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To some extent, we are all voyeurs. Many of us pretend we’re not interested in celebrity gossip, but deep down, we love to hear how they are different from us when comparing the lives they lead. Reading about their embarrassments helps bring them down off their artificial pedestals.

What many of us don’t know but would love to know is how they spend their spare time, what they get up to when the spotlight is switched off. Equally, we love finding out their characteristics, their bad habits, and, if possible, their shortcomings. I am hopeful what follows opens up a small chink in the drapes and offers a glimpse into their unseen world.

Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah isn’t going to run for president – official. Unfortunately, she has a left-leaning persuasion and did work on fundraisers for Obama, which helped him on the road to becoming POTUS. She is one of the most influential women on the planet, with many hidden depths, in complete contrast to the Kardashian kids who have a lot of influence but many hidden shallows. There appear to be no skeletons in her closet, which makes her one of the most boring women on the planet, unlike the Kardashians who let everything hang out.

Jim Carrey

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Surprisingly, Carey is Canadian by birth and Not American. He is also one of many celebrities who have, in the past, suffered from depression. He, like many of his Canadian celebrity peer group, took Prozac to combat the symptoms. He might have been better indulging in some online casino games for the rich and famous like those at as a way of combating depression and stress. He is also a bit of an artist, although not without controversy. He was called ‘a bastard’ and his artworks ‘dirty’ by Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter Alessandra when he depicted Mussolini’s death in one of his artworks.

Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods has a passion for diving, physical fitness and cheating on his wife. He was top of his game till the cheating scandal broke. As his personal life crashed and burned, so did his golf. What is not always newsworthy is that he has a passion for spear-fishing, traveling the world to enhance his technique. No doubt, his ex-wife Elin Nordegren may be taking up spear-fishing, although her first choice of prey may not be a fish.

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina indulges a hobby that, if it were indulged by any male celebrities out there, there would be howls of anguish from the sisterhood. She loves collecting daggers, almost as much as she loves collecting other women’s husbands. She once wore the blood of her ex-husband in a vial hanging round her neck. Brad Pitt really should have seen it coming; perhaps he realized that the next vial of blood hanging from her neck would be his.

David Beckham

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David Beckham is, apparently, a bit of a tidy freak. He also has a penchant for tattoos. When he is older, and his skin has that faded purple appearance, he may well regret all the body art. Not many people know, but David is well into fencing. Not garden fencing but sword fencing; perhaps it his way for keeping Posh at a distance. Given she always seems to look as if she is chewing on a wasp, perhaps not a bad hobby to indulge.

Johnny Depp

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Actor Johnny Depp has found quite a lot of joy sharing tea time with Ken and Barbie. He loves playing with dolls, and he always does everything he can to expand his collection. He finds a lot of enjoyment in music as well. He is a guitarist for the band, the Hollywood Vampires, and he frequently tours the world with them. A pirate who plays with dolls – suddenly, the penny drops – I see why Johnny plays Captain Jack with such a camp demeanor.

Celine Dion

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The famous Canadian diva is famous for her distinctive voice and habit of seemingly hurting herself while belting her ballads on stage. For some, she is quirk itself personified. Almost everything she does is unusual or strange. At one TV show, she sang entries from a phonebook. She appeared at The Oscars wearing a tuxedo gown backward, which was once panned by fashion critics. Now, the fashionistas regard the move as legendary. The chanteuse has some of the most weirdly enchanting facial expressions when she sings. However, one quirk of hers not many may know is her love for current musicians. She adores Xia and Rihanna. She also said she wants to collaborate with Eminem.

Sofia Vergara

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The well-loved new judge of America’s Got Talent is another quirky woman. She does not only have her charming accent to enchant men and women alike. The Modern Family star has no qualms doing self-deprecating humor for the laughs. Her guests at Ellen and the late-night shows rarely leave any dull moment. If there’s one quirk of hers that is little known, it’s probably her strange decision to install in her home gym a life-size standee of a shirtless Joe Manganiello, her husband. She said she is using it as an inspiration during her workouts. “Who wouldn’t get motivated with that guy in the back staring at u like that?” Vergara says.

Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon

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The two Jimmys are unrelated except for the fact that they are both late-night show hosts. However, it makes sense to put them together in one item because of their “similar but opposite” quirks. Kimmel has a crying face that compares to that of a ham actor in a dramatic scene. He may be truly sincere with his emotions, but for the many times he cried on TV, he looked like he was forcing it. Fallon, on the other hand, has a laugh that sounds dismissive or feigned. These quirks don’t make them less effective as comedians, though. Neither do these make them bad or fake people?

Andrea Bocelli

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Everybody knows him as the blind tenor who sings pop opera and classical music. However, only a few may notice how he habitually makes people think that he’s not unsighted. During his guesting in singing reality shows, he surprised contestants by making it appear that he has his sense of sight intact. For instance, he praised a contestant for her beauty. Also, it might surprise people that he can ride a bike and regularly go scuba diving, water skating, and windsurfing.

Do you know of any celebs’ quirks, pastimes, hobbies, or habits? I am sure you can dig up a few if you take the time to look – have fun digging.

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