The Top Ten Best Things About Being Single & Independent

In honor of Independence Day, we requested round for the very best issues about being single and unbiased. Here’s the highest ten!

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10. Hooking Up

Source: HuffPost

“Kissing total strangers when you’re out at bars or on dance floors. No names, no numbers exchanged, just random frenching.”—Sonia
“Ahh, guiltless, shameless flirting with strangers.”—Jocelyn

9. Being Selfish

Source: Prima Lajk

“Planning for the future without having to consider anyone else.”—Josh
“Having the whole bed to yourself. It’s just amazing.”—Kellie

8. Not Having to Lie

Source: Byas

“Not having to pretend you have your period when you don’t want to have sex.”—Leo
“I don’t have to pretend I’m okay with a guy’s morning breath. Seriously, boys.  Brush your teeth.  Just ‘cause I love you doesn’t mean I love your halitosis.”—Aimee

7. Freedom

Credit: Olinchuk/Shutterstock

“You can do whatever the hell you want, when you want, and not have to care about someone else. Wanna go out for drinks after work and get sloshed? You don’t have to call and make sure it’s okay.”—Delilah
“You can flit around from party to party and bar to bar on the 4th—and any other night—without having to worry about another person.”—Lesley

6. Farting

Credit: urbazon/Shutterstock

“Really not having to hide a single bodily function, ever.”—Danielle
“Not having to run to the Starbucks down the street in order to take a crap.”—Megan

5. Self-love

Credit: Belovodchenko Anton/Shutterstock

“Uninterrupted masturbation time.”—Erin
“Being able to surf YouPorn and XTube and TotallyNSFW without having to clear the cache afterwards.”—Maggie

4. Leisure

Source: Vivus

“Being free to try on 500 outfits before going out without having anyone witness how neurotic you can be.”—Fiona
“Watching Sex and the City reruns, America’s Next Top Model marathons, and, like, Evita, without anyone hassling you about it.”—Sara

3. Grooming, or Lack Thereof

Source: hriftyfun

“I haven’t shaved in a week.”—Liza
“I like to pick at my dry feet while I watch TV. Can’t do that when there’s a dude around.”—Claire

2. Self-reflection

Source: cnbc

“You’re just doing your own thing and being single is all about instant gratification.”—Simcha
“When you don’t have to think about another person’s feelings, there’s a lot of extra time to spend doing the stuff you love, reading books, pursuing your interests, and, you know, being a happy person all on your own.”—Annalee

1. Sex


“Being single is like having access to a buffet; you don’t have to commit to ordering one dish and you can make out/hook up/have sex with people who have different styles of making out/hooking up/having sex.”—Katie
“Guilt-free promiscuity, baby.”—Laurie

Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry

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