The verses of the Song II – Arya and Sansa Stark: Dancing with wolves

We proceed this series of essays specializing in the main protagonists of the story created by George R. R. Martin. These texts are the work of the colombian journalist Juliana Vargas, accountable of the extraordinary essays on literary Influences of a Song of ice and fire. This week we took the sisters Stark: Sansa and Arya.


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Essay work of Juliana Vargas

“Silent as a shadow. Quiet because the waters calm. Quick as a snake. Swift as a deer. Fierce as a carcayú. The man who fears the defeat has already been defeated. The concern hurts greater than swords. The concern hurts greater than swords. The concern hurts greater than swords”

“The northern, the lady Invernalia. We have been instructed that he killed the king with a spell and remodeled right into a wolf with bat wings to go flying out the window of a tower.”

From the start of “Game of Thrones”, George R. R. Martin began with a dance very notably. “—So go forward if you’d like, let’s dance”, he says to Be Waymar Royce a Hiker White within the prologue. A dance is not only a set of steps to the rhythm of the music, dance can also be a seduction lethal, it’s a Dance of Dragons was demise and blood, is the ultimate cadence that few wish to observe.

However, there are two characters who usually are not afraid of, and even take pleasure in it. Learning to bounce was not solely tough, it was traumatic, it was bloody, few would have survived, however Sansa and Arya Stark, received it.

The starting of this highway dates again to while you nonetheless had desires. Arya wished to struggle; Sansa wished to marry a prince, dwell songs, and lift their youngsters. And for that, each has a instructor.

Sansa has her mom Catelyn and Septa Mordane, who will educate you to be well mannered. In the primary season, courtesy to Sansa is not more than a cluster of classes that can leaf by leaf relying on the time and the individual with whom you’re. Treats Cersei, is aware of who Barristan Selmy, Lord Commander of the Royal Guard; they know find out how to sing, knit, and even blushing. In conclusion, shewas lady, and at all times sorted his manners.”


Arya was the alternative. Kept muddy, not listening to anybody and disrespect of the dominated.

“Sansa knew what sort of individuals he favored to speak to Arya: males, grooms, maids, the aged, youngsters bare (…)

—You have to come back with me. You cannot disobey the Queen”

Arya ignored”

Ned knew very nicely his two daughters, and acted in accordance. Obeyed to Catelyn, and promised to Sansa with Joffrey, and was shocked to Arya with a “grasp of dance”. At this level, Arya begins his evolution:

“—Who are you? —requested Arya

—I’m your dance teacher. —We launched one of many wood swords.

—Very nicely, with the left (…) you Have to catch it with ability and delicacy on the similar time, boy (…) Boy, lady. What extra offers. You are a sword (…)

Now, we’ll begin to dance. Remember that this isn’t the dance of the iron of the occidentes, dance of the knights, all of it blows and mandobles. No, that is the water dance, swift and sudden”.

With Syrio Forel, Arya realized that not all the pieces is about power and iron. It can also be about motion and, as the boys are manufactured from water, when the prick of a Needle, even they’ll die by the hands of a woman.


Part of Sansa, begins to essentially use courtesy as a weapon while you go and not using a father, with out brothers and unprotected; when it seems to be like a princess locked within the tower. Abandoned within the midst of lions, the courtesy is not one thing that used to behave appropriately in courtroom, however a type of safety.

The first time we see politeness as a weapon is when Tyrion returns to Disembarkation of the King within the second season:

“Sansa had the sensation that I ought to intervene. What we at all times stated the Septa Mordane? “Courtesy is the armor of the women”, that. Put on the armor.

—I remorse that my woman mom I took you prisoner, my lord (…)

—What is the penalty for the lack of your lord father that makes you so unhappy?

—My father was a traitor, ” answered Sansa in the meanwhile—. It was a reflex he had realized too shortly”.

This quote is the one which units the rules of the plot of Sansa, which revolves across the well mannered habits”. In the Middle ages, this was removed from imply “respect” or “manners”. When Sansa speaks of his courtesy, not solely refers to being respectful. It is a code of what’s anticipated of her as a Lady, and that features understanding issues of different nobles and girls.

Sansa y Loras

For instance, being conscious that he couldn’t marry Loras as a result of a member of the Royal Guard, or to know what a home is vassal of one other, or to see that what hurts most to Joffrey is that we do not forget that it doesn’t behave as a king. In addition, it’s a instrument that lets you know what to anticipate of others, what they need, and even assist to empathize with them.

“Do you enter into fight to the entrance of your knights? (…) It is claimed that my brother Robb is at all times in probably the most fragoroso of the battle —he stated with out considering—. Although, in fact, is bigger than Your Highness. Is an grownup man.

What did he ever wore a frown”.

If Sansa should fake to courtesy whereas on the within, it should be remembered continually that it’s a Stark of Invernalia, Arya not far behind. Cut the hair, clings to her sword Needle, it’s from you to you with the opposite guys that journey to the Wall; however typically it prices, typically it would not cease being a bit of lady the identical as Sansa.

“From right here it looks like there Invernalia”. I wished it to be. Then, when he got here down, he could be at house, and perhaps discover her father sitting underneath the arciano, like so many different instances”

“—You’re a woman

—You lie!

—Then take the press and get a piss. Come.

Arya bit his lip. He recalled what he had stated to Yoren within the day that he lower his hair. “Of this group, half you’d cross to the Queen in lower than it takes to spit out (…) The different half would do the identical, solely that you simply break earlier than”.

No matter what the price, regardless of how a lot you miss house. Arya should neglect itself if it desires to outlive. Is Arya Caracaballo, and Arry the weasel, and above all, the Ghost of Harrenhal, as a result of in a cursed place wherein torture, kill and enslave them, the most effective treatment is to neglect the rhythms that appear to be from different instances and different locations distant.

“Help me, outdated gods —pray in silence—. Make me a danzarina of the water, a she-wolf, and also you shouldn’t have to concern ever once more.”


In the midst of hopelessness and the curse of the columns underneath the ashes of a dragon, Arya finds her second grasp. If Syrio Forel taught her to struggle, Jaqen H ghar gave her a cell phone:

“—Three lives you will get from me. Neither extra nor much less . Three and all of it ends (…)”

Jagen H ghar gave her a purpose to hope, to have a darkish hope.

“Weese —whisper to start with—. Dunsen, Chiswyck, Polliver, Raff the Sweet, Tickling and the Dog. Ser Gregor, Ser Amory, Ser Ilyn, king Joffrey, queen Cersei”

If he forgot them, if he forgot, though solely out of one among them, how might you discover him and kill him?”

The lethal and candy revenge, lifting the fallen and sinking to at least one who has nothing extra to lose, he got here to avoid wasting Arya. Disguised wine to behave as a poison; but when one thing wanted to the guts of Arya, was to be resistant to the ache and obtain the vengeance as an outdated buddy.


On the opposite hand, the enemies of Sansa dressed as mentors, and Sansa, he jumped on the alternative.

“The Queen drank a sip of wine—. If it was one other that was discovered at our gates, he would possibly attempt to seduce him. But is Stannis Baratheon. It could be simpler to seduce his horse. —Saw the expression painted on the face of the Sansa, and laughed—. Do you escandalizo, my woman? Don’t be foolish. The tears usually are not the one weapon of the girl. You have one other between the legs, and also you higher study to make use of it. You’ll see how males typically use their swords. The two forms of swords.”

While Tyrion and the Dog combating with swords and axes, Cersei assumes the position of educator to show you find out how to make your sexuality a weapon. And, though up to now the historical past of sexuality, acts in opposition to it and have no idea find out how to cope with it, there may be one other weapon, way more efficient.

I’ve heard that poison is the weapon of the girl”, and a bit of princess who used to do what he ordered, poisoned her husband, is hiding behind a hood and escapes. Care, {that a} she-wolf with bat wings simply got here out of the tower.

And cautious with the second she-wolf, with the one who gave his life to the revenge, and the darkness of those that should neglect themselves, and to the fierceness transformed into blood. Beware that she-wolf that had mentors to the Teacher Archetype, the Trickster, and now the Dog, the Antihero, the Dark Knight.

El perro y arya

The journey that Arya shared with the Dog is the conclusion of a woman that wrecks his childhood to a puncture to change into a creature greater than a girl. In a world of males, rape, and demise of commoners as in the event that they had been flies, you should additionally do yours its dehumanization and its dust. You should kill and wash the blood, to stroll with out desirous about extra, and hammer a Needleby the sharp finish”:

“—Where it’s hidden gold within the village? —he shouted whereas he nailed the dagger within the again—. What silver, and valuable stones? —Stabbed him two extra instances—. Is there extra meals? Where is Lord Beric Dondarrion? —I used to be on prime of him and continued stabbing—. What is the deal with took? How many males wore? How many knights. How many archers. How many males on foot, many, what number of, what number of, what number of? Where is hidden gold within the village?

When Sandor received to take it off of him, already had his palms crimson and sticky.

Beware of this she-wolf of razor sharp claws and enamel bloodied, that is not Arya Stark, she has no extra tears to shed.

However, Sansa is ready to weep for the 2. Then escape King’s Landing with the assistance of Petyr Baelish, Sansa is compelled to cowl up the homicide of Lysa Tully, and there’s no higher individual for this activity

“Petyr stood behind her and put his palms on the shoulders, with love—. I already know the way tough it’s for you, Alayne, however our mates should hear the reality.

—Yes, ( … ), or that I noticed…it Was with Lady Lysa when… —A tear and it rolled on the cheek. “Very nicely, it’s okay to cry”—. When Marillion…pushed her”.

Yes, it’s okay to cry, it is vitally good. The similar Queen Cersei has been taught: “Tears —she stated scornfully to Sansa as they had been taken to the younger—. My mom stated they had been the weapon of the girl”, and, though on many events Sansa is terrified of what’s occurring round you, Pinkie, your new mentor, instructing him find out how to use that concern to your favor.

Meñique y Sansa

Before, the concern spurred her to make use of courtesy as armor. When Joffrey was going to run to be Dontos, Sansa protest, to then cowl up their mistake mendacity to Joffrey: you Run into somebody on the day of his title introduced unhealthy luck. When he instructed him that he would face Robb in single fight, Sansa replied, “I’d wish to see that, your Highness”, whereas they reveled within the picture of a Joffrey lifeless and Ned avenged.

This use of the courtesy he offers Sansa a an instinctive understanding of the motivations of the opposite. Both she and the reader know that Joffrey is sufficiently narcissistic as to to not reject a praise or contradict itself. She takes the phrases of Joffrey, and the twists to appear like that’s halagándolo instead of he.

Also, this understanding permits you to know what they wish to others. Even Tyrion, one of many characters being extra clever, is deceived by this peculiar use of the courtesy as armor. It teaches you to lie, to control the lords of the Valley

“—I have to confess that I have no idea large-thing of the traditional gods —he stated in an try to be good—. Maybe some day I can educate. And can accompany you…

“No,” stated Sansa in the meanwhile—. You are…very sort, however…there aren’t any ceremonies, my lord, ( … ), Only bushes. I aburriríais (…)

“He is aware of Me higher than I assumed”

What makes Pinkie is to remodel this capability to see the vulnerabilities and needs of others right into a weapon. To defend, Sansa comes ahead to assault, to take over politically within the Valley. Also, it’s extra conscious of their sexuality, and survives her second husband. If you gave up on the first poison, Choke, why not ship the second to the canine and change into the black widow of Westeros. And, above all, dominated the artwork of dance.

sansa oscura dark

Yes there’s something that Sansa loves is dance. Precisely, within the dances is the place Sansa is she actually, the place you are feeling snug and even to problem Joffrey. The dance for Sansa is equal to happiness:

Joffrey was lifeless, was lifeless, was lifeless, lifeless. Why was I crying, when what I wished was to bounce? Were they tears of happiness?

To your gracious and specific method, Sansa danced as a lot as Arya. If the dream of a was to be a warrior, the opposite wished to be a Lady, and each have been profitable. Each advanced in a singular technique to, on the finish, be the 2 sides of the identical coin. The one poking a Needle by the pointed finish, the opposite weaves an internet of compliments, lies and manipulations; the one he seeks refuge in vengeance, and within the forgetfulness of herself; the opposite within the romanticization of the previous and the house, as do the bards of their songs; one is an Nymeria, the opposite is a Lady.


Even so, ultimately, each proceed to be daughters of Ned Stark, are nonetheless a part of a herd. The forgetting of themselves, they’ll study from queens, sinsajos, anti-heroes and Tricksters; however, at its core, proceed to the women, as soon as out of the safety of Invernalia

“Needle was Robb, Bran, Rickon, her mom and her father, even Sansa. Needle was the grey partitions of Invernalia, and the laughter of its inhabitants. Needle was the snows of summer season, the tales of Old Tata, the tree coronary heart with its leaves crimson, and her face frightful, the nice and cozy earthy scent of the gardens of glass, the sound of the north wind in opposition to the shutters of your room. Needle was the smile of Jon Snow”

So, cautious, cautious with these lobas who’ve already returned house. You can dance, and it may be lethal. There is nothing extra harmful than wolves within the pack. You could now spin round, you could find yourself ruling the lands on the snow. You can dictate the cadence, to which the others should dance.

—Lady Sansa ( … ) Do I concederéis the distinction of this dance, in case your lord husband offers his permission?

—My woman can dance with whomever he pleases”.

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