This ‘Dragon Age’ Morrigan Cosplay Will Make You Miss ‘Origins’

Dragon Age: Origins is where BioWare fans were first introduced to the Witch of the Wilds, Morrigan. A romance option for the Male Warden, this character was one of many reasons why so many fell in love with the older RPG. With many different outcomes, incredible characters, and a storyline to die for – it’s was the epitome of the Dragon Age franchise. Now the mystical Morrigan is back, this time with an incredible cosplay too good not to share.

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This Polish cosplayer goes by the name ‘Star Nacho Cosplay’ and she’s an incredibly talented craftsman that definitely deserves the community’s attention. From Blizzard, to BioWare – this woman knows how to make the character she sets her sights on come to life in such a way that you’d have to pinch yourself to remember it’s not real.

There are so many shots from her time as Morrigan that it’s hard to choose, but here are a few of our favourites – equipped with full credit in the Instagram posts themselves:

Like her work? You can see even more of her talent on her Instagram right here, as well as her Ko-Fi page to help support even more of creative endeavors!

You can contact the author of this story on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy.

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