The preparation ways of the Battle of Invernalia, by Enrique on December

The nice Enrique on December, physician in Geography and History, archaeologist and specialist in defensive constructions, and to whom all of you realize for his collaboration in the sensational Podcast of ice and fire on Sieges and defensive elements, responded this week to the Bed of Fleas of the Seven Kingdoms. As you realize, on this part we acquire the reflections that the Patreon for the Podcast of Ice and Fire to attain us.

And Enrique answered the questions of the Bed analysing not solely the chapter, however commenting from their vastísimos data in a brief essay the army ways and the preparation ways of the Battle of Invernalia. It’s an absolute blast, so we’re going with this.

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The preparation ways of the Battle of Invernalia, by Enrique on December


The chapter is for me one of the best of the collection and no explosions or deaths. The scene of appointment of Brienne made me applaud, earlier than the remainder of the actors. I’d identical to to level out one thing that has no significance for the pesaos of the struggle and the poliorcética: the protection in opposition to the Walkers White is the most important nonsense ever because the Little Big Horn Custer stated, “observe the arrow”. Continues to roll dispensable as a result of, as I say, the guts nonetheless I’m heat and I do not need to see the subsequent as a result of I am unable to find yourself with a lot happiness.

The military of the useless (within the collection) consists of a large number of our bodies of residing managed by a quantity indeterminate however small variety of folks strolling white than the management teams, as much as the purpose that the demise of considered one of them is within the “disconnection” of their puppets. Above them, the King of the Night that not solely is the supply of energy of the Walkers, however that’s the one which raises the useless, giving then management their minions.

Weaknesses of every one:

Walkers: they will Be overcome with vidriagón and metal valyrio. With every other weapon they’re invulnerable

Dead: Or quarters to subatomic ranges or burning. The fireplace is the most suitable choice

Potentialities of every one:

Walkers: Immune to any standard weapon, their swords and spears lower any steel, be it weapon or armor.

Dead: very excessive Number that includes all of his enemies vanquished. Can use weapons, however can kill equal solely with their arms. The our bodies embody not solely people but additionally different beings that have been alive, like giants, mammoths, horses and, in fact, Viserion.

Planned defence

Before this military, what’s the protection scheduled?


Invernalia has a moat of about 5 meters huge and about 4-5 metres deep with a piece in V. The counterscarp is topped with an embankment of 1’2 m excessive, which serves as a help for the barrier of stakes with items of vidriagón. The moat may be crossed by two bridges in entrance of the 2 doorways to the north and to the south of the fortress; there are additionally two bridges within the subsequent OS, defended by two towers. The berm is about 10 m huge, crossed by a walkway exterior. The wall has a peak of about 7 m over two parapet and embattled, with machicolations to defend the bottom of the wall. Upon the battlements have been positioned items of vidriagón however, curiously, not within the areas between them. This wall has two portals torreados which are open within the north and south sides in the principle enclosure, defended by eleven towers; the enclosure annexed to the forest of gods is defended by eight towers, with a peak of about 16-17 m. There are sq. and spherical and most are lined, though there are with a rooftop. The distance between torres shouldn’t be common, most distant in the principle enclosure, shut within the forest of the gods.


As you possibly can see in a scene, the bridges may be overwhelmed by falling to those that are in him within the pit. So that remark, is anticipated to ignite the pit at a given time, allegedly with wooden soaked with oil or grease.

A few trabuquetes protected by the moat are ready to defend any assault on the door. However, they’re elements that haven’t any chance of rotating, with which you’ll solely management the space to the roll of the projectile (most likely incendiary) graduating power of the machine.


The plan of fight

The plan to assault the military of the King of the Night by charging from the elevation on which stands Invernalia. The disposition of the military is as follows, assuming that the triangles point out troops of cavalry, the sq. mild infantry circles and heavy infantry, Immaculate.


  • Body superior left: 9 models of cavalry dothraki. Available in two rows within the chessboard order
  • Body superior proper: 9 models of cavalry dothrak. Available in two rows within the chessboard order
  • Left wing: Five models Arryn. Available on-line. Twelve models Stark. Available in two parallel strains. Commander: Sir Brienne of Tarth.
  • Centre Left: 18 models Targaryen (Immaculate). Available in 4 strains and a half of 4 in background in parallel strains.
  • Center to Center: 22 models Targaryen (Immaculate). Available in 4 strains and a half of five-on-bottom in parallel strains.
  • Center-Right: 20 models Targaryen (Immaculate). Available in 5 strains of 4 in background in parallel strains.
  • Right wing: 22 models Stark. Available: the First group of two strains of 4 in parallel. Second group in two blocks of 5 in two parallel strains. Third group in a line of three.
  • In the internal enclosure there’s a physique of reserve of the Mormont and the opposite with out establish (whatGuard of the night time?)

It is assumed that the triangles point out troops of cavalry, the sq. mild infantry and the circles heavy infantry -Immaculate-; nonetheless, we all know that the Arryn’s have a powerful physique of heavy cavalry and a number of the principal characters (Jorah Mormont) are mounted.

Once once more it’s not clear the place it suits Jon Snow (sorry Aegon Targaryen) is the one who directs the troops, or not less than the one which outlines the technique, or if it’ll be located in a spot from which you’ll direct the battle by sign to the totally different commanders, or if you’ll place the entrance of one of many teams of Immaculate left to every commander to guide their troop in keeping with the agreed plan.

Although it’s well-known that one of the best battle plan doesn’t survive contact with the enemy


A misguided technique

The downside of this technique is, within the first place, that they don’t harass the advance of the enemy military, and trusts every thing in a pitched battle within the shelter of the partitions of Invernalia. In reality, they study that they may get there by the fugitives from Guardaoriente. Have neither explorers nor despatched to the dragons to regulate the advance of the enemy. First nonsense.

In the second place, it’s evident that this military that strikes may be attacked by air by the dragons, or not less than one whereas the opposite protects from the assault of the King of the Night. The cavalry dothraki, the place there are good archers, they might additionally harass with projectiles of fireplace. In addition, cavalry with metal valyrio and vidriagón might assault any walker who separated from the group. This succession of fast assaults would put on down the enemy advance and would power them to maneuver ahead in a compact approach.

At Invernalia, what is evident is that the technique must be to keep away from contact with the military of the useless. All the losses that you just endure will be a part of him. Nothing of battles campales. In reality, the sunshine cavalry should transfer away from the fight zone to intervene, placing the remoted teams from a distance, with fireplace or vidriagón, relying on the kind of goal.

To do that, within the first place, to take care of the distances. Since the aim of the King of the Night is to enter Invernalia, the primary might be to assemble a number of trenches, concentric shall be protected with fireplace in its inside on the time in arriving subsequent to them and your guard will shoot projectiles of fireplace in opposition to the useless, whereas a dragon assaults and the opposite stays in reserve, defending it and watching the King of the Night. Each pit was deserted when get to cross it by a degree, in order that nothing of steps that may be taken, however picket constructions that permit the passage of the defenders however which can be simply dismantled if you go away every line of protection. Due to this association, The heavy cavalry should take refuge, from the primary second in Invernalia and its members shall go to the protection of the fortification.

The final line would be the wall the place you’ll take shelter the defenders of the trenches. From the battlements they throw projectiles, incendiary and arrows of vidriagón. And in all towers there are which have ballistas with shells vidriagón and of fireplace, as a result of it’s assumed that the dragon is useless and you may at all times attain the King of the Night.

It is evident that the target of the launchers of projectiles, incendiary would be the useless, whereas the vidriagón might be Walkers. Within the firesetting is included, clearly, not less than one of many dragons

In abstract, the technique envisaged and described by Jon serves solely in opposition to a standard military, however on this state of affairs, the place the magic is added to the traditional, it’ll solely serve to make bigger, the military of the King of the Night. And it is not sensible to maintain the dragons in reserve as a result of, as he stated Tyrion, the dragon has to at all times be within the heart of the battle.

  • Final remark: The obsidian is a stone that’s carved to get the sting, to have the ability to remelt it will be vital a temperature worthy of a blast furnace or of a volcano (which is the place it originates). And what’s a nonsense is that the items that come out of the molds have the marks of carving. In this case, it’s not that it’s important to droop disbelief, is that there are that provide you with trip and pay a visit to the far Asshai of the Shadow.

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