The 100 Prequel Series Would Use a Lost-Like Flashback Format


The planned The 100 prequel would explore the story of what happened after the future Disciples and future Grounders part ways, with one faction led by Cadogan himself and the other by his daughter, Calliope. Unlike its predecessor, however, it would also employ a narrative flashback structure to introduce viewers to what the world was like on pre-apocalypse Earth.

“I’m also fascinated by the world that led up to the apocalypse, which sadly feels a lot more like our world every day,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg told Den of Geek.

Given the brief glimpse we see into the world of 2052 on the Cadogans’ television screen, with its overpopulation, large-scale climate protests, and police brutality – not to mention the imminent global thermonuclear destruction – there certainly seems as though there will be plenty of timely and uncomfortably familiar story there.

“Getting to kind of go back and show that, to me, was part of the fun of this, and certainly will be part of the—fun might be the wrong word—but part of the drama of this show will be flashing back consistently to the pre-apocalypse to show all of our characters who they were before this, our global catastrophe struck,” Rothenberg said. “So, much like Lost used flashbacks, I think we’ll do that as a device in this series.”

The 100 has always been a series that shines brightest when exploring stories of characters under extreme duress, using nightmarish circumstances to show us what humanity is capable of – for both good and ill – when pushed to its limits. “Anaconda” is no exception, and the proposed prequel series will certainly be much the same, as the two ragtag groups who depart the Second Dawn bunker build new societies in two very different situations. As one group heads into a literal nuclear wasteland, the other journeys to the stars, But both will surely be asked to make difficult, if not impossible, choices almost immediately.

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