added. “If everybody in the world divorced and got a sex doll, I wouldn’t mind. I’d say, ‘if they got what they wanted, why not?’ “

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