‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’ Leak Inspires Hilarious Wendy’s Reaction

The Internet has been running wild with speculation following a potential Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak earlier today that suggests a nostalgic overload of characters coming to the game. But a lot of people are also having fun with the leak, including Wendy’s, who decided to throw themselves into the action.

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(Photo: Twitter Wendy’s)

The company Twitter account acknowledged that since the leaks are already out there, they might as well make a suggestion. And suggest they did, putting up a Wendy’s picture alongside Smash Bros. inspired font, reading “Wendy’s Roasts the Competition!” You can see that inspired tweet and image below.

As such, the reactions from fans have been pretty great, to say the least. You can see the best ones below, along with some tweets from Wendy’s in response:

And apparently Wendy’s is a big fan of Jigglypuff…

If Wendy’s was looking to get some good attention with its tweet, mission accomplished. But yeah, if we could get a fast-food edition of Smash where the Burger King and Wendy’s are taking on Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald, that’d be great. (Maybe throw the Noid in there from Domino’s as DLC. Hey, Nintendo, feel free to reach out…)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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