All of the films that make their debut until the month of August in the Uk


From the 1st of June, the cinemas of the north and the south of the country, they were free to open the doors to the general public, but the truth is, a large part of it decided to stay closed, and to ensure that you provide all the necessary security measures for the better given the ratings.

The fact that all of the big films have been postponed due to the pandemic, COVID-19 and it did not help to speed up the re-open the doors, but it is something that is going to change soon. And the proof of that is that we already have a schedule of releases until the end of the month for the month of August.

It all starts with the screening of three films from Christopher Nolan, the acclaimed director is preparing to release his new full-length feature film, ” the Tenet. In this way, Dunkirk, about Inception (which is celebrating its tenth anniversary), and Interstellar will return to the big screen.

In August, fans of Marvel will be able to finally see The New Mutants, which has been delayed over and over again. Although it is not part of the UCM, in the pitch dark, and turned on to the genre of horror we are supported is certainly in your favor.

Capone, with Tom Hardy as the lead character,, arrives on the same day that the remake of the live-action movie of Mulan, which was also postponed on two occasions. It was also noted that in the Warner Bros. you will return to the show in the movie, Wonder Woman, the date on which it would have its premiere in the highly anticipated sequel to Wonder Woman in 1984.

Are all the movies opening in theaters the Portuguese, until the end of August:

July 2,

  • Dunkirk
  • The Truth
  • Agent For A Super Secret
  • Do come along with me
  • Freaks

On July 9

  • The Color of Ambition
  • Military Wives-Wives-of-Arms
  • The Wasp Network of Spies,
  • The damper
  • SamSam
  • Interstellar

On July 16

  • In the Light of the Night
  • New york – the King of Crime
  • Run For A Dream
  • Wonder Woman

July 23,

  • The Club Of Those Who Have Been Divorced
  • Patrick
  • Jessica

July 30,

  • Judy&Punch, Love, and Vengeance.
  • Zé Pedro Rock’n’roll
  • Inception

On August 6,

  • Welcome to Africa
  • The inability to Be Alone
  • Links to all the Amazing Animals

On August 12,

On August 13

  • Stroke of the Sun,’ ‘the Outpost of the Fight
  • The Secret Garden

On August 20

  • Alice is a New York city-and Other Stories
  • Force-a-Nature
  • Capone
  • A Dragon And A Highly
  • Mulan

On August 27,

  • #EstouAqui
  • The New Mutants
  • Radio

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