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Recently moved to Australia or simply planning on going on holiday and wanting to stay fit and healthy?

Fair enough, you’ll be glad to know that you’ve come to the right place.

It’s all too easy to get in shape for a holiday and then return home back to square one. So it totally makes sense that you’re wanting to maintain your hard earned physique or figure while soaking up some sun.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how this can be achieved – advice on choosing the best fat burner in Australia – visit for more info, how to stay hydrated and which tasty foods you can enjoy without piling on the pounds.

Take it easy once you land In Australia

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You’ve just spent hours on flying through the air in a tin can. Alright, maybe not a tin can, but you’ve still been sat down for a while on a plane.

Unfortunately, travel can really stress your body and cause slight issues such as jet lag.

So, while you might really want to get straight out and visiting all the landmarks that Australia has to offer. Just take the first day to chill and go to sleep at a normal time – to try and get your circadian rhythm back to normal.

Why? Because jet lag can lower your immune system, making you more prone to illness. And you don’t want to spend your holiday in Oz on the sidelines when there are tons of beaches about.

Waking up fresh as a daisy on the 2nd day and being able to really make the most of the rest of your holiday will make it worthwhile!

Make sure to stay hydrated

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It’s super important that you drink enough water daily while on holiday. Especially in a sunny country like Australia (assuming you’re coming during the summer months…for the sun).

If you’re coming from the UK, we know the sun doesn’t come out much so you don’t need to drink that much water…just kidding, sort of.

Seriously, though. You don’t want to become severely dehydrated by just spending all day out in the sun and drinking alcohol all day without any water. That’s a one way ticket to getting sunstroke.

Instead, make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water per day (bottled water is perfect, but you should be pretty safe drinking tap water in most places In Australia).

And for those wanting to stay fit in Australia; drinking 500ml of water before each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, so 1.5 liters daily) has shown to deliver a “water thermogenesis” effect and promote weight loss in a clinical study.

Eat and Drink “Healthy” even at all-inclusives

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Everyone loves all-inclusive holidays. Being able to drink as much alcohol as you want (and eat as much junk food) without paying any extra during your stay.

For the record, we’re not saying everyone has to eat healthy while on holiday in Australia. You’re here to read how to stay fit and healthy, so continue to eat exclusively fries and burgers if you want.

Those that want to follow through on staying trim throughout their holiday will want to continue eating a nice, balanced diet; lean proteins, complex carbs and green veg (as well as fresh fruit).

And we don’t want to stop anyone from enjoying alcoholic beverages on holiday. But if you’re wanting to limit the calories, choose spirit mixers (eg. Slimline Gin and tonics) instead of drinking beer all day. And just do yourself a favor and avoid alcopops.

Soak up the sun (but don’t burn yourself)

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You’re going to do this even without anyone telling you. But just know that it is beneficial to enjoy being out in the sun on holiday (as long as you’re sufficiently protected via sun cream).

This is because the sun’s rays provide you with vitamin D; this nutrient offers a wide range of benefits, with some studies showing that vitamin D can actually promote fat loss.

One study in particular concluded that vitamin D can help suppress the storage of fat cells (helping to reduce down fat accumulation).

So put on some sun cream and don’t feel guilty about spending time out in the sun. It may even help you return home in relatively good shape…

Check out our 7 best beaches in Australia article if you need some inspiration on where to go.

Stay as active as possible

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This is our last point in this article. But perhaps it’s the most important.

It’s easy to just lie on a sunbed all day without moving much. But remember that even being out walking around, you’re still out there enjoying the sun.

In fact, you could argue that going to see landmarks offers more value than just lying on a sunbed all day.

The fact is, staying active will ensure that you continue to burn calories while on holiday.

Now, we’re not saying that you have to go for early morning runs or be in the gym everyday. Take some day tours where you’ll walk around a lot, walk along the beach. That’s all it takes.


You’ve made it to our conclusion so you must have enjoyed our article.

Good, because we’ve given you 5 solid tips on how to stay fit and healthy while in Australia here.

In summary; chill out as soon as you land instead of going crazy (jet lag is worse when flying east), drink tons of water, try to make healthy choices when eating and drinking, enjoy the sun responsibly and stay as active as possible to continue burning calories.

Doing these things will ensure that the hours you spent before going on holiday (to get in shape) doesn’t go to waste. And you are able to return back home without packing on the pounds again.

Of course, we’re not forcing anyone to follow our tips. Do what you want – if you don’t mind putting on some weight and enjoying tons of junk food and alcohol, you do you.

But we hope that we’ve helped the readers that actively want to stay in shape even during their holiday in Australia.

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