Super Smash Bros. Characters Ranked

Super Smash Bros. turned 20 in 2019, a significant milestone for Nintendo’s premier combating sequence that brings collectively most of the firm’s most well-known characters in addition to a bunch of unlikely friends. In reality, the sequence boasts a roster of over 70 fighters, from Mario and Link to Bayonetta and Solid Snake. With so many characters to select from, the query have to be requested: who’s the perfect fighter within the sequence?

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Over the previous a number of years of writing at Den of Geek, I’ve ranked many combating sport rosters worst to finest, together with Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Tekken, Guilty Gear, and now it is time for Super Smash Bros. to get the identical remedy. 

I’m going to go in opposition to our common ruleset on this one as a result of we’re speaking a few very totally different form of roster. Normally, I depend varied variations of the identical character as one entry, however I’m sidestepping that. Regular Samus and Zero Suit Samus will get their very own entries. Guest characters are additionally being taken under consideration since that’s a part of the lifeblood of the sequence, so to hell with it. If I can evaluate Marth to Little Mac, I can evaluate Marth to Bayonetta as properly. I’m leaving bosses off the checklist, so don’t anticipate me to wax poetic on which big hand is best than the opposite.

I’m rating these guys based mostly on design, type, storyline (when relevant), impression, in addition to my very own private desire. This checklist will not be about tier rankings, stats, or any of that. Seriously, don’t take this checklist severely. It’s unhealthy.

That particularly goes for you Lucas followers on the market…


Lucas is an alternate model of Ness (a personality I’m already not too massive on) from a sport that by no means even acquired launched outdoors of Japan, and from what I’ve learn, his massive attribute is that he’s whiny. I imply, what am I presupposed to do with that?

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Chrom


Chrom was thought of for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, however Nintendo realized that he could be an excessive amount of like the opposite Fire Emblem swordsmen and scrapped the character. Even Pit made enjoyable of him in-game for being redundant. Then Ultimate got here round and added him in anyway. Fantastic.

He’s not totally different sufficient for me to care, particularly in a sequel that gave us an overweight crocodile king and a wrestling fireplace beast. The solely actual saving grace is Pit and Viridi’s pleasure at seeing him lastly present up as a playable character.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Ken Masters


As an enormous fan of the Street Fighter forged, I’ve to confess that I used to be let down by Ken’s inclusion in Smash. I don’t hate the man (he ranked excessive sufficient on the Street Fighter character checklist) and get that Capcom simply wished a Ryu clone. That’s what Ken’s been about for the reason that starting, however whilst a Ryu knockoff, he’s one of many least fascinating. Sure, you should use Spirits and stuff, however I’d have been extra excited to see Akuma, Dan, or Sakura take this spot. I’d even take Sean over him.

Iconic would not at all times imply higher. Try once more, child.

Super Smash Bros. Characters -  Piranha Plant


It’s inventive, I’ll provide you with that, introducing a brand new character and making a traditional minor baddie from the Mario video games into a completely purposeful fighter. That mentioned, the Piranha Plant looks like a waste of a DLC character in Ultimate

It says loads that essentially the most fascinating factor about Piranha Plant is how cute Kirby takes care of copying him. To be sincere, Piranha Kirby seems like an uncircumcised penis. It’s distressing…

Super Smash Bros. Characters -  Villager


That creepy, vacant smile… I don’t wish to discuss Villager proper now. Or ever. He’ll know. He’ll hear me. Somehow, he’ll hear me and I’ll be subsequent.

Super Smash Bros. Characters -  Captain Olimar


I’ve by no means performed any of the Pikmin video games, however one thing concerning the design of Olimar, the Pikmin themselves, and their Smash stage simply rubs me the flawed method. It’s quirky however doesn’t have interaction me and I definitely don’t wish to combat as this man. Too dangerous, contemplating his minion-based combating type is exclusive sufficient to separate him from the remainder of the pack.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Young Link


Young Link merely isn’t very vital. Not simply because he’s the weaker model of the common Link, however as a result of Nintendo finally changed him with Toon Link, who a minimum of has a neat aesthetic. With him round, Young Link solely confirmed up in Ultimate for the sake of getting the whole roster. Nothing in opposition to the child. He’s simply redundant.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Pichu


“You can now play as a child Pikachu.”

“Oh, does it have any cool skills?”

“It hurts itself with electrical energy.”


“It’s smaller and will get eradicated sooner…I imply…it’s subsequently cuter.”

“Pikachu is cute sufficient, thanks. Hey, does it clear up crimes whereas speaking like Deadpool?”

“What? No! Why would–?”

“Not .”

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Roy

64. ROY

Imagine making a sport about your organization’s all-stars and giving one of many roster spots to a personality from a sport that hasn’t even come out but. Roy was added to Melee as a bet as a result of Nintendo was nonetheless ending up Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and the corporate wished to advertise in Japan. This ended up understanding nice for everybody, together with the North American viewers who had no thought what a Fire Emblem was. Roy and Marth added a brand new dynamic to the forged. Mission achieved.

Roy is one among a number of characters with the identical transfer set, alongside Marth, Lucina, and Chrom. Marth was the unique and Lucina was an fascinating twist, however Roy doesn’t stand out sufficient to be greater than an additional spot on the roster. Thanks to Bowser Jr.’s alternate skins, he is not even the perfect Roy within the sport!

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Ness

63. NESS

Ness wins Nintendo factors for representing a sport that’s each considerably obscure but in addition very a lot beloved, however man…he by no means did something for me. No, wait, that’s not true. He aggravated me loads. Ness’s battle cries are simply the worst.

Being a silent protagonist, Ness doesn’t carry a lot to the desk when it comes to persona. He would not have a lot to supply when it comes to skills, both. Ness makes use of his yoyo and baseball bat, which isn’t an enormous deal when everybody is ready to wield a baseball bat, and his different skills are copied from his Earthbound buddies.

He does deserve credit score for assembly a child named Poo and selecting to befriend him as a substitute of laughing at him till the warmth dying of the universe.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Dr. Mario


Dr. Mario is a reasonably random idea, contemplating it has nothing to do with the lifetime of an Italian plumber. That mentioned, this model of the character has starred in a sequence of enjoyable puzzle video games. 

Then Nintendo made him a playable Smash character as a result of extra Mario isn’t a foul factor, proper? Just change Mario’s fireballs with tablets and provides him even catchier theme music. The consequence is not very memorable.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Princess Daisy


The extra I give it some thought, the extra I’m fascinated by the truth that Daisy and Luigi are an merchandise. The primary reasoning is sound: Mario and Peach are collectively, so Luigi wanted his personal love curiosity. Makes sense. Thing is, there’s no hero/princess narrative that makes this a storybook romance. The Mario and Peach relationship is predicated on the hero recurrently rescuing her from Bowser. Meanwhile, Luigi by no means saved Daisy. Mario rescued her again in Super Mario Land and that was it.

In different phrases, Daisy chooses Luigi on his personal deserves and never out of gratitude. I like that. Or possibly she’s jealous that Mario’s taken and has to accept second finest. Anyway, she’s only a Peach clone in Smash, so there’s not a lot else to speak about. Daisy’s okay, I assume.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Fox McCloud


It’s the man synonymous with esports Smash, which is the boring form of Smash, so he is getting this spot on the checklist. 

Fox has his personal squadron named after him and but he nonetheless isn’t the good man on the staff. Not essentially the most uncool both, what with the annoying frog dork consistently crying for assist. While Falco is Han Solo, Fox is half of a Luke Skywalker. He has the daddy points however with out the mind-blowing twist. He will get to explode the enemy stronghold, however he doesn’t get any candy weapons that separate him from the remaining.

That mentioned, Fox will get factors for taking out a large gorilla mind flanked by gross eyeballs. That’s one hell of a boss battle to outlive.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Corrin


“Here’s one other Fire Emblem fighter.”

“Ugh. Hard go.”

“The character has dragon DNA.”


At first, I rolled my eyes on the considered one other Fire Emblem character, however then Corrin began busting out fireballs and long-ranged assaults, making him/her appear extra like Witchblade or Carnage. Corrin felt contemporary, however possibly not contemporary sufficient for a DLC spot in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Yoshi


As the years have passed by, I’ve grown much less and fewer all in favour of Yoshi. Didn’t assist that he was annoying as hell within the Super Mario World cartoon and forgettable as hell within the Super Mario Bros. film. The second Yoshi stopped being Mario’s multi-colored horse and have become one among his tennis/go-kart/soccer equals, he misplaced his magic. 

Yoshi’s peak was in the course of the SNES period. Yoshi represents absolutely the “Why isn’t it Christmas morning but so I can play this?” great thing about Super Mario World, and Yoshi’s Island was one of many final really implausible video games to return out on the console.

Once the SNES period ended, so did my skill to look after this man.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Dark Pit


Kid Icarus: Uprising launched an anti-hero model of Pit, so may as properly simply toss him on the clone pile. Dark Pit, or Pittoo, was a mirror picture of Pit created by the villainous Pandora. Although she meant to create an evil model of Pit, it principally affected how he listened to orders. In different phrases, Dark Pit’s defining trait is that he’s unbiased.

So he’s Jason Todd to Pit’s Dick Grayson, I assume. Pretty cool technique to play that growth as a substitute of creating him a easy evil clone, however he would not get extra fascinating than that.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Shulk


Shulk’s deal is that he can sometimes predict the long run, which primarily implies that he has a counter transfer and that he’s the primary to appreciate how screwed everyone seems to be at first of World of Light. This new blood additionally brings Monado Arts to the desk. He’s in a position to mess together with his attributes mid-battle, however at all times in a method that retains issues honest and balanced.

He’s not too shabby, however he ended up being overshadowed by the remainder of the Smash 4 roster. Well, everybody however Dark Pit.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Falco


In phrases of gameplay, Falco has the identical transfer set as Fox, however with totally different attributes. That implies that, regardless that he will get to be the cool insurgent amongst mercenaries, he doesn’t get to actually exhibit in any fascinating method. Whether it’s Smash or Star Fox, Falco simply does the identical stuff that Fox does. It’s his job to comment about how a lot better he’s, then admit in the long run that he isn’t as a result of he’s solely the supporting character.

I in contrast him to Han Solo earlier, however this may be if Han Solo dressed like Luke on a regular basis, didn’t have his trademark blaster, and was sure in place as his sidekick. Seems like a waste of excellent character design.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Ganondorf


Here comes the controversial decide.

The Smash model of Ganondorf feels just like the worst of varied worlds, truthfully. It doesn’t assist that he was a last-minute inclusion based mostly on Captain Falcon’s strikes. Nintendo didn’t even let him use his sword till Ultimate, and even then it was only for a few strikes. While he was the stronger/slower model of Captain Falcon, he lacked the goofball vitality of the character and tried to make up for it in villainous posturing.

Ganondorf is a good villain and all, however his Gerudo type primarily exists for the build-up till it’s time for him to hit his Ganon type in order that the true battle can start. He…stays his lesser type, solely changing into Ganon for his Final Smash or for a selected boss combat.

I don’t know. I really feel that that is the one man that Smash did the largest disservice to.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Dark Samus


Being a clone character, there’s not a lot to Dark Samus outdoors of the creepy aesthetic. The assaults are Samus’, however the actions, lightness, and even default floating sells the thought of Dark Samus getting her personal choose display screen spot as a substitute of being simply an alternate colour scheme. There are loads of darkish variations of heroes on this sport, however Dark Samus makes essentially the most out of it by being unnerving in the easiest way. There’s one thing straight-up icky about natural missiles and bombs lined in veins.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Zelda


So my guidelines say that Zelda and Sheik should have totally different entries. That means discussing Zelda with out the Sheik facet.

She’s simply form of there. Nothing too particular however nothing outright dangerous. Even her magic is generic till she’s in a position to conjure up knight armor to combat for her. Not the perfect look while you’re recognized for having to be rescued on a regular basis.

In this case, Bruce Wayne has nothing on Batman.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Wii Fit Trainer


Wii Fit Trainer is nice individuals. She’s there for us and our well being. Being a sentient model with an impassive voice and the flexibility to interrupt actuality by exercising, Wii Fit Trainer seems like a nightmarish entity from a horror film that occurs to be a drive of excellent. She doesn’t wish to drive you to insanity. She simply needs you to really feel the burn.

Wii Fit Trainer suits in with Mr. Game and Watch and R.O.B. as a kind of ridiculous Nintendo personalities that’s so silly that it really works on this setting. Maybe someday they’ll be joined by Nester.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Toon Link


Outside of Luigi, Toon Link might be essentially the most becoming clone character in any of those video games. This cel-shaded, big-headed Link is a well-liked a part of The Legend of Zelda’s historical past. His artwork type might have been phased out, however it deserves to be remembered as extra than simply another search for the beloved hero. Having him change Young Link was the right name.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Palutena


Palutena jogs my memory of the outdated Dick Tracy cartoon from the ’60s. They began rerunning the cartoon across the time when the 1990 Warren Beatty film was popping out and I’d watch it as a result of seeing Dick Tracy thwart gimmicky criminals gave the impression of a superb time. Instead, every episode was Dick Tracy calling up another, lesser detective and saying, “Flat Top is as much as no good. Go catch him for me.” It annoyed me as a result of, like, no! You do it, asshole! You’re Dick Tracy!

So whereas Palutena was a damsel in misery within the unique Kid Icarus video games, Kid Icarus: Uprising turned her into Pit’s boss. She would inform him to do her soiled work regardless of being this omnipotent goddess, and he or she’d simply playfully berate him whereas sitting on her lazy ass.

Her look in Smash is a double-edged sword. It’s nice to see her truly collaborating within the battle for as soon as, however she might additionally most likely use a little bit of humility. At least her magic offense is extra satisfying than what Zelda has to supply.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Simon Belmont


Simon Belmont makes his Smash debut, and for a second, every part feels proper as he’s reunited with Mega Man and Pit. Ah, nostalgia for a mediocre TV present that under no circumstances aged properly. Simon additionally hits these nostalgia buttons together with his jump-and-whip win pose. I respect that.

Simon brings all of his bells and whistles into the sector and makes the perfect of it. He’s a welcome sight, however his inclusion lacks the impression of a lot of the different visitor characters. Plus I feel he seems uncool at any time when he isn’t a non-descript 8-bit sprite.

Even if he does appear like a weenie, he’s nonetheless a man who’s in a position to throw axes at Death and survive the combat. Not to say his addition means all that candy Castlevania soundtrack goodness.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Richter Belmont


The two Belmonts are so comparable that I actually need to rank them consecutively. They have all the identical skills, so it actually comes right down to which character has the higher backstory coming into Smash.

Even if Simon is the unique, I’m going to should facet with Richter. He comes from a time when the bloodline idea was extra realized, which means he appeared in additional fascinating tales. He even acquired to have that “depressing pile of secrets and techniques” dialogue with Dracula in Symphony of the Night, which itself belongs in a museum.

Richter additionally acquired to hang around with the cool Alucard, whereas Simon met the cartoon model of Alucard, recognized for annoying his father together with his radical skateboarding strikes. Good God, that present sucked.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Zero Suit Samus


Even although she was initially the second type of Samus, Zero Suit Samus grew to become her personal fighter. I get the truth that she’s supposed to point out that there’s a Captain America beneath all that Iron Man, however I’ll take the firepower over the finesse.

I like that she’s an possibility, although. Samus showing in her Zero Suit within the unique Metroid is an enormous a part of online game historical past and I dig that they’re holding that picture alive. Whether it’s empowerment or fan service is as much as you. Either method, with out the enduring armor and arm cannon, Samus isn’t any pushover and it reveals.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Little Mac


I held out hope for Little Mac for years. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is one among my high three favourite NES video games and I used to be so jazzed once they revived the sequence for the Wii. Unfortunately, Mac solely appeared in Brawl as an help trophy. It was good, however not sufficient.

When he lastly confirmed up in Smash 4, I used to be overjoyed…and in addition disturbed by all of the Little Mac/Samus delivery occurring. Punching individuals into oblivion is certainly a blast. Unfortunately, it is clear to me now that Little Mac wasn’t essentially the most fascinating a part of the Punch-Out!! sequence. It was his outrageous and at instances politically incorrect opponents. Maybe we’d have been higher off with Bald Bull or Super Macho Man.

You might most likely simply make King Hippo an Echo Fighter of King Ok. Rool, now that I consider it.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Ike

44. IKE

After Marth and Roy launched the sword-swinging type of Fire Emblem to Smash, Ike spruced it up with some snazzier animations and assaults. He lacks the finesse however makes up for it with pure power. More Scotsman than Samurai Jack.

With so many noble bloodline characters performing as Fire Emblem protagonists, it’s refreshing to see a grittier mercenary sort present up so as to add a bit of range. I assume what I’m making an attempt to say is that I like Ike.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Lucario


Full disclosure: Pokemon was by no means my bag. I respect the franchise, however I by no means actually acquired into it, so my data primarily comes from cultural osmosis and Smash video games.

Lucario remains to be rad to make use of and he has one of many extra fascinating dynamics in that the extra injury he takes, the deadlier he turns into. A literal tackle what doesn’t kill you solely makes you stronger. This is one Pokemon that appears prefer it belongs in a combat.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Robin


Nothing in opposition to the Fire Emblem crew, however there are too many normal-looking people combating with swords in Smash. Sword combating was neat when it was first launched to the franchise however now there are too many Fire Emblem characters with comparable skills within the sequence. Luckily, Smash 4 gave us Robin and his/her sorcery.

Interestingly sufficient, Robin’s weak spot is the restricted use of his/her weapons. Using an excessive amount of magic depletes the character’s powers, which want time to refresh, a reasonably inventive thought. Why ought to the Smash objects be the one weapons to be sure by that logic?

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Isabelle


Villager does nothing for me, however taking a bunch of his strikes and giving them to an cute canine model of Leslie Knope is an enormous enchancment. She isn’t somebody I’d recurrently wish to play as, however I do respect the lovable vitality of a determined workaholic who’s for some purpose battling it out in a multiversal epic concerning the battle between gentle and darkness. Being in Smash and letting unfastened with extreme violence might be mentally wholesome for her.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Peach


Ah, the princess who can arise for herself besides when she will be able to’t. Which is more often than not.

It’s a disgrace since, when Peach is on the offense, she’s truly fairly superior. Featuring her as a playable character in Super Mario Bros. 2 was an enormous deal, and it was nice watching her mind dangerous guys with a frying pan again in Mario RPG. Probably her most interesting second is in that Super Mario Adventures manga the place she dressed like Luigi and went on a bomb-wielding rampage.

That jogs my memory, Nintendo must carry again Friendly Floyd the salesperson. Make him DLC, possibly.

While I really like her tough-as-nails characterization from that story, there’s something to be mentioned about her “aw, shucks” persona in trendy Mario video games and Smash itself. Standing tall over her enemies and innocently asking, “Aw, did I win?” is the proper serving to of salt.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Ryu

39. RYU

I’m of two minds in relation to Ryu in Smash. On the one hand, it makes absolute sense. Ryu is the last word combating sport crossover champion. He’s taken on the likes of Marvel, SNK, Tekken, Tatsunoko, and so forth. His spiel is that he simply needs to combat anybody and something within the title of discovering which means on this planet. Smash is his dream come true.

I even ranked him fairly excessive on the Street Fighter character rating as a result of there is a superb character beneath all that monotone discuss how “the combat is all.” That mentioned he feels a bit too stiff in Smash. Capcom match him properly in a Marvel battlefield, however in Smash, however Nintendo would not fairly accomplish the identical.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Wolf

38. WOLF

Wolf O’Donnell is the evil model of Fox McCloud, which mechanically makes him higher than Falco as a result of he’s in a position to act on his dangerous perspective. Falco’s deal is sitting again and begrudgingly admitring that Fox is definitely the higher pilot. Wolf can admit that he respects Fox’s skills – and can even staff up with him at instances – however on the finish of the day, he overtly needs to kill that his counterpart and can strive on the drop of a hat.

Wolf is the second Fox clone character within the sequence, however he has extra alterations to his type than what they did with Falco. Overall, he comes off as a extra charismatic Fox. Even that howl he makes when being launched into the horizon has extra persona than the Star Fox crew.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Ice Climbers


Ice Climber was a kind of video games I had as a child that I did not actually like, however I performed it a bunch as a result of what else was I going to do? Go outdoors? That’s the place the bees are!

Popo and Nana don’t have a lot occurring when it comes to character and even story. They’re two very shut individuals who climb ice and wield mallets for… causes. Are they siblings? In a relationship? Both? Forget it, it’s Chinatown.

What issues is that Nintendo took an obscure property and got here up with one thing distinctive for a sport sequence recognized for repackaging characters. The two-for-one idea is fairly distinctive. 

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Pac-Man


In fiction, sure gods, like say Galactus or Palutena, take a selected type as a result of it’s the one method human beings can comprehend what they’re even taking a look at. That’s mainly Pac-Man. Namco gave us a sport a few yellow ball being chased by ghosts whereas consuming dots. A traditional and addicting sport, thoughts you, however one that actually shouldn’t be greater than that.

You can pump out lore to make sense of most video games, however Pac-Man as an precise character is one thing that shouldn’t be. We aren’t meant to grasp him and any makes an attempt to provide him an id have at all times been too unusual to exist. Pac-Man breaks actuality. There have been a number of cartoons that attempted to show his video games right into a narrative and so they’re utter nonsense.

While Pac-Man is a really welcome addition to Smash, he additionally would not make a complete lot of sense as a personality. 

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Mewtwo


They say that every one Pokemon are created equal, however Mewtwo and Pikachu show that is not true. Normally, in case you go one on one with one other Pokemon, you could have a 50/50 probability of successful. But Mewtwo’s a genetic freak and it’s not regular! So you could have a 25 p.c probability AT BEST of beating him. Then you add Jigglypuff to the combination?! Your probabilities of successful drastically go down!


Mewtwo, the Akuma of Pokemon, will get factors for truly having a persona, a backstory, and a motivation. Being an escaped experiment that considers committing genocide in opposition to the human race is method spicier than “random animal that claims its personal title.” Genetic engineering in a world of wacky creatures is simply asking for bother and Mewtwo is the payoff.

Not certain how I really feel about Mewtwo’s standing in Melee, although. I really like unlocking characters, however getting Mewtwo took FOREVER!

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Lucina


Lucina has one of many higher backstories when in comparison with the remainder of the roster, as she’s form of a cross between Joan of Arc and Cable. I’m a sucker for time-travel tales by which heroes have to assist out their mother and father. Lucina additionally pretends to be from the previous by taking the id of her historical ancestor Marth. Ergo, she’s a shoo-in to be a Marth clone in Smash.

Her power is her greatest weak spot, although. We have already got Marth and Roy, and with Smash 4 being the sport that began to get looser with how Fire Emblem folks combat, Lucina did not carry an excessive amount of to the desk.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Rosalina


Back within the days of Super Mario Land, they established that Mario’s universe had area aliens. That was a factor. Then, a few years later, Nintendo determined to revisit that, sending Mario to area within the course of. That, in flip, gave us Rosalina, the cosmic princess who watches over tiny star individuals.

Rosalina is a contemporary addition to the Mario franchise and a welcome face at his events and go-kart races. In Smash, she adapts the Ice Climbers idea as her personal combating type, due to her partnership with Luma. This makes her transfer set stand out among the many different Mario princesses.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Pokemon Trainer


Pikachu labored as a result of it’s the Pokemon mascot. Jigglypuff labored as a result of it was straightforward to repurpose Kirby animations. Pichu…was there. Even although there are such a lot of iconic Pokemon on the market, there are solely so many spots on the Smash roster.

Nintendo solved that specific puzzle by merely permitting you to pick out the Pokemon Trainer, who unleashes a trios tag staff of Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. If you’re a Pokemon fan, the world is all of a sudden your oyster.

If you wish to punch Red in his silly face, you’re out of luck as he hangs out within the background whereas his Pokemon do all of the work. 

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Luigi


While Mario is form of this generic gaming entity, Luigi is allowed to have a extra distinct persona. Unfortunately, his persona might be described as “frightened loser weirdo. Don’t get me flawed — Luigi’s tremendous, however it says loads that individuals spend extra time asking for Luigi’s evil doppelganger, Waluigi, than Mario’s taller brother.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Pit

30. PIT

Pit is an enormous a part of Smash’s historical past and existence. Before Smash, he was nothing greater than a hero from a forgotten NES sport and its much more obscure Game Boy sequel. Gamers solely knew him as “Kid Icarus” due to his look on the Captain N cartoon. Then Brawl reintroduced him to trendy audiences.

His inclusion in Smash paid off and he acquired a long-awaited new journey. Not solely did he return for extra Smash installments, however so did two different characters from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Way to go, nostalgia!

Super Smash Bros. Characters - R.O.B.

29. R.O.B.

With Mr. Game and Watch on the scene, Nintendo actually wanted to dig deep with a view to comply with up on that spectacular stage of obscurity. The firm caught the touchdown by bringing again R.O.B., a failed peripheral from the early NES days that, relying in your technology, made you both consider Wall-E or Johnny 5. For many ’80s children, R.O.B. was this holy grail that our mother and father would by no means allow us to have. A robotic that performed video video games with you!

Then the web occurred, and nostalgic YouTubers with a knack for tearing down the previous confirmed that R.O.B. was truly utterly horrible, solely labored with two video games (though barely). It was the Power Glove over again, besides fewer individuals purchased it.

Tossing R.O.B. into Smash and making it a part of its weird storyline was impressed. It might have been a hunk of overpriced junk, however it nonetheless appeared cool on the time and people reminiscences are price celebrating.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Pikachu


I at all times dig it when a face within the crowd goes on to change into the mascot of a franchise. That this electrical rat was one among so many and finally grew to become a cultural phenomenon is spectacular.

Pikachu is the superior pet that you would be able to by no means have. Lovable, loyal, cute, and but not helpless. That you should use it to command lightning bolts to smite your enemies is the icing on the cake.

Now Pikachu’s fixing crimes as a snarky detective and typically attire as a Mexican wrestler. What’s to not love?


Greninja is a frog who does kickass ninja stuff. It’s Frog Strider. The tongue scarf is a good contact.

While there’s not a lot to the creature as a result of it’s a Pokemon, the design is superb and it suits like a glove in such an outrageous combating sport setting. Greninja was the one new Pokemon added to Smash 4 and it was an excellent selection.

Since we’re not getting Battletoads in Smash, this superior Pokemon must do.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Bayonetta


Bayonetta was introduced on due to reputation polls, however I’m nonetheless shocked to see her to this present day. Smash has handled characters who’ve dabbled in M-rated territory, however Bayonetta is simply raunchy as hell. Her gimmick is that the tougher she assaults you, the extra bare she will get as a result of hair is each her weapon and her clothes. 

The mass-murdering sexpot makes a tremendous match for Smash, oddly sufficient, and her particular skills work with the engine. Most importantly, Bayonetta’s inclusion busts the doorways large open for even greater surprises. Who is aware of who may present up down the road?

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Ridley


This one was such a very long time coming. Seeing Ridley within the Melee opening combating Samus felt like such a tease. He was a boss character in Brawl and had a job as a stage hazard in Smash 4, however that wasn’t sufficient.

And so he appeared, flapping his jagged wings and scraping enemies throughout the ground in Ultimate. He straight-up murdered Mario and Mega Man in his reveal trailer and folks cheered it!

Ridley is essentially the most menacing villain of the whole Smash roster. Most Smash villains are goofballs at coronary heart or have some sense of honor that permits them to work alongside the heroes. But Ridley? He comes throughout as horrifying, pure evil. There’s nothing light-hearted about his H.R. Giger-inspired design.

He’s a monster and he’s clever sufficient to experience it.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Diddy Kong


Funny sufficient, it’s Diddy Kong’s skill to evolve that makes him such a dynamic character. Back within the first Donkey Kong Country, he acquired by as the short and tiny man. But as Nintendo began including extra supporting characters to the Donkey Kong franchise, Diddy needed to study some new methods to face aside.

By the time he confirmed up in Smash, Diddy had peanut pistols and a jetpack, coming off as a primitive James Bond with the tactical top of Oddjob. Which is fairly cool.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Bowser Jr.


Baby Bowser’s design from Yoshi’s Island was so good that Nintendo simply needed to reappropriate it for a brand new character. What we acquired was a bratty, new a part of the Mario mythos that added a bit of additional dimension to Bowser. Put Bowser Jr. in Smash and you’ve got your self an amusing and distinctive brawler.

An additional stroke of genius was to incorporate the entire totally different Koopalings as Bowser Jr.’s alternate outfits. It nonetheless boggles my thoughts that one among Bowser’s children, Morton Koopa Jr., is known as after that man that Roddy Piper sprayed within the crotch with a fireplace extinguisher at WrestleMania. Bowser should have cherished his trashy ’80s speak reveals, I suppose.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Cloud Strife


This Final Fantasy hero had already fought alongside the Disney multiverse, so becoming a member of the Nintendo universe was a cakewalk for him. Now that I give it some thought, crossing over with each Mickey and Mario is a formidable feat.

Cloud works completely on this franchise for a similar purpose Sonic does. Even although he isn’t a Sony property, Final Fantasy VII was the Nintendo killer of the pre-Xbox console struggle by being THE unique PlayStation sport. By having him commerce blows with Link, it provides a nod of respect to the sport that bruised the Nintendo 64 whereas displaying how various things are after a few many years.

Somehow, we’re going to get Master Chief to point out up in Super Smash Bros. Cataclysm in 2032.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Mr. Game and Watch


Mr. Game and Watch is to Nintendo icons what Bosko was to Looney Tunes. He’s such a pleasant deep lower. It’s been eighteen years since his Smash debut and I’m nonetheless in awe over what a superb addition he was. In a sport about mismatched properties and characters, no person looks like extra of an oddball than this janky gentleman.

Yeah, he’s simply an amalgam of Game and Watch figures and he has not precise backstory, however think about this: Smash is the one time anybody’s ever had precise enjoyable taking part in an LCD sport. That’s spectacular.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - King K. Rool


Nintendo gave us Wario and Waluigi, however regardless that we by no means acquired a “Wabowser,” King Ok. Rool is shut sufficient. His persona takes the Bowser template and makes it a bit extra harmful, deranged, grasping, and bumbling. Bowser is generally easy and imposing as a villain, whereas Ok. Rool is extra eccentric and over-the-top.

The character additionally makes for an imaginative distinction to the massive, heavy villain sorts in Smash. Weaponizing his crown, pulling out a cartoony gun, and whipping out a boxing glove out of nowhere makes Ok. Rool extremely enjoyable to make use of, particularly since his wacky offense hits like a prepare.

On one other notice, the King Dedede trolling fakeout in King Ok. Rool’s announce trailer is the very best.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Sheik


As a damsel, Zelda is a bit too just like Princess Peach, which is why the creation of Sheik was a stroke of brilliance. Instead of a damsel, Zelda might now work alongside Link as an ass-kicking, masked ninja. Tossing out magic spells was one factor, however Zelda was all of a sudden a straight-up superhero. It didn’t do her a lot in opposition to Ganondorf, however a minimum of she’s a blast to make use of in Smash.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Wario


It would have been really easy to make Wario simply one other Mario knockoff in Smash. But Nintendo did not do this. Instead, he is a lot wilder within the combating sequence, a gross psychopath who runs over individuals with bikes and chomps down on individuals. Then he turns right into a farting superhero as a result of why the hell not. Wario is a WAY higher evil Mario design than that Cosmic Clone Mario from 3D Land. That man provides me the creeps.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Inkling


Planet of the Apes however the world is overrun with hip squid kids” is a hell of an thought, and it’s that creativity that makes Splatoon the brand new Nintendo hotness. Much of Ultimate’s new roster is made up of widespread secondary characters and visitor fighters, however on the forefront, you could have the Inklings. They’re vibrant, energetic, and are simply essentially the most thrilling additions to the Smash roster.

Their ink-based combating type not solely provides a brand new taste to the Smash gameplay, however it additionally seems nice throughout matches, because the environments and characters are splattered with ink. It’s very Double Dare.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Meta Knight


Oh, boy. This man cracks me up. It’s Frank Miller’s Kirby. I think about him trying up at Super Sonic and asking, “Do you bleed?”

Even although he existed lengthy earlier than Smash, it was the combating sequence that actually made him a preferred character. He’s this honorable swordsman with a sinister growl, trendy armor, and nightmarish batwings, all whereas clearly having a Kirby-like physique.

An cute puffball with an outer shell of homicide. You will take him severely and cease patting him on the pinnacle, rattling it! Sucks that he helped kill Brawl’s aggressive scene, although…

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Marth


Marth was nearly unknown in North America when he first appeared in Smash. His inclusion in Melee was an enormous shot within the arm for the RPG sequence, which enjoys a bit extra reputation within the States immediately.

The Fire Emblem hero is probably not essentially the most charismatic fighter on the roster, however his backstory, unwavering ethical compass, and skill to rally troopers for the better good makes him deserving of his legacy. Ganondorf not having a sword most likely helped make Marth appear extra welcoming, too.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Jigglypuff


In the Smash area, Jigglypuff is likely one of the higher Pokemon as a result of it’s each cute and lethal. There’s not a lot to Jigglypuff as a personality, however its standing because the tremendous cute nuclear possibility in a roster of warriors and monsters makes it stand out. A voice that makes you lose consciousness combined with a punch like Saitama, Jigglypuff will knock you out twice over. Not dangerous for a personality that is mainly a rehash of Kirby belongings.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Donkey Kong


Okay, so this Donkey Kong is the grandson of the unique Donkey Kong, who’s now the aged Cranky Kong…however he nonetheless offers with Mario…who by no means ages? Do gorillas age like canines?

DK is a blast to play as, particularly when unleashing his ground-slap transfer in a match in opposition to seven opponents and everybody’s bouncing round like ping-pong balls. His wind-up punch is ideal, too.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Solid Snake


When they put Sonic in Smash, it got here off as a little bit of a victory lap for Nintendo as a result of it actually represented the corporate’s win over Sega. In a method, Snake displaying up can also be one thing of a victory.

Snake had already appeared in DreamMix TV World Fighters, a Japanese-only Smash ripoff that includes the likes of Bomberman, Optimus Prime, and extra. Having Snake come to Smash as the primary introduced third-party character was an act of pure dominance. Maybe subsequent time they will herald Captain Planet from Punch Time Explosion.

The most grizzled soldier in mainstream video video games, Snake in some way suits in fairly properly with the remainder of the crew. And he comes with loads of homages to the Metal Gear sequence, together with the key codec calls you may unlock in Brawl and Ultimate. In one such name, Snake talks to Slippy Toad, who yells, “SNAKE! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!” It’s sensible.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Incineroar


“This Pokemon is a cat model of Brock Lesnar with a flaming championship bel—“

“Shut your silly mouth, I’m in!”

I’d by no means even heard of this factor earlier than his trailer hit however I fell in love instantly. The animations, the facial expressions, the flexibility to summon wrestling ropes out of skinny air, and many others. This Pokemon is completely my shit. Of all of the Nintendo wrestling characters, I’d even take him over Kin Corn Karn.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Mega Man


I really like the Mega Man sequence to dying. Well, the core sequence and early Mega Man X. I by no means delved into the opposite stuff. The video games nonetheless maintain up and the Blue Bomber stays one among video video games’ best icons. Including him in Smash is a no brainer, however it’s additionally slightly vital.

Capcom was beginning to neglect concerning the legendary character on the time. With Smash, Nintendo made it plain and easy: Mega Man is vital. Mega Man is an establishment. Mega Man deserves higher. MEGA MAN…IS…MORE…THAN…A…ROBOT!! DIE, WILY!!

The hero’s side-scroller-based transfer set is an ideal match for this combating sport sequence, and having blast Mario, Sonic, and Solid Snake from throughout a stage may truly be essentially the most formidable crossover in historical past.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - King Dedede


Nothing however respect for MY king. In this battle of heroes and villains from so many worlds, there’s this man. This wild card. This corrupt king who’s an excessive amount of of a doofus to be thought of evil. This loveable big who will fortunately hug you one second and smash you with a large mallet the subsequent.

Not to say, it’s nice to have an actual heavy character who isn’t some drive of malevolence like Bowser, King Ok. Rool, and Ridley, however only a cheerful penguin with delusions of grandeur. He seems so completely happy to be in Smash and I’m completely happy to have him there.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Sonic the Hedgehog


I want Sonic was extra pleasing to play as in these video games as a result of his inclusion is such an enormous deal. Still, Mario combating Sonic is the last word crossover. For these of you who miss the 16-bit golden age of gaming, it would not get higher than zooming by Nintendo-inspired levels with Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Bowser


Even although I really feel Wart’s been given the shaft (severely, the place is he?), I’ve been in a position to make my peace with it as a result of Bowser is completely the shit. Psychotic megalomaniac at worst, frenemy bully at finest, and fan-art dominatrix at weirdest, Bowser is such a enjoyable antagonist. He’s additionally a complete blast to play as this slowpoke powerhouse who can interrupt a battle of three opponents by crushing them from above and sending all of them into the stratosphere.

Smash additionally makes Bowser much more horrifying by blasting him with gamma radiation. Sure, his Giga Bowser type is simply slower and larger, however the redesign and the way in which he carries himself makes you are feeling like everybody in his neighborhood is about to die horribly.

If they introduced again his Japanese-only Mario RPG win pose the place he flips you off, he’d be #1 on this checklist by a longshot.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Link


I’m counting all situations of “Link” as being one entry regardless that the one from Ultimate isn’t the identical because the one from earlier video games. I actually like that he’s functionally the very same as his Smash predecessors regardless of being a special Link. It’s actually what I see because the soul of Link himself. He’s not only a generic hero, however a drive of pure mythology. Whether it’s timelines, historical past repeating itself, or a multiversal factor, there’ll at all times be a decided hero out to cease Ganon with the Master Sword and Triforce.

He is the legend and he can be re-imagined repeatedly. There could be no Smash with out the Hero of Legend.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Samus


Samus stood out from the remainder of the unique Smash roster in the easiest way. Not solely did she have the good armor and talents, however she got here from a world of darkish tragedy and violent alien wars versus no matter was occurring within the Mushroom Kingdom and elsewhere within the Nintendo universe. I imply, I assume Fox has that too, however Samus doesn’t have to hang around with Slippy, in order that’s factors for her.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Duck Hunt


Thank you, Nintendo. Thank you a lot.

I’ve by no means performed as Duck Hunt in Smash. I don’t have any plans to. Even so, I can’t applaud Nintendo exhausting sufficient for making this a actuality. This is reparations in online game type.

Now, for the children studying this checklist, Duck Hunt was a reasonably enjoyable sport for NES that was performed with a gun controller. The level of the sport was taking pictures geese and clay discs whereas your canine companion held up the lifeless birds in celebration. If you misplaced – and finally you’ll – that freaking canine would pop up and chuckle at you. Always laughing. Even in my goals. You pull the set off, however nothing occurs. The laughs proceed. 

Video video games are about making the not possible attainable. So a few years later, it was lastly attainable to get my revenge on that bane of a canine. Only it’s left me empty with the style of blood behind my throat. Now I have to proceed my work and take to the streets with a cranium on my chest and a gun in my hand. There will at all times be somebody to punish. My quest is endless. End War Journal Entry #452.

Sorry, I blacked out for a second.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Mario


Mario is such an excellent Mickey Mouse-type of mascot for Nintendo, however not too long ago, I’ve been bothered by how a lot of a cipher he’s. While being the mute hero works tremendous for Link, Mario comes off as a pretentious weirdo when in comparison with the opposite individuals from his world. Like how in Mario Party, if Mario turns into your ally, Toad will inform you that Mario is becoming a member of you whereas everybody else will outright say so themselves. Loosen the leash, Nintendo. Jeez.

What I really like about Mario in Smash isn’t simply his transfer set, which works his gameplay quirks into an ideal newbie’s character, however his perspective. Mario’s often such an upbeat man, however in Smash he often has a pissed-off look on his face. Even with the corporate’s restraints on giving him a persona, the man is SO INTO the truth that he’s in a combating sport and he’s pumped to unleash violence on his opponents.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Captain Falcon


“Racer X meets Captain Commando” is one hell of an idea. Coming from F-Zero, Captain Falcon didn’t actually have a lot occurring when it comes to id, only a dashing dude from the long run with a totally kickass theme that I’m listening to proper this minute. That mentioned, what we acquired in Smash was superior.

Captain Falcon is a hammy, over-the-top martial artist whose enthusiasm for his assaults is nothing however contagious. Whether he’s making the largest deal over his skill to punch actually exhausting, working individuals over together with his area automotive, or exclaiming, “Show me your strikes!” the man is so lovable and so defining to the Smash sequence that Nintendo might have made him the franchise mascot and I’d be okay with it.

Super Smash Bros. Characters - Kirby


Kirby is the glue holding Smash collectively. He’s the motion hero of this not possible, inexplicable story about big fingers and countless crossovers and regardless of the hell else is occurring. He’s the one surviving cosmic genocide and reducing by doomsday lasers, all whereas trying both barely peeved or utterly aloof. There’s one thing so excellent about all this epic shit occurring and Kirby barely acknowledging it.

Then there’s his absorbing skill, which is likely one of the finest issues to return out of this crossover social gathering. Kirby not solely steals energy from each character but in addition takes a model of his opponent’s look whereas doing it.

Now do the correct factor, Nintendo. I wish to see Kirby swallow up after which costume up like a yellow ninja skeleton from Hell. I wish to hear a squeaky and cute, “GET OVER HERE!”

Gavin Jasper writes for Den of Geek and wonders if anybody ships Andross and Mother Brain. Read his different articles right here and comply with him on Twitter @Gavin4L

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