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World-class beaches, sun-kissed scenery, and memorable experiences- the Greek island of Crete offer nothing but an exceptional experience for each person who visits there. Its breathtaking cities and hidden retreat locations are a perfect chance for you and your significant other to enjoy and take your relationship a step further.

Whether planning for a proposal to a romantic getaway to renewing your vows, traveling around this beautiful city is where your romantic adventures can begin. As such, we have prepared a list of the most romantic and hidden destinations that awaits you to the majestic island of Crete.

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Local Villages and Districts

First on our list are the local villages and districts in the island of Crete. A simple stroll on either one of these districts would immerse you in their culture and experience the famous Cretan hospitality and cheerfulness.


Located on the southeast coast of Crete, Myrtos retained much of its traditional village feel with its white-walled houses adorned with colorful shutters and bright displays of local flora. Myrtos also has a local beach with pristine waters that are rarely crowded even in peak summer.


The district of Sfakia is found on the southwestern part of Crete, along the Lybian sea. It offers beauty through its rugged landscape, away from the resort look of the northern coast. This district features eye-catching scenery with tamarisk trees, olive pines, and the occasional sounds of farm animals from the surrounding neighborhood.

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Behind its mountain freshness and traditional music, the village of Anogia offers a rich history of German and Turkish invasions through its local museums, notably the Folk Art Museum. Visitors are encouraged to try their local delicacies and its national drink, Raki.

Additionally, Anogia has the best local taverns and authentic traditional Cretan music. Be sure to make the most out of it with your significant other.


Visiting the age-old town of Chania will fill your eyes with vibrant historical events through its buildings. Its architecture and beautiful alleyways let you travel through time. You may take a quick stroll here and taste its local dishes. Go on an adventure by taking a sweet carriage ride together while seeing the local lighthouse and the Old Port buildings.


If you’re staying in either Heraklion or Fodele Beach, it’s best to visit Rogdia as well. The busy village of Rogdia is an essential stop-off for tourists and locals alike. Rogdia gives its guests a taste of Cretan simplicity.  Warm cafes and shops fill the streets, as well their public squares and churches.

Romantic Spots

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Once you’re done with visiting the local villages and experiencing the Cretan warmth, it’s time for beaches and fun activities! Crete’s island is filled with pristine-white beaches for couples who prefer an intimate approach to Crete’s hidden treasures.

And before venturing to the Island of Crete. Make sure you’ve made an arrangement with Rental Center Crete and rent cars to get the most out of your travels in Crete.

Falassarna Beach

One of the best beaches in Crete is Falassarna Beach. Despite its small size, the Falassarna Beach is part of Europe’s top ten beaches, featuring its pristine sand quality and warm, clear water. The Falassarna beach has also become a part of the Natura 2000 network due to its wide array of living flora and various species that call the beach their home.


Monastiraki is an archeological site in the valley of Amari on the route of northern Crete. Displayed attractions between Monastiraki are remnant of an old palace and a known religious center with carbon footprint dating back to 1700 B.C

Things To Do In The Island Of Crete

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The island of Crete offers more than romantic destinations, but fun activities as well. Aside from its majestic beaches and historical sites, there are many activities you can arrange and do with your significant other.

Listed below are some of the best activities that you can do while in Crete.

Authentic Cooking Experience

Cook away to your heart’s content and sign up in one of the workshops held by The Real Cretan Cooking Experience. Located in the mountain of Lefka Ori, The Real Cretan Cooking Experience is a cooking workshop that lets you cook organic and seasonal produce, as well as a recipe book for your favorite local Cretan dishes.

The best part of this experience is the knowledge you’ll have after the workshop. It is run and facilitated by locals, so the recipes you’ll learn from their workshops will allow you to recreate authentic Cretan dishes.

Asteria Open Air Cinema

One of the best spots you can bring your lover to is the Asteria Open Air Cinema. Rethymnon city offers travelers a movie under the open sky, where English movies are shown with Greek captions, as well as the occasional local Greek film.

This interesting take of movie-watching can make you and your partner bond better in this cinema. Along with affordable ticket prices and various drinks and snacks from local shops, it gives the authentic charm of an outdoor cinema.

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Manousakis Winery

Taste the best local wines from the local Manousakis Winery in The island of Crete. Manousakis Winery offers guests with vineyard tours and food pairing sessions at reasonable prices.

Opened in 1994, the Manousakis Winery practices the oldest wine traditions in Europe. Moreover, when you dine in the districts of Crete, you’ll likely be served with a fresh glass of wine straight from the Manousakis Winery.

The island of Crete offers a lot of destinations you can visit, and surely a week-long stay on the island is not enough to experience everything the island offers. Make sure you’ve made the right arrangements to make your Crete island trip worth it.


With a country getaway, making things romantic and intimate has never been better. The island of Crete offers various intimate and enjoyable experiences that you and your lover would enjoy. In Crete, you’ll experience a trip full of simplicity, warmth, and tradition that the island of Crete provides.

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