The Mandalorian Featured Another Big Post-Credits Cameo


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But there’s not less than one good guess: Boba is mad as hell that Fortuna and what’s left of Jabba’s gang left him to die contained in the sarlacc’s abdomen as a substitute of attempting to rescue him after the combat with Luke and associates was over in Return of the Jedi. Boba, who appeared loyal to the very wealthy Jabba till his embarrassing tumble into the sarlacc pit, most likely thought somebody would come for him if anybody was left alive. The proven fact that the cowardly and dim-witted Fortuna did nothing of the kind seemingly left Boba with a rating to settle.

There’s additionally an excellent likelihood that Boba simply wished what was left of the Hutt’s empire on Tatooine for himself. After years of working for the Empire and highly effective crime lords, maybe Boba lastly determined that it was time to get some of that energy for himself. How way more may he acquire from turning into a robust crime lord versus simply spending the remainder of his life chasing petty bounties? He wouldn’t be the primary main Star Wars villain to surrender all of the Empire drama for a extra lavish life within the underworld. See additionally Maul.

There is a few priority for Boba taking up extra of a management position. Although he spent years working for different bosses, together with one other Hutt, within the previous Legends continuity, Boba finally grew to become the ruler of the Mandalorian folks. As Mand’alor, he led the warrior race via a number of galactic conflicts, together with the Yuuzhan Vong War and a battle with the resurgent Sith.

Whether the position of Mand’alor is in Boba’s future in Disney canon stays to be seen. On The Mandalorian, it appears like both Bo-Katan or Din Djarin, who’s now the rightful holder of the Darksaber, is destined to ascend to the throne, and Boba doesn’t appear too fascinated with Mandalorian politics both approach.

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