The effectiveness of these medicines depends on the time at which they are taken


Did you know that acid-fighting drugs should always be taken 30 minutes before dinner?

The effectiveness of medications is not only dependent on the body of each person, the time taken are also a determining factor. After all, says the Spanish doctor Marta Garaulet, “we must consider both the metabolism of the drug and the cicardiano rhythm of the person.”

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For the specialist, El País writes, the best way to ensure the effectiveness of a drug is to try to understand with a doctor when it is best to take it, since, for example, acidity-fighting drugs tend to be more ‘potent’ when taken 30 minutes before dinner.

In the case of antihistamines, these should be taken at 7:00 am so that their effectiveness lasts for about 16 hours. If they are taken in turn at 7:00 p.m., the effectiveness drops to half, explains the doctor, who points out that the same happens with aspirin, which if taken at 7:00 it produces an effect for 22 hours.

Since the risk of stroke is greater in the morning, especially when you wake up, medications for hypertension and cardiovascular care should be taken at night.

In the case of diabetics, insulin should be administered at 12 a.m., since that is when adipose tissue is more sensitive to its action, writes the publication, which highlights that taking ibuprofen to combat arthritis depends on the type of arthritis people with rheumatoid arthritis should take the drug late in the evening early in the evening, since people with osteoarthritis should take the anti-inflammatory drug four to six hours before the peak of pain, which tends to occur at night.

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