The brothers Russo may make a movie of the Fantastic 4 for Marvel comics,

In spite of the Upcoming Endgame to signify not solely the tip to the quantity of characters within the UCM, the movie additionally marks the start of a a lot wanted respite from the brothers Russo.

However, throughout his stint on the International Film Festival in Toronto, the brothers have left the door open to the chance of going to a film, the Fantastic 4, the Marvel comics (through CBR). Here’s what he mentioned, Joe Russo with respect to the subject material:

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“I grew up with the X-Men. Ben Grimm is my favorite character while growing up. And now, the Fantastic four, which is under the supervision of the Marvel universe. There are a lot of things that could be done. The Silver Surfer is an amazing character. For this reason, there are a lot of things that we could attract.”

Even extra, the duo have revealed that they don’t seem to be the one individuals who can assist your again, however it’s additionally the sort of story to inform:

“I think that once you give them a ride, which we did because it was a story, a history as a Soldier-of-Winter-by the end of the Endgame, and that includes Tony and the Cap, through the Civil War, and the War for Infinity, is, of course, that this scale of ambition is in the narration of the stories is a bug that bit you. Right now, we are not obliged to tell you more stories of this scale, with this kind of ambition.”

But why is it that you simply embrace every part that you’ve got lived with the Marvel universe? Basically, as a result of they do not have the slightest doubt that it’ll return to the Home of the Ideas is to do one thing like that, however with the opposite characters. Just must understand how, when, and with what variety of characters!

“Working with Him, with Louis D’esposito and Victoria Alonso was a collaboration of the most rewarding of our careers. Right now, we are like a family to each other. We are all very, very, very close to each other, and we feel the absence of each other. Because of this, I’m sure you’ll find something that we can work together again soon.”

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