The 16 Best Weekend Deals: Tech Gear, Mattresses, and More


Hunting through deals has been one of the few ways the WIRED Gear team has been staying sane during quarantine, specifically finding discounts on tech devices that help us work from home better or sales on home goods that improve our living spaces. If you’re feeling the same way, hopefully some of the picks below will help you too.

And don’t forget, please wear a mask when you’re heading outside and will be near others.

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Home and Mattress Deals

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If you’re not sure what kind of mattress to get, read our guide to the Best Mattresses for advice and recommendations. Also, check out our weighted blanket guide for something to help you keep calm.

  • Lenovo Smart Clock for $50 ($30 off): We really like this smart display. It’s a great option for your bedside table because it doesn’t have a camera. It’s on the low end of the smart display price range already, so this is a good sale if you’ve been contemplating buying one. You can read this story to learn more.

  • Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Hybrid Queen Mattress for $1,599 ($200 off): Helix has a few offers going on, and each comes with two free pillows. Get $100 off any mattress with code FOJ100, $150 off a purchase of $1,250 with code FOJ150, and $200 off a purchase of $1,750 with code FOJ200. The Midnight Luxe Hybrid is our favorite of all the mattresses we tested.

  • Leesa Hybrid Queen Mattress for $1,424 ($275 off): We love Leesa’s hybrid mattress the most, but all of the company’s mattresses are 15 percent off right now.

  • Birch Natural Queen Mattress for $1,299 ($200 off): This mattress is made by Helix, so it’s unsurprising we like it a lot. It’s made of natural latex and wool, so it’s eco-friendly, and it’s bouncy without feeling too squishy. Use code FOJ200 to get $200 off.

  • Casper Original Hybrid Queen Mattress for $995 ($100 off): You can get $100 off with code BUDGETSAVVY. That same code will also take $200 off a Nova or Wave mattress, but we haven’t tested either of them yet.

  • Layla Weighted Blanket Queen-Size for $129 ($30 off): Layla’s weighted blanket is a great option for two people to share. It comes in various sizes and 15, 20, or 25 pound options.

  • Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket for $239 ($60 off): This is technically the heaviest blanket we tested at 35 pounds (it only comes in one size and weight), but because it’s distributed over a larger area, it doesn’t feel as heavy as you might think. That will either be a good or bad thing, depending on your preferences. But it’s soft and cozy and it will also work great for two people.

  • Hug Sleep’s Sleep Pod for $90 ($20 off): If you want relaxing constriction without the weight and heat, you should try the Sleep Pod. It’s surprisingly relaxing to crawl into this at night.

  • Riley Home Belgian linen collection for 20 percent off: Always wanted to give linen sheets a spin? With code SUMMERLINEN20, you’ll get 20 percent off Riley’s linen sheets, duvet covers, and shams. Bundles that are already discounted are also included.

Audio Deals

Photograph: Anker
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