SoulCalibur VI obtains Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru as DLC

At the 2019 Evolution Championship Series, Bandai-Namco’s SoulCalibur VI made its launching as one of the 9 primary video games of the program. It was a double-edged sword, depressing to state, as it had its finals on Friday, the very first day of the occasion, because of having the most affordable yield. An embarassment, because it had a truly enjoyable Top 8.

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On Sunday, before the Tekken 7 Top 8, SoulCalibur VI’s manufacturer Motohiro Okubo showed up on phase to chat up exactly how wonderful it was to see the game at Evo, after that reveal a trailer. The trailer is for Cassandra Alexandria, the sibling of Sophitia as well as the last DLC personality in SoulCalibur VI’s period one.

While several followers taken into consideration Cassandra to be a certain as well as remained in no chance stunned, they did increase the handle the expose that she would certainly be offered as early as August 5th!

Okubo made it look like that was all there was to SoulCalibur as a collection. Considering exactly how severely SoulCalibur V carried out as well as harmed the brand name, there was talk that SoulCalibur VI would certainly need to be a huge success in order for the collection to actually endure. Looking at its positioning on the Evo card, it isn’t one of the most enthusiastic circumstance. Okubo presented what seemed a goodbye video clip in commitment to the collection’ several followers.

Instead, we got a trailer for a 2nd period of DLC! Not just are we obtaining even more Create-a-Soul items, even more gameplay things (an anticipate system?), as well as 4 even more personalities, however one of those personalities attends boxer! While the various other 3 boxers are shrouded in secret we understand that SoulCalibur VI will certainly provide us none besides Haohmaru, the lead character from Samurai Shodown!

A best expose, thinking about Samurai Shodown had a remarkable proving at Evo 2019. Hopefully, this will certainly be the pick-me-up SoulCalibur VI requires to last at the very least another year on the Evo flooring.

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Gavin Jasper creates for Den of Geek as well as recognizes that Samurai Shodown is currently component of Star Wars connection. Read much more of his write-ups right here as well as follow him on Twitter @Gavin4L

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