The Basics of Heavy Duty Metal Zippers

Heavy duty metal zippers, as their name suggests, are zippers made to withstand extreme weather conditions or hard wear and tear. The common applications of heavy duty metal zippers include tents, raincoats, outdoor equipment, and other similar kinds of equipment.

In order to achieve this particular purpose, more sophisticated technologies or stronger materials can be used in the making of the zipper, specifically on its elements or teeth.

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Even though heavy duty zippers can differ from each other in terms of technologies, materials, designs, and other factors, below are some of the remarkable characteristics you can expect to find:

  • Tape – In contrast to what most people belief, zipper tapes being used in standard zippers and heavy duty zippers alike are the same with several exceptions.
  • Teeth Size – Heavy duty zippers commonly feature larger individual teeth compared to those seen in standard zippers. For this reason, heavy duty zippers often require about 30% more force to close and open.
  • Rigidity/Stiffness – Heavy duty zippers are usually made with stiffer or more rigid material, thus, it is rare for them to follow the contours of the fabric or garment material. With this in mind, applications of heavy duty zippers on wearable items are quite limited.
  • Strength – When it comes to strength, you will be amazed on how heavy duty zippers are stronger once you pull them right from the side.

Another common misconception about heavy duty zippers is that their teeth can be individually replaced. The truth is that it isn’t the case. Once you broke one of its teeth, you’ll have to make replacements with the standard zippers. Now that you know the common characteristics of heavy duty zippers, it is also important to know the different applications and types of such in today’s market.

Generally, heavy duty zippers are intended for apps with safety approach. Buying the right’s heavy duty metal zippers for canvas is essential and can make a difference.  See to it that you only buy heavy duty zippers from reliable manufacturer like In this way, you will avoid any inconvenience.

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