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Walking & Running Tabata Workout Crossfit HIIT 🤸🤸💚💚⚠️⚠️💯💯

Walking & Running Tabata Workout Crossfit HIIT 🤸🤸💚💚⚠️⚠️💯💯 Support our channel by getting: Get the “Fat Decimator System” ▶️ Get “Flat Belly Fix” ▶️ Get “The 2 Week Diet” ▶️ For the Farmers Walk we used a 16kg kettlebell but feel free to use more or less weight on your kettlebell. 20 sec Farmers Walk …

Tabata workout with Yoga for burning calories while gaining lean muscle mass..!

Tabata workout with Yoga. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, continuously for 4 minutes which is 8 rounds of exercises. It burns more calories with gaining lean muscle mass within a short period of 4 minutes

Yoga During Pregnancy (Prenatal Yoga Modifications)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! In this video you will learn prenatal yoga modifications so you can go into any class and know how to modify yoga for pregnancy. If you’re anything like me, you want to continue doing yoga during pregnancy! I wish I could say that you could walk into any class, tell your …

Yoga for Labor: 7 Prenatal Yoga Poses to Help You Manage Labor Pain

YOGA FOR LABOR These 7 prenatal yoga poses for labor will help you manage pain, get baby into an optimal position, and relax–all things that can help speed up your labor and have that sweet baby in your arms faster! This is the second video in a 4-part series that will teach you how to …


This is my first video explaining some basic yoga poses for starters. Hope you guys enjoy it. I will be uploading new videos every Friday. Please feel free to ask any query in the comments below.

Shambhavi Mudra T. 1 - in der Hatha Yoga Pradipika – YVS481 – HYP Kap. 4, Verse 35-42

Erfahre in 2 Teilen, was man unter dem Shambhavi Mudra versteht und warum man dieses praktizieren sollte. Was sagt Svatmarama in seiner Hatha Yoga Pradipika dazu? Hierüber spricht Sukadev unter anderem in einer weiteren Folge aus der Reihe „Hatha Yoga Pradipika“, die zur Vortragsreihe „Yoga Vidya Schulung – Der ganzheitliche Yogaweg“ – gehört sowie auch …

WOD DEMO - "Paradiso Tabata" (Paradiso CrossFit)

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Challenge yourself with this high intense Tabata workout!

SUBSCRIBE for all our workout videos. You gotta Tabata! Try this fantastic four set Tabata routine for amazing results. Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that follows a 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off format. The 20 seconds of exercise is executed with an all out effort which is then …

Prenatal Standing Yoga

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