The author of the 8×01, Game of Thrones, Joe Hill, confirms the importance of the symbols of the King of the night time

Dave Hill, author of the primary chapter of the eighth season season of Game of Thrones, has given an interview to the New York Post. And in it, other than speaking in regards to the episode that he has written has been confirmed, the which means of the symbols of the King of the Night. And not, as we had warned, it has nothing to do with the Targaryen.


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Dave explains the complexity that Sam clarify one thing that the viewers know however Jon isn’t. That is to say, who’s the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Praises the performances of Kit Harington and John Bradley-West by the emotional impression they convey, in addition to the course of David Nutter.

But what’s extra vital – brief – interview is that it reveals the which means of the spirals of the King of the Night:

As we noticed with Bran and the Crow of Three Eyes, the spiral was sacred to the Children of the Forest, who created the King of the Night by sacrificing a person caught in a spiral of stones. The King of the Night adopted the image as a sort of blasphemy, as Satan with the cross inverted.

So that solved the thriller. Nothing of symbols Targaryen reverse, nothing of the connections between the magic of ice and hearth. Therefore, it’s probably that you just never read about them in a Song of ice and fire. Let us bear in mind the words of George R. R. Martin:

About the King of the Night, within the books is a legendary determine much like Lann the Clever and Brandon the Builder, and is simply as more likely to have survived to our days as them.

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