These Fan-Made Pokemon Are Better Than The Real Things

Pokemon has come a long way since it debuted its first generation. Way back when, trainers like Ash Ketchum only had to worry about 150 Pokemon species, but that number has risen fast. These days, there are over 800 species in the canon, and plenty more are to be added. So, when the folk at Nintendo and The Pokemon Company hit the drawing board, they may want to hit up fan-artists instead.

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With Pokemon being the worldwide phenomenon it is, there is no shortage of fan-art for it. Over the years, fans of all ages have done up their dream Pokemon, and the Internet has helped share those dreams with the masses. Nowadays, finding fake Pokemon — of Fakemon — is as easy as heading to a forum. Still, there are some that are better than others.

As you can see in the slides below, there are some Fakemon that look like they were pulled right from a Pokemon game. Not even the anime could reject pocket monsters as good as these, and their fleshed-out biographies make these fake Pokemon all the more believable.

Oddly enough, most of these Pokemon designs come off more on-brand than a recent franchise leak. Last week, the fandom was tipped off about a leak of a long-rumored Pokemon Gold demo. The flood of data revealed a couple dozen never-before-seen Pokemon, many of which were baby forms. While fans were quick to coo over the 8-bit sprites, others wondered how the designs were meant to fit within the franchise. While the creatures were age appropriate then, some didn’t age particularly well, but several of these Fakemon designs below have managed to stand the test of time.

So, which of these Fakemon do you like the best? Are you leaning towards the cuter breeds? Or do the bulkier species make you want to choose them? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!

Slide 1 of 10Volpan
(Photo: Silverava / Deviant Art)

Do you find Volpan cute? Well, you better! The Electric Red Panda is powerful enough to awaken the most comatose patient, and its creator Silverava says Volpan can even power city blocks on its own!

Slide 3 of 10Spinazor
(Photo: ChrisJ-Alejo / Deviant Art)

What do you get when you mix a Grass starter with a dinosaur? Well, artist ChrisJ-Alejo thinks you will end up with a slicing pocket monster such as Spinazor. Just, mind its teeth!

Slide 4 of 10Black Meowjic
(Photo: Spookie-Sweets / Deviant Art)

They say witches like their black cats, but what is stopping the feline from becoming its own magician? Thanks to Spookie-Sweets, Black Meowjic is breaking tradition by getting up on its hind paws and using Dark powers to stun trainers everywhere. 

Slide 5 of 10Lilloth
(Photo: Princess-Phoenix / Deviant Art)

You may think sloths are lazy, but this Fakemon duo knows better. The artist Princess-Phoenix tried their hand at making some Giant Ground Sloth pocket monsters, and Lilloth’s mini body and lengthy tongue are almost too cute for words. 

Slide 6 of 10Putridius
(Photo: Smiley-Fakemon / Deviant Art)

If you ever wanted a Pokemon that could win a match without moving a muscle, you need to vote for Putridius. This fake pocket monster emits a stench so foul it can KO the toughest Pokemon, but that means you’ll have to abide by its odor too!

Slide 7 of 10Tarantulash
(Photo: TRspicy / Deviant Art)

What is the only thing more terrifying that a massive tarantula? How about a massive tarantula that shoots fireballs? If you’re an arachnid lover, this Fakemon was meant for you, but those of you who are spider averse might want to run the other direction. 

Slide 8 of 10Arfhill
(Photo: Twarda8 / Deviant Art)

Do you have a thing for tiny, adorable mountains? Well, the question may sound like an oxymoron, but Arfhill proves such a descriptor is real in the Fakemon world. These adorable Pokemon above have tiny volcanoes and icy mountains on their heads, so you’ll want to watch out when these guys throw a tantrum. 

Slide 9 of 10Manjuka
(Photo: Neliorra / Deviant Art)

If you thought Scyther was the only Pokemon out there with some sweet blades, then Manjuka would like to tell you otherwise. This stunning Fakemon has a set of three evolutions, and the mantis-inspired creatures are as cute as they are deadly. Just look at its arms!

Slide 10 of 10Furpin
(Photo: Neliorra / Deviant Art)

Porcupines may be prickly, but these fake Pokemon want to change that reputation. Sure, the species’ juvenile evolution is a bit sassy, but Furpin grows up to become a justice-loving Altrupine. If that isn’t adorable, then what is?

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