The Used Former Guitarist Threatens to Kill Himself at Band’s Concert

The former guitarist of the alternative rock band The Used has reportedly threatened to kill himselff at one of the band’s concerts.

The band best known for songs like “All That I’ve Got” and “The Taste of Ink” fired their long-time guitarist, Justin Shekoski a few months ago. According to TMZ, the group cited “artistic differences” for the move, but Shekoski didn’t seem to feel the same way.

The outlet obtained court documents regarding The Used’s new restraining order against Shekoski. They state the he threatened violence against his ex-bandmates, and even suggested he might “f—ing hang [him]self in the middle of a show.”

Additionally, the musicians claim that Shekoski has sent some disturbing texts to them as well. He reportedly wrote that retaliating at them “is the only way to get justice” for his firing. In another message, he wrote “those f—s ruined my life and stole all of my creative work.”

The rock stars took Shekoski’s words seriously enough to seek the restraining order. While The Used formed in 2001, Shekoski only joined in 2015. He replaced founding guitarist Quinn Allman when he decided to take a one year hiatus from the band. After a few tours, Allman and the band decided amicably to make the change permanent, and Shekoski joined the line-up full time.

Shekoski knew all of the band members well, having himself been a founding member of the post-hardcore band Saosin in 2003. The two groups played together often and were close friends, making Shekoski the obvious choice when the needed a guitar player to fill in.

However, there may have been signs that he would be difficult to work with. After it was announced that he was joining The Used full-time, Shekoski told Alternative Press that he had been fired from Saosin for what he called “Questionable Reasons.”

“After years of writing and waiting to produce a new record, some of the members of Saosin have decided to end our 13 year relationship for questionable reasons,” he said in a statement. “This was a shock to me. Even though all of this happened a few months ago, I’m still processing it.”

He added: “If anyone’s heart or commitment to Saosin could have possibly been in question, it certainly wasn’t mine, ever.”

Shekoski’s social media presence has been sparse since March, when he was reportedly asked to leave The Used. His website still has an open call for guiatar lessons, which he offers through video chat or in person in Orange County, California.

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