Tips to guide you to victory in Asphalt 9: Legends


Become a racing legend with these tips for the new Asphalt 9 for PC game.
Asphalt 9: Legends is the ninth installment of the popular mobile arcade racing series. This new edition is equipped with 48 extremely detailed cars and new realistic graphics, making it one of the most beautiful mobile games on the market today.
With the ability to play against other players online, there are several ways to take advantage of your opponents. Here are five tips that will help you stay on top of the podium.

1. Select a control style

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With different driving options in the game, it’s important to find the one that suits your playing style. The new Touchdrive method means the only things you need to focus on are when you want to use your Nitro, when to leave and what path to follow during the race. Just slide left or right of the screen. If you want a more immersive experience, you need to steer the aircraft and have full control of acceleration and braking.

2. Using Master Nitro

Turning off your Nitro boost can often make the difference between the first and the second place. You can use Nitro normally to slightly increase your speed, but the biggest boost possible is known as Perfect Nitro. Press the Nitro button once and wait for it to hold the little blue line before touching it a second time to get a much longer and more powerful boost.
If you find yourself in a situation where you are getting closer to finishing and need a stronger boost than the Perfect Nitro, the Pulse Nitro is the technique to use. Once you have a full Nitro bar, press the button, then again on the purple line that appears just before the blue line. The Pulse Nitro offers faster speed than the Perfect Nitro, ideal for the last pass.

3. Collect the flags

Acquiring flags in Asphalt 9 is the way to progress from one season to another and can be used to unlock more game modes. Win 10 flags and you’ll have access to the clubs, the guild version of Asphalt. Get 15 flags and this will allow you to participate in races of limited duration where you will have the chance to win special prizes. These races can be more difficult than those of the campaign, so make sure your car is better. Once you have collected 20 flags, you will have access to the multiplayer mode where you will be able to compete against other riders from around the world.

4. Do not forget to update

Upgrading your cars is essential if you want to fight for victory in single and multiplayer modes. In the ideal, you will want to improve your car so that it exceeds by a few points the note recommended for the track on which you run. If you want to improve the speed of the car, focus on improving Top Speed ​​and Nitro speeds, but do not forget to upgrade to the next level. acceleration and maneuverability of the car to facilitate the handling of the car on the track.

5. Replay the races to earn money

The more you upgrade your car, the more expensive upgrades become, so it’s important to monitor your finances. An easy way to make quick money if you are just before your next upgrade is to replay the races you have already completed. You will get less money than the first time, but it is a great way to earn extra money.

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