The innovator to Game of Thrones will certainly include the Starks, Direwolves and also the 100 Kingdoms, and also

In a current meeting with the NEWGeorge R. R. Martin has actually exposed some information regarding the upcoming innovator to Game of Thrones.

This, according to the most recent rumors, will be called The Long Night, The Longest Night, it will certainly be the last in the collection being pointed out as really various from what followers are made use of to it, and also it will certainly be composed of 100 kingdoms, at the time of the 7 from Game of Thrones.

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“We’ve talked about the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros; there were Seven Kingdoms at the time of the Conquest of Aegon,” stated Martin. “Now, if you recuares at the time, there were nine realms, and the twelve, and eventually to a time where there were 100 of kingdoms, the very small – and this is the time that we’re talking about.”

Martin additionally verified that the Starks and also the direwolves are to the innovator, in addition to to the White Walkers, “The Starks are going to be there. Of course the White Walkers, too – or as they are called in the book, and The Others.”

One of the households that will certainly not exist, it will certainly be the King, because the time-line before their presence. However, the writer of ” The Chronicles of Ice and also Fire, it claims that we will certainly have the ability to possibly see his beginnings.

In might 2017, it’s HBO has entered into agreements with the writers to begin work on the four-potential prequels to Game of Thrones, and also purportedly a fifth guideline is to be worked out.

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