These are the best exercises to combat anxiety


Moving the body does more for your mind than you can think.
With a tremendous physical and mental impact, anxiety is one of the pathologies that most interferes with people’s quality of life, increasing their isolation, social exclusion and general malaise.

Although the fight against anxiety depends on person to person, the truth is that physical exercise is a common denominator in the most varied treatments applied, were it not for the regular practice of physical activity also one of the most effective ways of coping, for example, the depressive states or negative thoughts.

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Although all exercises are beneficial in combating anxiety, there are six that, according to the website Mind Body Green, are shown to be more effective. Hey them:

1 – Zumba. The combination of joyful songs with a tremendous sense of community and belonging make this fun exercise the greatest ally in the fight against anxiety;

2 – Pilates. In addition to helping relax muscles, pilates soothes the mind and helps control negative thoughts;

3 – Kickboxing. This modality works the body from head to toe and is the one that most promotes the release of stress and tension;

4. Belly dancing. The use of feminine intuition and the gain of at will with the body itself are the two main reasons to practice the modality;

5 – Yoga. Concentration in the positions and in the body itself is shown as a winning technique in controlling anxiety;

6 – Tai Chi. Although it is the best exercise for times of panic, Tai Chi does not beat the mentioned exercises with regard to anxiety, but it is, in fact, a very valid option to stop this evil.

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