Tips for running safely when it’s cold


Getting the race fit into the daily routine often involves getting out of bed early or devoting the late afternoon exercise. These are, however, the two heights of the day when temperatures tend to be lower, so all care is little.
Any height is good for shorts and running with no destination in mind. Running is one of the exercises that offers the most benefits to health, but it is also the activities that most require care before and after being performed.

In the fall, the cold temperatures of early morning and late afternoon (the two times of the day when it is easier to fit in the race) ask for some strategies before starting to run, especially if you are a beginner.

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Warming, as highlighted by the PopSugar site, is one of the most important aspects, under the risk of injury risk grow considerably. In addition, “the heart rate needs to be accelerated with warm-up,” says physician Michael Olzinski, not only to not compromise performance, but also not to put health at risk.

The use of gloves, pants / leggings and an ear protector may also be something to keep in mind when running on colder days as it allows the body to maintain a more stable temperature. However, the materials chosen should be lightweight and not interfere with athlete’s sweating.

Although it is good to run without a destination (or goal) in mind, when running at night it is necessary to know where to go and to know the path minimally, particularly if it is a zone with little or no light. The use of pants, sweaters or reflective coats is essential when you run out of lard very early or at the end of the day, moments in which still and already seems night.

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