The 100 Series Finale Synopsis & Release Date


It’s hard to believe, but, after seven seasons and more than six years, The 100 is coming to an end. We’ve known for a long while that this moment was coming, but now that we have specific details about the series finale episode, it’s becoming real. The CW just released the synopsis, release date, and title for The 100 series finale. Here’s what we know…

The 100 Series Finale Release Date

The 100 Season 7 is rapidly approaching its end. The series finale will air on Wednesday, September 30th at 8pm ET, so mark your calendars, everyone! To put this in some interesting context, The 100 series premiere dropped on The CW on March 14th, 2014. Do you feel old now?

We’re still waiting to hear if The 100 prequel series has been picked up, but we’ll keep you updated on the potential future of The 100-verse and what it might look like as the news breaks.

The 100 Series Finale Title

The 100 series finale is called “The Last War,” which doesn’t give us much of a clue about how this series, tonally, will end. Is this the last war because Clarke and her compatriots have finally found a way to live in peace? Or is it the last war because all of humanity is dead and no one can fight anymore?

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