TABATA Workout Challenge : 48 Burpees – TABATAMANIA

TABATA Workout Challenge : 48 Burpees  - TABATAMANIA

TABATA coaching for Advanced : 4 minutes Tabata Workout. New track each week! 🙂 Join us for extra HiiT music!

♫ Find SONG right here :

Fat burning exercise : Lose weight in 4 minutes. Tabata music is made to offer you strenght and motivation : 20 secondes effort, most effort, 10 second relaxation, and do it once more, throughout 4 minutes.

Name and Share video and channel hyperlinks for those who obtain a Tabata track on our channel.

We, Sarah y Oriel are relying on you guys to be trustworthy and to unfold phrases 😉

♫ Music credit score : Tabata Mania –

NCS remix : JayKode and Whiiite – Revelation

Picture credit score : Creativeart / Freepik / Unsplash / bhmpics / pixabay / Pexels
Logo Credit : Lapa Design
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  1. Ola Bom dia Buongiorno! Tell us if you like TABATA challenges! 48 Burpees for LEVEL #1 😉 Comment if you can finish it! <3 Sarah y Oriel

  2. November 17, 2020

    Alors comme ça ont fait les challenges sans moi haha 😄